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Presentation Transcript
  • Thorin continues to search for the Arkenstone, The dwarves worry about the everyone at there doorstep. Bilbo decides to do something about it so with the help of the ring he sneaks to the mountain at night into the camp of lakemen and woodelves. He went to Bard and Elvenking. He revealed the Arkenstone. He gave it to Bard so they can bargain it against Thorin. They told him to stay at the camp for the night for his safety but Bilbo decides to go back to the mountain. On the way he meets Gandalf.
Character RevelationBilbo Baggins
  • He changed a lot in this chapter
  • He showed that he had very smart ideas
  • He showed how Giving and helpful he is.
Literary Devices

"things are drawing towards the end now..."-this is foreshadowing because gandalf tells us the story is about to end.

"it was as if a globe had been filled with moonlight and hung before them in a net woven of the glint of frosty stars"-this is a simile because two things that are not alike are being compared.


Who did Bilbo meet at the camp?

What did Bilbo give to Bard and Elevenking?

Who did he meet in the way back to the mountian