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tWS Literacy Applications: Text Set Ppt. 1. Book (Non-Fiction). “Exploring the World: Cartier ” Blashfield , J. (2002). Exploring the World: Cartier . Minneapolis, MN: Compass Point Books.

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Tws literacy applications text set ppt

tWS Literacy Applications: Text Set Ppt

1 book non fiction
1. Book (Non-Fiction)

  • “Exploring the World: Cartier”

  • Blashfield, J. (2002). Exploring the World: Cartier. Minneapolis, MN: Compass Point Books.

  • This book contains different components of the explorations of Jacques Cartier. The book actually begins with the explorations of Christopher Columbus which led into Cartier’s career as an explorer. This book explains Where he went, Why he went and What he found, which are the three main components that were needed for the text components of this unit lesson. This book will be very useful during instruction because it contains useful vocabulary and pictures that will aid in the understanding of the content.

2 book non fiction biography
2. Book (Non-Fiction Biography)

  • “Christopher Newport”

  • Boykin, A. (2003). Christopher Newport / by Amy Williams Boykin. Glen Allen, Va. : Foxhound Pub., c2003.

  • This text contains the biography of Christopher Newport and it also outlines his explorations and the foundations of Jamestown, VA. This book contains references and useful vocabulary that will help the students to understand what they have learned about Christopher Newport and to apply what they have learned in different ways throughout the unit. This book outlines many of the major points about Christopher Newport that will be covered in the unit lesson and it will aid instruction.

3 book non fiction
3. Book (Non-Fiction)

  • “Jamestown: America’s First Permanent English Settlement”

  • Marsh, C. (2006). Jamestown : America's first permanent English settlement / by Carole Marsh. [Peachtree City, CA] : Gallopade International / Carole Marsh Books, c2006.

  • This book is about the story of the Jamestown Settlement and how it was founded. The reason that I am going to be using this book as part of my text set is because the book talks about the role that Christopher Newport played in founding the Jamestown Settlement. This book contains pictures that aid in comprehension and it is going to be a great tool to solidify one of the most important parts of Christopher Newport’s career as an explorer.

4 book non fiction
4. Book (Non-Fiction)

  • “Captain Christopher Newport”

  • Bryant, A. (2007). Captain Christopher Newport. Newport News, VA: SeaVenture.

  • This book is a brand new biography of Christopher Newport’s life and is located in the rare books sections of the Christopher Newport University library. It helps outline the curriculum by giving students a deeper understanding of Newport’s Ventures. This book is going to be very helpful while teaching the content of this unit because it is going to aid in the deeper comprehension of Christopher Newport’s life which will help students understand why he began exploring in the first place.

5 website
5. Website


  • Christopher Newport University. (2013). CNU. Retrieved October 17, 2013, from

  • I am going to be using the Christopher Newport Website as one of my resources for this Unit lesson. The reason I am going to be using this is because it will help the students to better understand the impact that Christopher Newport had on the present day Hampton-Roads area of Virginia. This will help to foster higher-level thinking about the content as well.

6 website
6. Website

  • “All About Explorers”

  • Aungst G., ZuckerL., Kroe E., DeBriggL. (2013). All About Explorers: Jacques Cartier. Retrieved October 17, 2013, from lorers/cartier/

  • The article on this web page goes into further detail about the adventurous life of Jacques Cartier. The article gives different vocabulary words as well as different places to navigate the cite to find more information on explorers that you are researching. This article will be very useful because it has been easier to find text on Christopher Newport than Jacques Cartier so this will help solidify the information that they need to remember and understand about him.

7 newspaper article
7. Newspaper Article

  • “What’s in a Name? : Newport News”

  • King, L. (2010, April 5). Virginia Pilot Online. 2010/04/whats-name-newport- news

  • This Newspaper is all about the origin of the name of the city Newport News, Virginia. This article gives even further background knowledge on the content and will help with the instruction by giving the information in a creative and interesting format that they will enjoy having access to in class.

8 magazine
8. Magazine

  • “America, Found and Lost”

  • Mann, C. (2007 May). America, Found and Lost. National Geographic.RetrievedOctober 17, 2013. Featured Article from, m/2007/05/jamestown/charles- mann-text

  • This National Geographic article outlines the settlement and fall of historic Jamestown, Virginia. This type of text is something that these students do not use often, and will helpful when teaching the content for the students to have more knowledge on the settlement of Jamestown and peoples thoughts about it.