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Making a Living

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Unit Seven. Making a Living. 谋 生. Integrated Course 3. Text A Life of a Salesman. 一个推销员的生活. Text A Life of a Salesman. 1. Introductory Remarks . 2. Text organization. 3. Text A Study. 4. Words & phrases. 5. Text analysis. 6. Useful expressions. 7. Exercises.

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Making a Living

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    1. Unit Seven Making a Living 谋 生 Integrated Course 3

    2. Text A Life of a Salesman 一个推销员的生活

    3. Text A Life of a Salesman 1. Introductory Remarks 2. Text organization 3. Text A Study 4. Words & phrases 5. Text analysis 6. Useful expressions 7. Exercises

    4. Introductory Remarks P. 222 挨家挨户 脸皮厚 经受风吹日晒 承受一次又一次的闭门羹 Making a living as a door-to-door salesman demands a thick skin, both to protect against the weather and against constantly having the door shut in your face. Bill Porter puts up with all this and much, much more. 干挨家挨户上门推销这一营生得脸皮厚,这是因为干这一行不仅要经受风吹日晒,还要承受一次又一次的闭门羹。比尔 · 波特忍受着这一切,以及别的种种折磨。

    5. Text organization (Page 232) 1. The text falls into four parts as divided by the author with asterisks (***), each describing the activities of Bill Porter in a portion of a typical day. Now go over the text and complete the table below:

    6. Text organization (Page 232) preparation for the day’s work early morning mid-morning on his way to work door-to-door selling day-time evening paper work

    7. 2. Could you find the two flashbacks the author skillfully inserts? his disability, his schooling, and his hard struggle to make a living for himself 11-20 his back surgery and the selling of his house 71

    8. From the two flashbacks we think the text is a description of a typical day in the life of Bill Porter a portrayal of his whole life. and also

    9. linger:1) spend a long time doing sth. • ---My niece used to lingerlong • over her meal. 2) stay for a long time, esp. because one does not want to leave ---It is a dreary little town where few people would choose to linger.

    10. 4. cripple:1) cause to become unable to move or walk properly ---Peter’s father was crippled by a stroke. 2) damage or harm (sb./sth) seriously ---The terrorists’ attack has not crippled the US economy.

    11. 6. gain on:come closer to, esp. a rival or sth. pursued Hurry up---they are gaining on us! She was gaining on her opponents throughout the race, but only overtook them at the very end.

    12. 8. kick up:(cause to) rise ---The horses kicked up a cloud of dust. ---The boys kicked up the leaves that lay thick upon the ground with the coming of autumn.

    13. 9. tilt:(cause to) move into a sloping position ---The pilot can tilt the helicopter forward, backward, or to either side. n. ---The Leaning Tower of Pisa is known for its marked tilt.

    14. 10. lean:(cause to) be in a sloping position; bend ---He leaned his bike against the wall. ---She leaned over the bridge to look at the boats passing beneath it. a. containing little or no fat ---We like to eat very lean and tender meat.

    15. a. producing little of value; ---The company has apparently recovered from several lean years. 衰退,萧条;撤退 ---The recession and lean state budgets continued to trouble school officials.

    16. 13. disorder:disturbance of the normal working of the body or mind; lack of order ---Severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies can lead to mental disorders. ---The school authorities took immediate action to stop campus violence and disorder.

    17. 14. transfer: move from one place to another (transfer sth./sb. from…to…) ---Transferring Peter from Tokyo to the Boston office was a smart idea. ---Commercial airports are designed totransfer passengers and freight to and fro aircraft. 货运,运费

    18. ---Power was transferred from the President to the Vice President while the President received medical treatment. ---He was transferred from Crystal Palace to Arsenal for &2.5 million. 从水晶宫转会到阿森纳队

    19. 学分 大学预科,大专 ---Credits earned at junior colleges could be transferred to another institution where students could complete their final years of college. Institute 学院,协会,所 institute 协会,学院,研究所

    20. 17. representative:a person who represents others ---Egypt, Israel, and the representatives of the Palestinian people will participate in negotiations on the resolution of the Palestinian problem.

    21. ---Representatives from more than 170 nations converged on Paris for the Earth Summit. 汇集 峰会

    22. 19. pledge:a solemn promise ---They made a pledge to accomplish the task. v. ---Member nations of the UN pledge to settle their disputes peacefully and to refrain from using force. 抑制,自制,避免

    23. ---They have pledged not to dump hazardous wastes into the river. 危险的 hazardn. 危险

    24. 26. territory:land a country controls or owns ---The government denies that any of its territory is under rebel control. ---A country’s embassy in a foreign country is considered its own territory. 造反,反叛,起义(者)

    25. 27. on the phone: be talking to sb. using the phone ---She is always on the phone, wanting to know what her husband has been up to. on the line/net/Internet在线

    26. 28. register:1) be recognized or noted mentally ---On occasions what I said didn’t register in my son’s brain. ---The professor’s name didn’t register with the students.

    27. 2) record a name, an event, etc. for official purposes ---The newly purchased apartment is registered in her name, not her husband’s.

    28. ---The new students were told that they must register with the University before they could claim their grants.

    29. 31. off one’s feet:no longer standing ---After the operation the old man had to stay off his feet.

    30. 32. commission:money paid to sb. for selling goods which increases with the quantity of goods sold ---If a salesperson is paid on commission, the amount they receive depends on the amount they sell.

    31. ---Peter gets 10% commission on every photocopier he sells. 影印机

    32. 36. in time:punctually, not too late; eventually ---The couple have just arrived in time for lunch. ---In time you will learn everything. all the time 一直 at any time 随时 at no time 从来没有

    33. Life of a Salesman Tom Hallman Jr.

    34. Text A Life of a Salesman Part One: Paras. 1---7 Time of the Day: early morning Bill’s Activities: preparation for the day’s work

    35. Part One: • 1. What does Bill Porter look like? What helps him make up his mind not to give in? • 2. What does he do for a living? What are the “weapon” he assembles each morning before he starts out on his journey?

    36. Para. 1 The alarm rings. It’s 5:45. He could linger under the covers, listening to the radio and a weatherman who predicts rain. People would under-stand. He knows that. 闹钟响了。是清晨5:45。他可以在被子里再躺一会儿,听听无线电广播。天气预报员预报有雨。人们会理解的。这点他清楚。

    37. Para. 2 – 3 A surgeon’s scar cuts across his lower back. The fingers on his right hand are so twisted that he can’t tie his shoes. Some days, he feels like surrendering. But his dead mother’s challenge echoes in his soul. So, too, do the voices of those who believed him stupid, incapable of living independently. All his life he’s struggled to prove them wrong. He will not quit. (在他内心深处)也一直回响着那些说他蠢,说他不能独立生活的人的声音。 The rhetorical device used here is called inversion (倒装). See Structure P. 241 内心深处一直回响着 And so Bill Porter rises.

    38. Para. 4 Why “unsteady” ? He takes the first unsteady steps on a journey to Portland’s streets, the battlefield where he fights alone for his independence and dignity. He’s a door- to-door salesman. Sixty-three years old. And his enemies---a crippled body that betrays him and a changing world that no longer needs him---are gaining on him. 孤军奋战 一步一步地把他逼向绝境

    39. Para. 5 收拾行装 With trembling hands he assembles his weapons: dark slacks, blue shirt and matching jacket, brown tie, tan raincoat and hat. Image, he believes, is everything. Image is very important for a salesman.

    40. Para. 6 – 7 He stops in the entryway, picks up his briefcase and steps outside. A fall wind has kicked up. The weatherman was right. He pulls his raincoat tighter. 秋风骤起 He tilts his hat just so. × × × 他把帽子往一侧微微一斜。

    41. Text A Life of a Salesman Part Two: Paras. 8---25 Time of the Day: mid-morning Bill’s Activities: on his way for work

    42. Part Two: (8-14) • 3. What does he think of when he sees the kids on the bus? In what way was he different from other kids when he was young? • 4. What kind of school did he attend when he came to Portland at 13?

    43. 5. What did his mother think of the future ahead of him? • 6. What did he want to do when he left school?

    44. Para. 8 On the 7:45 bus that stops across the street, he leaves his briefcase next to the driver and finds a seat in the middle of a pack of bored teenagers. 在一群没精打采的十几岁的孩子当中找了个位子坐下。

    45. Para. 9 He leans forward, stares toward the driver, sits back, then repeats the process. His nervousness makes him laugh uncontrollably. The teenagers stare at him. They don’t realize Porter’s afraid someone will steal his briefcase, with the glasses, brochures, order forms and clip-on tie that he needs to survive. 他身子往前一倾,盯着司机那儿望,然后靠着椅背坐下,接着他又反复这个过程。他心情紧张,控制不住自己而笑出声来。那些孩子望着他。他们不明白,波特是担心有人偷他的包,包里有他生存不可缺少的眼镜,宣传小册子,定单,以及可用别针别上的领带。

    46. Para. 10 – 11 Porter senses the stares. He looks at the floor. however His face reveals nothing. In his heart, though, he knows he should have been like these kids, like everyone on this bus. He’s not angry. But he knows. ……

    47. In this paragraph, the author skillfully insert a flashback. Para. 11 His mother explained how the delivery had been difficult, how the doctor had used an instrument that crushed a section of his brain and caused cerebral palsy, a disorder of the nervous system that affects his speech, hands and walk. 同位语( appositive) 他妈妈解释说生他时难产,医生使用了某种器械,损坏了他大脑的一部分,导致了大脑性麻痹,一种影响他说话,手部活动以及行走的神经系统的紊乱。

    48. Para. 12 Porter came to Portland when he was 13 after his father, a salesman, was transferred here. He attended a school for the disabled and then Lincoln High School, where he was placed in a class for slow kids. 他被编入慢班

    49. Para. 13 – 14 他由于身体不能正常运行而使脑子不能充分发挥其功能。 But he wasn’t slow. His mind was trapped in a body that didn’t work. Speaking was difficult and took time. People were impatient and didn’t listen. He felt different---was different---from the kids who rushed about in the halls and planned dances he would never attend.

    50. Part 2 (15-25) • 7. How did Bill get his first job? • 8. How did he feel the first time he worked as a door-to-door salesman?