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Cold War Notes. How to fight a war without actually fighting the war -or- The war of words. WWII Ends. Germany gets divided into 4 sections (Yalta) Democratic – West Germany Communist – East Germany West Berlin – Democratic East Berlin – Communist

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Cold war notes

Cold War Notes

How to fight a war without actually fighting the war


The war of words

Wwii ends

  • Germany gets divided into 4 sections (Yalta)

    • Democratic – West Germany

    • Communist – East Germany

      • West Berlin – Democratic

      • East Berlin – Communist

  • Soviet Union sets up buffer zones in Eastern Europe

  • Berlin Airlift (1948 – 1949)

    • Soviets blockade supplies to West Berlin

    • USA airlifts supplies for 1 year until Stalin lifts blockade

  • 1949 Germany is officially divided

Behind the cold war
Behind the Cold War

  • Fighting of Diplomacy (no weapons

  • Tensions between US and USSR escalate

  • Cold War Started after Bolshevik Revolution

    • Theory was communism spread

    • USA citizens begin to worry

What to do with the soviets
What to do with the Soviets

  • Containment Theory – George Kennan

    • GK never believed US and USSR would go to war

    • He wanted to contain or block the Soviets and stop communism from spreading

    • Communism would either mellow or eventually break up

  • Nazi Germans put up the Berlin Wall

Examples of containment
Examples of Containment

  • Marshall Plan – aiding Western Europe against communism

  • CIA – financed the Christian Democrats in Italy in an election to defeat the Communists

  • Truman Doctrine – Giving aid to Greece and Turkey to fight Communism

  • NATO – military alliance formed against the Soviets by John Foster Dulles




  • Warsaw Pact – Formed by the Soviets to counteract these organizations

Why not bomb the soviets into the stone age
Why not bomb the Soviets into the stone age?

  • WWII soldiers were not willing to fight and wanted to go home

  • US would have to occupy the largest nation in the world

  • US would have lost an land battle with the Soviets (e.g. Napoleon, Kaiser Wilhelm, Hitler)

  • A-Bombs would not have stopped them because of the largeness of their nation

Major players of the cold war
Major Players of the Cold War

  • Josef Stalin – Soviet dictator

  • Marshal Tito – Leader of Communist Yugoslavia

  • Truman – US president when cold war escalated

  • Eisenhower – US president whose foreign policy was based on containment

  • Mao Tse Tung - Communist China leader

  • Nikita Khrushchev – Soviet leader who proclaimed “Peaceful Coexistence” with the west

  • Fidel Castro – Cuban communist dictator

  • JFK – US president during Cuban Missile Crisis

Korean war communism tries to spread first hot war of the cold war
Korean War – Communism tries to spread (first hot war of the cold war)

  • 1943 – Cairo Conference – Korean would remain free and independent

    • Chaing Kai-Shek (China)

    • Winston Churchill (Great Britain)

    • FDR (USA)

  • After WWII

    • North of 38 parallel - Communist

    • South of 38 parallel - Democratic

Korean war continued
Korean War Continued the cold war)

  • 1949 national election

    • South – democratic

    • North – communist

  • Wanted unity but under their own form of government

Korean war continued1
Korean War Continued the cold war)

  • June 1950 – NK marches across the 38th parallel

  • U.N. security council votes to assist SK

  • Bulk of troops came from US

  • Only wanted to contain communism

  • Did not take any territory

Events of the korean war
Events of the Korean War the cold war)

  • Macarthur gets fired

    • Wanted to advance on China

    • Wanted to completely destroy communism

    • Gets canned by Truman for violating containment

  • War ends in a stalemate

  • Objective of containment successful

Truce terms
Truce Terms the cold war)

  • 38th parallel divides North Korea and South Korea

  • U.N. Troops have to evacuate islands off of NK

Results the cold war)

  • US and USSR had negative feelings escalated

  • NK communist – poor and backwards

  • SK democratic – booming economy

  • First time international team fought in another nation’s war