Uses and meanings of different shots within our short film…
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Uses and meanings of different shots within our short film… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Uses and meanings of different shots within our short film….

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This over the shoulder mirror shot during the dance montage film…can be seen to foreshadow the ending. At this point we are unaware that Liv is about to commit several murders, however, the suffering as she looks in the mirror hints at Livs dual personalities

We used an birds eye view shot in the Ouija board as it makes the movement to each letter very clear. Additionally, séances are a way of trying to reach the paranormal, something that is often considered to be above us. Therefore, it gives the illusion of a paranormal presence is watching down on the Ouija board.

This extreme close up of film…Liv saying ‘Murder’ has been simply used in order to emphasise the word. Not only this, but as she is whispering the word we wanted to ensure the word was not lost amongst other distractions so that it was fully communicated to the audience.

The series of tracking shots of Liv in the kitchen have been put together to make it look like the camera has been with her the whole time. The tracking shots also pass where the knives are kept , the second time she passes them one of them is missing. This is then made clearer in the flashback montage as a close up shot pans across the missing slot in the knife stand.

After the second murder the camera slowly tilts up towards film…Liv’s face. This shot allows the audience to clearly see that her body is clenched up and shaking.

During the flashback montage a close up of Liv facing front on to the camera is used. This shot makes her seem intimidating by looking straight down the camera, aswell as emphasising and drawing attention to the aggression juxtaposed with the sudden worry, almost innocence on her expression from the close up.