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PRODUCT PRESENTATION. “REVOLUTIONIZING THE RECRUITING PROCESS”. Introducing . Intelligent /predictive Semantic Search™ . =. No Bad Resumes . “250 times faster … 800% more reliable.” technews "The potential benefits to clients are enormous."  Recruitment International

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Intelligent/predictive Semantic Search™


No Bad Resumes

“250 times faster … 800% more reliable.”

"The potential benefits to clients are enormous." Recruitment International

"Give your resume a tune up" The Examiner.

"Textnomics Inc. helps both job seekers and employers" The SJ Business Journal.

ResumeSort on Enterprise Radio

the best companies hire the best
The Best Companies Hire the Best

“Hiring the best is your most important job”

Steve Jobs

Source: Excerpt from ‘Company of Giants: Candid Conversations with the visionaries of the Digital World’

“Our employees…are everything. Google is organized around the ability to attract and leverage the talent”

49% of CEOs are concerned that shortage of qualified workers could limit the growth of their company…

Source: Excerpt from “Founders’ IPO Letter”

Source: Price Waterhouse Cooper

“If you get hiring right 50% of the time, you should consider yourself talented”

Source: Excerpt from ‘Winning’ by Jack Welch


Recruiting Pipeline Problem


… percentage of time the best resumes and best candidates do not get scheduled for an interview.

… of hiring managers believe that less than half the candidates they interview are actually qualified

… percentage of hires are considered failure within the first 18 months.

… reason for failed hires has been poor screening and skills match






Source: eBullpen

Source: Robert Half and Assoc.

Source: & LeadershipIQ



The Problem

…It’s Finding Needle in a Haystack

On average, companies receive 219 resumes for a job posted on job boards, and 116 from social media sites.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Recruiters spend 6 seconds screening each resumes.

Source: The Career Ladder

what is not a solution
What Is Not a Solution!

Keyword Search

“…screening software weeds out anyone whose application lacks particular key words”

Source: Wall Street Journal


Why Textnomics?


  • Handle volumes of resume in fraction of seconds
  • Leverage existing templates for job descriptions
  • Collective Social Intelligence™ for collaborative inputs
  • Smarter
    • Contextualphrase matching capability
    • Intelligent scoring algorithm provides better screening criteria using ResumeSort Score ReportTM
    • Identifies “missing attributes” for qualification

“No Bad Resumes”

  • Cheaper
    • Lower cost of hiring with improved recruitment efficiency
    • Reduces the risk of bad hires, estimated by Right Management to cost companies up to 500% of employees salary, and according to the US Department of labor 30% of companies annual earnings
next steps
Next Steps
  • Get a private demo
  • 30 minutes of your time, and we will show you how to hire the best, faster, better, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Call us 650.862.8351 or


hire the best faster better cheaper
Hire the Best: Faster, Better, Cheaper

Minimize the Risk in Hiring


Searching for meaning and relevancemeans: no high quality candidates fall through the cracks because they used different terminology or grammar, and the ranking screens the candidates with best rising to the top.

We suggest top qualifications to search for – based on job posting and job type

We overcome incomplete job Ads, by suggesting top phrases from the industry or job type

Team members can help selecting qualifications

ResumeSort Report™ – RSR – qualifications list, helps you interview. Take notes and share with others. No more surprise overlooked candidate limitations . Shows what to train for.

You can ask your team or outside experts to comment on a candidate’s RSR.

Faster: No more reading through 100s of resumes – No Bad Resumes

Better: Find the best candidates with high degree of confidence. Better fit. Higher retention. Greater productivity and earnings.

Cheaper: Lower cost of vacancy. Lower cost and probability of bad hire. High productivity and earning by hiring the best. Better morale and company culture.

Personalize your search; system adapts to you

the resumesort difference
The ResumeSort Difference
  • Wall Street Journal reports that recruiters receive 219 resumes using job boards,1 and that simple keyword search fails to find the best candidates.2 As a result, Senior recruiters using today’s ATS find the best candidates only12% of the time.3,7ResumeSort Semantic Search technology finds the best candidates 96% of the time, and is 250 times faster than manual screening.9
  • Robert Half survey of top CXOs ranks poor skill match as the #1 cause of failed hiring.7 And while bad hires cost the US companies 30% of their annual earnings,4 McKinsey reports top performers increase productivity, revenue, and profit 40% to 67% over average performers.5

ResumeSort’sService to SaaS model costs 3-6% of average recruiter, and finds the best hires faster.

  • Accroding to ERE and Monster Inc. the flood of resumes result in delays of 33 to 100+ days and $50K+ unaccounted for cost of vacancy.5ResumeSort finds the most qualified candidates to interview in seconds.8
  • Nearly two-thirds of hiring managers come to regret their interview-basedhiring decisions.3ResumeSortReport ensures you and your team ask the right questions and share information with colleagues and experts.8

The Problem

…It’s Finding Needle in a Haystack

  • Bad hires cost companies 30% of their earnings.

Department of Labor

  • Bad hires cost up to 500% of their salaries.

Right Management and SHRM

  • #1 factor for failed hires was poor skills match.

Robert Half Survey of Top CFOs

  • Top performers increase productivity, revenue, and profit 40% to 67%.

McKinsey “War On Talent“

Recruiting Desk

On average, companies receive 219 resumes for a job posted on job boards, and 116 from social media sites.

Source: Wall Street Journal