dr christa diercksen office biology 201a phone 407 823 6708 email christa diercksen@ucf edu n.
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Dr. Christa Diercksen Office: Biology 201A Phone: 407-823-6708 Email: christa.diercksen@ucf PowerPoint Presentation
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Dr. Christa Diercksen Office: Biology 201A Phone: 407-823-6708 Email: christa.diercksen@ucf

Dr. Christa Diercksen Office: Biology 201A Phone: 407-823-6708 Email: christa.diercksen@ucf

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Dr. Christa Diercksen Office: Biology 201A Phone: 407-823-6708 Email: christa.diercksen@ucf

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  1. Dr. Christa DiercksenOffice: Biology 201APhone: 407-823-6708Email:

  2. Dr. Diercksen’s Office Hours: Biology Bldg. 201AMonday: 9:15 am-10:15 amTuesday: 10:30 am-11:30 amWednesday: 1:45 pm-2:45 pmThursday: 1:30 pm-2:30 pmFriday: 9:00 am-10:00 am

  3. Laboratory Do NOT attend lab this first week: 1/7-1/10!!!

  4. Laboratory/Course Coordinator: Michele Yeargain Office: BL201B Email: Contact Ms. Yeargain for all makeup exams and detailed grading concerns

  5. Lecture Assistant Guillermo Alfonso • Office: BL201 • Office Hours: TBA Email:

  6. Required Action!Download and READ full course syllabus from WebCourses!!!Ignorance of course rules and procedures is not bliss!

  7. Required Textbooks/Materials Biology, 9th edition, Part I Custom by Campbell and Reece OR Full 9th edition of Biology by Campbell and Reece • Mastering Biology is NOT required • No course code

  8. Required Textbooks/Materials iClicker2 • You may use a previously purchased iClicker2 or one being used for another class this semester • Please purchase and register your iClicker2 by Friday, January 17th • We will begin using the iClickers Friday, 1/17/14

  9. iClicker2 • Information on how to register your iClicker2 is in the course syllabus • You must use your NID # and your full name that UCF uses for registration • You will NOT receive clicker points for the ENTIRE SEMESTER if you do not properly register your iClicker by 1/17/14!!!!

  10. Accessing Webcourses • • Enter PID user name and password • For support: • Visit • Call 407-823-0407 • Email

  11. Available on Webcourses • Syllabi for lecture • FAQ’s about BSC 2010C, Chapter Study Guides and Chapter Concept Questions for BSC 2010C • Optional extra lecture practice worksheets • Lecture Powerpoints • Interesting links and other biology info + animations used in lecture • Course discussion boards + announcements

  12. Course Twitter Account Follow @DiercksenBio1

  13. UCF Golden Rule • Classroom conduct • Arrive and leave on time • No cell phones used during lecture • Please switch to mute No talking during lecture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Grades BSC 2010C will have one grade combining lecture and lab • Lecture Grade: 70% of total course grade • 10% each: 4 multiple choice lecture exams • 25%: Multiple choice cumulative final exam • 5%: iClicker points during lecture

  15. More Info About Exams • 5 multiple choice lecture exams taken in lab • Lowest grade is dropped • Final CULMATIVE lecture exam that can NOT be dropped • Taken during finals week in lecture • Bring student ID and #2 pencil for all exams • Need SEVEN scantrons, give to Lab TA by 2nd week of semester

  16. Makeup Exams • Make up exams must be arranged with Michele Yeargain within ONE week prior to start of exam • Emergencies on the exam day must be addressed within 24 hours with Michele Yeargain • Valid excuses from proper authority are required to allow make up exam

  17. Exam Review • Scantrons will not be returned • Can be reviewed during office hours • Test reports will be returned in lab • NO grades will be given over phone or by email • Grades will be posted in Webcourses • You have TWO weeks to address any grade concerns or to review exam reports

  18. Disability Access • If you need accommodations due to disabilities, you must contact Ms. Yeargain ASAP • You must be registered with the Student Disability Services before contacting her however!

  19. Help • Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction (SI) available by Student Academic Resource Center (SARC) • SARC is located in Room 113, Howard Phillips Hall • Announcements will be made when regularly scheduled sessions will be held • Attend office hours Dr. Diercksen, your Lab TA’s or the Lecture Assistant

  20. Help by Email • Send succinct and professional emails about course content to Dr. Diercksen with topic noted in subject line • Please allow at least 24 hrs M-F and Sunday from when you sent the email for a response (Dr. Diercksen is offline on Sat.) • You MUST use Knightsmail for communication with all UCF faculty • Emails sent from other accounts will not be answered • Do NOT use Webcourses to send messages to Dr. Diercksen or Ms. Yeargain

  21. Drop/Add Dates • Drop/Swap date for this semester is January 9th • Add date is January 10th • Later drop date in semester is March 18th

  22. Before Next Class • Buy textbook and iClicker2 if you have not already • Download lecture syllabus from Webcourses and READ IT!!! • Read Chapter 1 in textbook

  23. But the most important assignment?

  24. Get excited about biology!!!