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Left 4 Dead games PowerPoint Presentation
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Left 4 Dead games

Left 4 Dead games

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Left 4 Dead games

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  1. Left 4 Dead games By christopher de vries

  2. What is left 4 dead? An Xbox, PlayStation and PC game. A zombie game where teamwork is everything. A new scene on the classic zombie shoot’em up genre.

  3. The zombies • The zombies include the special infected consisting of boomers, smokers, hunters, spitters, charger, tank, witch and jockeys

  4. The cast/crew The cast/crew consists of four people. Nick, coach, Eliss and Rochelle.

  5. campaigns In left 4 dead there are lots of campaigns like, swamp fever, the sacrifice, dead air, no mercy, crash course, death toll, blood harvest, the last stand, dead center, the passing, dark carnival, hard rain, the parish and cold stream. There are also several custom made player maps for download.

  6. weaponry • Different weapons include the melee and ranged weapons. • In melee there's baseball bats, cricket bats, chainsaws, crowbars and hatchets. Melee weapons only made an appearance in the second game. • In ranged there is m16 assault rifle, SCAR, shotgun (3), 2 pistols and 2 sub-machine guns.

  7. Who made it? The company that created left 4 dead 1 and 2 Is valve. They also made steam. A gaming system. They also made portal and the half-life series. They have never made a third game EVER!

  8. Global differences • Left 4 dead and left 4 dead 2 both have a different rating depending on the country. This is because in some countries (like America) the game is extremely gory and full on. While here in Australia, our versions gore has been turned down to the minimum. They do this by making dead zombies bodies disappear and no blood effects.

  9. Global image • Typing up left 4 dead on YouTube with give you more than 2000 results. While typing it up on Google will give you nearly 10 times as much as that (not all of it useful). • Left also 4 dead has just as much if not more fans worldwide. Not all of the fans though have even lightly contributed to the online pages.

  10. Similar games and tv series • a similar game and tv series is the walking dead series and game. In the walking dad franchise ther have been have been several series, infact more 4 more keeping viewers entertained with gory xombies and danger in every episode.