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Dead. 1995. 1 st GEN FORUMS. Late 90’s - 1 st Generation Stock Forums Are Plagued By…. STOCK BASHING. Dead. SPAM. RUMORS. FLAMING. PROFANITY. FAKE PRESS RELEASES. 1 ST GEN FLAWS. Advertising Model  CPM Focused. Monitor Ratio  2-3 Monitors For Thousands of Forums. Dead.

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  1. Dead

  2. 1995

  3. 1st GEN FORUMS Late 90’s - 1st Generation Stock Forums Are Plagued By… STOCK BASHING Dead SPAM RUMORS FLAMING PROFANITY FAKE PRESS RELEASES

  4. 1ST GEN FLAWS • Advertising ModelCPM Focused • Monitor Ratio  2-3 Monitors For Thousands of Forums Dead • Noise Ratio  Offenders Post At Will ABANDONMENT Quality Investors Leave The Site

  5. NEED SOLUTION • Public Companies Being Hurt • Investors Need Community • Industry Lost Great Source of Data and Info Dead • Market Always Corrects Inefficiencies

  6. SaaS SOLUTION RETENTION Quality Investors Flock To The Site Quality Ratio Offenders Flee The Site Dead • Monitor Ratio  2 Monitors Per Forum • SaaS Model Pubcos Pay To Host Community

  7. PROVEN MODEL SaaS Community Model For Public Companies Revenue $1,425,000 2006 $2,300,000 2007 (Preliminary) $4,250,000 2008 (Estimated)* Profit Dead $295,000 2006 $460,000 2007 (Preliminary) $1,900,000 2008 (Estimated)*

  8. PROVEN MODEL Current Run Rate (January 31/08) Clients 86 Revenue $270,500/Month Profit $112,000/Month Dead

  9. WIKI MODEL • “Freemium” Business Development Model • Build a Mass Community Around SaaS Model • Wiki Powered Financial Forums • Provides Scale Without Sacrificing Quality • Investors Able To Delete Offending Posts / Members Dead • Investor Generated Content

  10. WIKI MODEL • Early Success Of Wiki Powered Financial Forums • Page Views Per Month ~ 10,000,000 • Unique Visitors Per Month ~ 120,000 • Average Pages Per Visit ~ 15.08 • Average Time Per Visit ~ 10:55 • Free HUBS ~ 450 • Number Of Countries ~ 180 Dead

  11. Dead

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