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2 nd Formative

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2 nd Formative. By: Michelle Aldorino/ 6B. About Manga and Manga Artist. Hiro Mashima (I’m using fairy tail).

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2 nd formative

2nd Formative

By: Michelle Aldorino/ 6B

hiro mashima i m using fairy tail
Hiro Mashima(I’m using fairy tail)

Hiro Mashima (真島 ヒロ Mashima Hiro?, born May 3, 1977) is a Japanese manga artist. He is most known for his fantasy manga Rave, published by Kodansha'sWeekly Shonen Magazine, from 1999 to 2005. The series was later adapted into an anime. However, the anime adaption was cancelled before it could complete the series.

In 2003, he collected some of his one-shot titles in two volumes: Mashima-en Vol.1 & 2. Those stories include, among others, Cocona, "Xmas Hearts" and "Fairy Tale", a sort of prototype for his latest work.

In 2006, he began his current on going series, another fantasy manga called Fairy Tail, serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine which has been adapted into an anime and has aired on TV Tokyo since October 2009. He also published the one-shot manga Monster Soul during the same year.

akimine kamijyo i m using code breaker
AkimineKamijyo(I’m using code breaker)

AkimineKamijyo (上条明峰 KamijōAkimine, born September 13, 1975, Kanagawa Prefecture) is a Japanese manga artist best known for creating Samurai Deeper Kyo. The name 'AkimineKamijyo' is merely her pen-name. Her doujinshi work was done under the name 'MeikaHatagashira' (伯明華?).

Her next series is Shirogane no Karasu also known as Silver Crow. It started on May 30, 2007 in Weekly Shōnen Magazine and ended after 3 volumes.

She is currently working on Code: Breaker.

shonen type of manga that i m working on
Shonen(type of manga that I’m working on)

-Shōnen (少年), shonen, or shounen, is a Kanji word literally meaning few years and generally referring to a typical boy, from elementary school through grade school age. It is used in everyday conversation when referring to the period of youth, including in legal wording referencing youth, without regard to gender. Shōnen manga is a popular demographic of Japanese comics, the most popular genre of which is battle manga which is generally about action/fighting but often contains a sense of humor and strong growing friendship-bonds between the characters.

elements of manga
Elements of Manga
  • Picture
  • Word
  • Ballon
  • frame
tools used
Tools used

Hand draw comics:

  • Pencil (different hardnesses are useful for guidelines)
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Marker
  • Correction Fluid
  • A tool for inking (could be a marker, fine-liner or quill)
  • Coluredpencils
  • Pens
  • Paints
  • Chalk

Digital comics:

  • Computer
  • Scanner
  • Tablet PC
  • or Graphics Tablet
  • painting program on computer
  • Photoshop
  • Paint Shop Pro
  • GIMP
red hat
Red hat


I feel excited and fresh every time I read his comics. His comics are understandable and inspiring for me. It makes me feel like I want to draw/ do some activities.

His comics makes me feel excited and cheerful but his comics are more complicated and harder to understand.

Hiro mashima

blue hat
Blue hat


Hiro Mashima make this comic because his first comic “ the amazing adventure of Rave”, he thought that his comic need to be more popular so he make fairy tail. But the reason he created Rave is he wanted to be somebody and show his talent to other people.

AkimineKamijyo make his work because his family and friends was amaze at his work and they pushed him so that Akimine would make a international / a popular manga/ anime using his talent.

Hiro mashima

green hat
Green hat


I think both of them should be an Anime/ Movie.

Hiro Mashima

yellow hat
Yellow hat


Hiro Mashima’s comic is easy to understand, his comics always have new problem coming up, so that it become more interesting. He make jokes so the audiences would get to stress

Akiminekamijyo’s comic also have new problems and jokes . He make his comic more specific in the face and his drawing and he is able to make more main character .

Hiro mashima

white hat
White hat


his comics have animals as pets or main character

He is a specialist on shonen and action manga's

If it’s a human as a main character, they will wear a scarf

The story’s opening will always have a boy/ a girl that means together and become “Nakamas”/ partners

The main character uses traveling gears and clothes

Bigger eyes

Open clothes

He start drawing fairy tail at october 12th 2009

Smaller eyes

Closed clothes

They go to school

He don’t put Nakama’s in it

Uses the same weapons (sword and guns)

Both of the main characters are searching for person

He start drawing code breaker at October 6th 2012

Hiro Mashima

black hat
Black hat


If we compare his creation and another one, his story is almost the same. He should try to make different story.

His comics are confusing to understand. He should try to decrease the words and instead squish it in one page, he should put some in different page

Hiro mashima