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Agriscience Pin the Part. 2013. Daily Food for Thought. Why do you need to be able to recognize parts of animals?. Learning Target. I will be able identif y external parts on different types of animals.

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daily food for thought
Daily Food for Thought
  • Why do you need to be able to recognize parts of animals?
learning target
Learning Target

I will be able identify external parts on different types of animals.


As a child, you quickly learned your body parts, such as eyes, ears, nose, knees, and toes.

Your features distinguish you from others and the basic external anatomy of humans distinguishes them from other animals.


The anatomy of each species of animal is slightly different.

Which animal has a comb, dewlap, gaskin, or jowl?

Investigate the specific features of one species and identify other species as you begin to dive into the anatomical features of animals.

  • In groups of 2, walk around to each animal station.
  • At each station identify 3 parts of the animal.