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  1. Scotland Presents Aleksandra Prokopiuk

  2. The flag of Scotland *Head of state- Queen Elizabeth II *officiallanguage: Scottish, English *Area: 78 782 km².Population: 5 194 000. Crest Scotland

  3. General information The main river:Clyde, Tweed, Tay, Forth SpeyMajor cities: Edinburgh (the capital), Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness, StirlingMonuments: The greatest attraction Scotland are locks. The most known is: Edinburgh Castle - majestically towering over the capital city of Scotland, Stirling Castle, Glamis Castle - haunted castle which, according to legend scare victims committed there gruesome crime, Inverness Castle, ElieanDounan Castle on the Isle of Skye - the pearl of the Scottish fortification Cluzean Castle , which hosts outdoor events and festivals. In Scotland is Balmoral Castle - the main summer residence of the Royal Family. BalmoralCastle EdinburghCastle GlamisCastle ElieanDounanCastle

  4. Aberdeen(18) • Aberdeenshire (17) • Angus (16) • Argyll and Bute(22) • Clackmannanshire (13) • Dumfries and Galloway (28) • Dundee (15) • East Ayrshire (26) • East Dunbartonshire (4) • East Lothian (12) • East Renfrewshire (6) • Edynburg (10) • Falkirk (8) • Fife (14) • Glasgow (5) • Hebrydy Zewnętrzne(21) • Highland(20) • Inverclyde (1) • Midlothian (11) • Moray (19) • NorthAyrshire (25) • NorthLanarkshire (7) • Orkady (31) • Perth and Kinross (23) • Renfrewshire (2) • Scottish Borders (30) • SouthAyrshire (27) • SouthLanarkshire (29) • Stirling (24) • Szetlandy (32) • West Dunbartonshire (3) • West Lothian (9) On April 1, 1996 Scotland is divided into 32 administrative units (council areas), which 29 is located on the mainland and three on islands:

  5. Previously Scotland was an independent kingdom in the north-western Europe.It is now part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Scotland occupies northern third of the island and the Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland. From the south it borders with England, to the east of her round beneath the North Sea, the north and west - the Atlantic Ocean, and the South West - the Irish Sea.

  6. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh **Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, but it is not the biggest city in Scotland. It is the Glasgow.** HolyroodPalace

  7. Curiositiesthatmightintrigue

  8. Everyone knows that the Scots wear kilts, but not everyone knows its true name. It is sewn kilt with tartan or plaid material. Colorand detail of the grille on the skirt depend on what clan belongs to itowner. Kilt in its present form appeared in the early XVIII century. Today can wear it all the Scots, but once the dress was exclusively male. In Scotland, the kilt is a popular attire for all family celebrations and holidays.

  9. Typical Scottish costume, except for a few, made up of other important elements. The most important of these is the sporran. It is a handbag 'hung on the hips, bar. It is sewn from the skins and fur animals. Formerly served as a place to store valuables, as well as, protect 'sensitive places;) Sporrany broadly divided into three groups - very formal with lots of frills (dress sporran), less formal, but still elegant (semi-dress) and ordinary leather, designed to be worn every day

  10. Other elements of the Scottish outfit are characteristic decorative belt buckle (buckle), clasp for a kilt (pin), knee-highs with distinctive flags and strings (hose with flashes), and distinctive shoes called ghilie brogues. Of course, in contemporary version of the dress they are acceptable other shoes, but they should be elegant. For this absolutely elegant shirt, sometimes jacket, tie and elegant Scot finished. For a clearer understanding and within the summary, the film showing a man assuming full formal attire Scottish called Prince Charlie's outfit.

  11. Now something for the fans of Harry Potter. Did you know that the film was shot in Scotland? Do you recognize these places? For sure! ;)

  12. The Loch Ness monster has heard each. It is the most famous case, which deal with cryptozoologists, or people interested in the existence of animals whose existence has not been confirmed by official science. Alleged creation of the Scottish Loch Ness was baptized caressing named Nessie, and became one of the symbols of the country. Whether or not we believe in the existence of this animal, it is difficult to resist the impression that this whole issue is something that gives it a kind of mystery.

  13. November 30 Scots pompously celebrate the day of the patron saint of his country - St. Andrew. During this national holiday, the streets of the Scottish city flags waving called The Saltire or St. Andrew's Cross, which is a cross of St. Andrew, and residents participate in numerous parades, concerts and dances and games. During the celebration of St. Andrew's Day, you can also visit for free most of the national monuments.

  14. The tradition Highland Games are lost in the darkness of history. One theory is that they were born during the occupation of Scotland by the British. Scots were not allowed to then work oneself in the possession of a weapon, so under the guise of fun practicing skills useful in combat, using items with which they had contact every day - hammers, tree trunks and boulders of a mountain river. So the most important of competitions Highland Games, which for example .:

  15. Tossing the caber - Contrary to appearances, this is not about throwing him as far as possible. What matters is the projection style. Snag is huge - measuring about 6-7 meters in length and just picking it requires enormous strength. The player first sets it upright, thicker end up, then raises and runfew meters throws it in such a way that spun in the air by 180 degrees, and butt hit the ground. It is important to trunk fell to the ground straight, as if pointing to 12 o'clock on the dial of an imaginary clock.

  16. Scottish cuisine

  17. Scottish cuisine delights some and rejects others. Some try once and do not ask for second helpings, others can spend in the Scottish restaurants real estate. Haggis is sheep's stomach stuffed with chopped liver, heart, lungs, fat, onions and oatmeal. All this is seasoned with salt, pepper, coriander and nutmeg. Tradition dictates serve it with mashed potatoes and mashed turnips. However, less formally, we can also eat it with chips, bread or vegetables. In many places haggis is not only for food. Some Scottish events are provided for competition in throwing Haggis ...

  18. Traditional breakfast in Scotland usually consists of porridge, sausages, fried eggs and bacon and a cup of strong tea. If in the morning I feel like something straight from the bakery it is best to reach for the scones - sweetish, brittle rolls.

  19. By virtue of having many lakes and large access to the sea, the Scots willingly reach for seafood and fish. Most are particularly smoked, such as herring and haddock (served with butter or egg), which fit oatmeal and bagels. In the coastal towns worth a try fresh shrimp, oysters and crabs. The menu can not miss the salmon. Salmon is usually served with new potatoes and cream sauce.

  20. FamousScots

  21. David Tennant from „DoctorWho”

  22. Gerard Butler from „300” or „p.s I love you”

  23. EwanMcGregor from „Impossible”

  24. SeanConnery

  25. We can’t forget that Britain is not only England and Wales, but also Scotland, which really can impress your nature - from the mountains, ending on animals and plants - as well as specific, which have no counterparts in the world cities and universities with a huge, dating back to the fifteenth century tradition! And for the last. Let’sseehowbeautifulisthis country…

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