Chinese civil war
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Chinese Civil War. Who gains control of China and why?. VS. vs. Chinese Civil War (1945-1949). Mao Zedong (CCP). Chiang Kai-Shek (KMT). Truce During WW II.

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Chinese civil war

Chinese Civil War

Who gains control of China and why?


Chinese civil war 1945 1949


Chinese Civil War(1945-1949)

Mao Zedong (CCP)

Chiang Kai-Shek (KMT)

Truce during ww ii
Truce During WW II

  • During WWII US gave $1.5 billion to Nationalists to fight Japan, most of this money is wasted or “stolen” as Mao’s forces did most fighting

    Mao’s Red Army (CCP) vs. Chiang’s Nationalist Army (KMT)

  • US gives additional $2 billion to help Nationalists beat Communists

  • Nationalists winning at first but China’s economy worsens, Chinese people upset w/ Nationalists

  • Nationalists troops begin defecting to Red Army

  • By 1949, Mao controls most of China

  • Chiang & what is left of his army flee to Taiwan

People s republic of china vs republic of china
People’s Republic of China vs. Republic of China

  • US upset over loss of China, helps Chiang set up a govt on Taiwan

  • Mao signs a friendship treaty with Soviet Union

  • Chiang & US say legit gov of China is on Taiwan “Republic of China”

  • Mao & USSR say legit govt of China is “People’s Republic of China”

  • UN can’t recognize Mao’s “People’s Republic of China” as legitimate

    Mao Expands China

  • 1950: Red Army invades Tibet. Mao promises self rule, but forces

  • Tibet into communism.

  • Tibetans protest, Mao’s Red Army crushes protest. Dalai Lama flees.

  • 1950: China invades Inner Mongolia and annexes it

Life in mao s china

Let 1000 flowers bloom

Life in Mao’s China

Domestic Policy (1951)

  • Mao gives private land to the peasants

  • Mao has one million landowners killedwho resist

  • Mao nationalizes all businesses

    Great Leap Forward (1958-1961)

  • Large collective farms are formed

  • Poor planning results in a famine that kills 20 million people

Nuclear Age (1964)

  • Mao’s govt successfully tests a nuclear weapon – upset Soviets won’t share tech

Cultural Revolution (1966-1976)

  • Need to create more social equality

  • Red Guards form, HS & college students who were loyal to Mao

  • Red Guards terrorize & re-educate those with an advantage(esp. intellectuals)