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TAFTIE Expert session “ Innovation-oriented ecosystems ” PowerPoint Presentation
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TAFTIE Expert session “ Innovation-oriented ecosystems ”

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TAFTIE Expert session “ Innovation-oriented ecosystems ” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TAFTIE Expert session “ Innovation-oriented ecosystems ”
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  1. TAFTIEExpert session“Innovation-orientedecosystems” September 10,2014, Gdynia, Poland


  3. “Setting the scene”

  4. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner internet cellularcomunication gps microchips touchscreens operatingsystems

  5. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner – really?

  6. Whereisa place for innovationeco-system?

  7. Just a fewwordsabout „systems” Being a system means that changes in one part affect other parts. Geoff Mulgan „Joined–Up Innovation. what is systemic innovation and how can it be done effectively?”, NESTA, 2013

  8. Role of ecosystems in intensifying the innovation processes in businesses - examples of ecosystems operating in PolandŁukasz SzternTAFTIE Expert session“Innovation-oriented ecosystems”September 10,2014, Gdynia, Poland

  9. Whatis the role of ecosystems? The role of ecosystems is tohelpinnovation succed. We want to makeinnovation (innovativeproducts etc.) worldwide and successful

  10. 4 localinnovationecosystems Gdańsk/Gdynia Poznań Wrocław Kraków maps.google.com

  11. Gdansk/Gdynia Pomeranian Science and Technology Park www.ppnt.gdynia.pl Networkbetween science and business in areas such as ICT, life science, design, robotics and engineering. Pomeranian Tech. Park Gdansk MedicalUniv. TTO www.naukaibiznes.gumed.edu.pl Gdansk Tech. Univ. TTO www.ctwt.pg.gda.pl „Starter” Incubator www.inkubatorstarter.pl We alter the future and way of thinking by creating future winners – from preschoolers to businessmen. „Starter” Incubator Gdansk Science and Technology Park www.gpnt.pl Park is a place where the idea turns into a real cooperationbetweenVoivodship, the city and the Technical University. Gdansk Tech. Univ. Gdansk MedicalUniv. Gdansk Tech. Park maps.google.com

  12. Poznan Poznan Science and Tech. Park www.ppnt.poznan.pl First Technology Park in Poland (since 1995),links to the Poznan University and R&D institutes Nickel Technology Park „InQbator” www.inqbator.pl Winner of the "Best Science Based Incubator 2009" InQbator Poznan Science Park Poznan Tech. Univ. TTO www.ciritt.put.poznan.pl Nickel Technology Park www.ntpp.pl Poland’s first non-public technology park, successfully operating. PoznanUniversity Poznan Tech. University Poznan UniversityTTO www.preinkubator.amu.edu.pl maps.google.com

  13. Wroclaw WrocławAgricultureUniv. Wrocław Incubator WCTT Wrocław Technology Park Wrocław Technology Univ. maps.google.com Wrocław Technology Park www.technologpark.pl The biggesttechnology park in Poland create and stimulate conditions for the use of scientific potential of Wrocław Wrocław Technology Transfer Center www.wctt.pl First Technology Transfer Center in Poland (since 1995) Wrocław Technology Incubator www.technologpark.pl/pl/daip Wrocław Technology Univ. Incubator www.inkubator.pwr.wroc.pl

  14. Krakow Krakow Tech. Univ.: Incubator LifeScience Park www.jci.pl Acomplex designed exclusively with the aim to create the optimum environment for the growth of life sciences. Krakow Tech. Univ.: TTO Krakow Technology Park AGH Incubator AGH TTO „CITTRU” Krakow Tech. Univ.TTOwww.transfer.edu.pl Incubatorwww.aip.pk.edu.pl Krakow Technology Park www.kpt.krakow.pl Manages a special economic zone (628 ha), Małopolska Information Technology Park, Incubator and3 Clusters LifeScience Park maps.google.com AGH University of Science and Technology TTO: www.ctt.agh.edu.pl Incubatorwww.aip.agh.edu.pl JagiellonianUniv. TTO „CITTRU” www.cittru.uj.edu.pl

  15. 2010-2013 – Lessonslearned

  16. Thankyou! Łukasz Sztern PARP Enterprose and Innovation Dep. lukasz_sztern@parp.gov.pl +4822 4328900