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Instructional Technology & PBS:  Dissemination & Visibility PowerPoint Presentation
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Instructional Technology & PBS:  Dissemination & Visibility

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Instructional Technology & PBS:  Dissemination & Visibility - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Instructional Technology & PBS:  Dissemination & Visibility. National Forum: Laura A. Riffel, Ph.D. Hoon Choi, Ph.D. Today’s Agenda. Participants will learn how to use the web for implementation, public relations, dissemination of data, and sharing. 

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instructional technology pbs dissemination visibility

Instructional Technology & PBS:  Dissemination & Visibility

National Forum:

Laura A. Riffel, Ph.D.

Hoon Choi, Ph.D.

today s agenda
Today’s Agenda
  • Participants will learn how to use the web for implementation, public relations, dissemination of data, and sharing. 
  • Your resource packet will assist you to a) start your own website, b) gather usage data from your website, c) disseminate ideas through the website, d) gather support through the website, e) highlight effective implementation and f) provide ways to make data-based decisions from the website. 
  • There is no prerequisite for web master designing or knowing how to write html code.
  • We will also discuss ways to use to supplement your PBIS implementation.
before we build what should be there
Before we build- What should be there?
  • Brainstorm with your staff:
    • What do you want to know?
  • Data Pieces:
    • ODR’s
    • Gotchas Given
    • Days without ODR’s
  • Teaching Pieces
    • Lesson Plans
    • PowerPoints
    • Matrix
    • VideosLetters to send to:
      • Parents
      • Businesses
      • Community support
      • News Media
important caveat
Important Caveat
  • Your website will be available to the public
  • That’s a good thing
    • This is how you build support
      • Politically
      • Clients
      • Businesses
      • Support Groups
  • That’s a bad thing
    • Be very careful what is posted on the website.
    • All it takes is a click of Google or Yahoo and you can pull up pictures of children
      • Make sure you do not identify a child by anything other than John D. or Mary D.

2,510 PBIS pictures on

Google – Pictures

189 videos (google)

setting up a website
Setting up a Website
  • Domain Name
    • If you use a free website you will have something like:
      • You can take a long URL like this one and go to and input a shorter name and it will save it as a shorter name.
    • If you want to register a domain name then you will have something easy like:

How to check for a domain name:

Place to check for domain name

implementation using www pbis org
Implementation Using
  • Targeted Group Level
    • Check-In/Check-Out
  • Intensive Individual Level
  • Wrap-around
  • Implementing PBS
    • Here’s how we do it on
    • You can model yours based on your needs or just use as links on your own website.
    • Primary Level:
      • Coach Training
      • New Team Training
      • Parents
      • Staff
      • Students
ideas for your pbs website
Ideas for your PBS website
  • links to newspaper articles about schools implementing PBIS
  • links to advocating politically for PBIS
  • links to top schools (exemplars)
  • links to upcoming local trainings
  • link to state calendar
  • link to definitions for first time visitors
  • link to national trainings
  • links to national websites (
  • link to cost analysis worksheet- time saved
  • links to forms (SET, Forms A,C,H etc.)
  • link to history of PBIS in your state
  • links to school examples
    • Filled with exemplars for highlighting success and achievement
    • Filled with lesson plans for teaching the Matrix etc.
  • Links for specialized groups like:
    • Coaches
    • Leadership teams
    • Families
  • Ways to connect with parents
more ideas for your pbs website
More Ideas for your PBS website
  • Newsletter
  • Ways to Get Involved
    • Targeted audience:
      • 4 H
      • Boy Scouts
      • Watch Dogs (Dads of Great Students)
      • Gentlemen of Distinction
      • Campfire Girls and Boys
      • Parents
      • Grandparents
      • Businesses
odds and ends you might like
Odds and Ends you might like:
  • Spinning pyramid
  • SST forms
  • Swis summary data
  • Action plan by month template
  • Missouri- days without accident picture
  • "gotcha" apprentice
  • Sample Working smarter worksheet
  • SWIS ODR referral definitions
  • Zero the hero picture
what data do you want to share
What data do you want to share?
  • District and Local Level
    • If you are in year two or beyond- share your baseline vs. implementation data
    • Highlight the data that you want to share
      • Criterion Reference Testing Scores
      • Graduation rates
      • OSS/ ISS data decreases from baseline to implementation
      • Turn-over rate
  • Gotchas Given
    • Point out the number of Gotchas given out in a data display
survey says
Survey Says
  • Bravenet offers a wide variety of survey opportunities-
    • You might pose a question on your website:
      • Example: Can your student tell you what the 3-5 behavioral expectations are and give examples?
        • Yes
        • No
      • The results would be tabulated instantaneously on the website and this would be a prompt for parents to ask their children what the expectations are for their school.
      • This could be done at the district level with a survey for each school- or at the local level.

    • Survey Monkey offers an even greater variety of survey opportunities and the information is confidential to the post- you would only post the results if you wanted to share the information:
          • Example of data that you might want to collect on this type of survey:
            • Does your child feel safer at school?
            • Do you feel better about your child’s school?
            • (These are things you would want to moderate the posting on for viewers)
  • Student Success
    • Pictures of student of the day on the website
    • Picture on the CCTV in the school
    • LCD name in lights in office window (page 21)
    • Marquee outside the school
    • Newspaper pictures
    • Special note home from vendors
    • Ways to Reward Staff and Students (word document)
  • Staff Success
    • LCD Name in Lights
    • Picture on website
    • Picture on CCTV
      • Special Paring Spot- with sign in front of school
      • Special Parking Privileges
      • Limo ride to duty free lunch (call your local funeral parlor)
      • G.O.O.S.E. them
      • Plunger Award
      • Light Bulb Award
      • Free “Get out of Jail” card for duty free day
  • Parents
    • Parents who come up and volunteer to give out gotchas in the hall
    • Parents who donate time and energy paying off for children
      • Playing checkers during lunch
      • Reading aloud after school to young children
      • Tutoring in a sport after school
sell advertising
Sell Advertising-
  • Sell Advertising space on your school website:
    • Don’t take money- take incentives for :
      • Staff Members
      • Parents
      • Students