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Follett Destiny Circulation Desk

Follett Destiny Circulation Desk. Thomas Chang District Resource Media & Technology Specialist Instructional Technology and Library Media, Academic Services 445 West Amelia Street Orlando, Florida 32801 407.317.3200 x.2556. Objective. Basic use of Destiny at the circulation desk:

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Follett Destiny Circulation Desk

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  1. Follett Destiny Circulation Desk Thomas ChangDistrict Resource Media & Technology SpecialistInstructional Technology and Library Media, Academic Services445 West Amelia StreetOrlando, Florida 32801407.317.3200 x.2556

  2. Objective • Basic use of Destiny at the circulation desk: • Setting up the calendar and library policies • Managing patron accounts • Circulating materials • Managing fines, obligations, and notices • Managing holds and ILLs • Setting up the homepage • Searching the catalog • Using resource lists • *Inventory, Cataloging, and Reports will be in a separate workshop • Increase confidence and autonomy • Problem-solving > Share ideas

  3. Faculty Notices Holds and ILLs Homepage Library Search Destiny Quest Resource Lists Tips and Resources Table of Contents • Logging On • Patron Accounts • Calendar • Library Policies • Patron Accounts • Circulating Materials • Assessing Fines • Overdue Notices • Managing Homerooms

  4. Loggin On • How do I logon? • http://destiny.ocps.net (www is available) • Not everyone has logon access by default • Username = district username • Password = district personnel # • How are patron accounts entered? • SMS for students • SAP for faculty • Manual entry (caution)

  5. Logging On • I’m not seeing the same features I usually see. I can’t do the same things I use to be able to do. What happened? • Are you using your own logon? • View setting? • When I logon, I keep getting a message saying, “You must be a district administrator to update the sites in this district.” • Be sure to logon from your site, not destiny.ocps.net

  6. Patron Accounts • What is the difference between: • Patron Types? • What are the patrons library policies (i.e. loan periods, fines, etc.) • Access Levels? • What rights and features do the patrons have in Destiny when they logon? • *If you do not have Administrator access, you might not see all of the features demonstrated in this workshop.

  7. Calendar • Due dates can not fall on a Closed day. • Due dates fall on the next available Open day

  8. Calendar • Loan periods can take into account all calendar days, or only open days.

  9. Library Policies – Patron Types

  10. Library Policies – Patron Types

  11. Library Policies – Circulation Types

  12. Library Policies – Circulation Types

  13. Updating Patron Types • Grade Level is always 2 digits – pk, kg, 01, 02,… 10, 11, 12 • This process must be done individually for each grade level, and should be done on a regular basis (bi-weekly, monthly) as new students transfer to your school.

  14. Adding/ Editing Patron Accounts • When should a patron be added or deleted? • *It is generally discouraged to add patrons • Parent or community volunteer • Substitute teacher • Generic logons • Dummy accounts • When should a patron be edited? • Patron Type change • Logon access • Access Level change • Password change

  15. Editing Patron Accounts • To edit a patron’s account, go to Back Office tab / Find Patron and locate by ID# or name.

  16. Editing Patron Accounts • Locate the appropriate account and select the edit icon in the same row. • Notice the delete icon as well.

  17. Editing Patron Accounts • For logon access, an account must have an access level, a unique username, and a password.

  18. Adding Patron Accounts • If you must add a patron, you can use the feature Assign next barcode • Complete as much information as necessary (be aware of Address tab)

  19. Patron Issues • I have a patron who has two accounts in Destiny. • Contact changt@ocps.net or 317.3200x2556 • Some of our staff badges are not working with Destiny. What’s wrong? • Check to see that the barcode on the ID badge is the same # as the barcode field in the patron’s account • Search for the patron by name, and if possible, have the badge reprinted

  20. Patron Issues • Submit a Heat Ticket Request to ICTS • http://teacher.ocps.net/thomas.chang/page2.html • Be sure to include the district ID number of any patrons who are missing, or have incorrect information • Enrollment issues in SMS • Multiple E01 entries • Home School Field = School of Enrollment Field

  21. Searching for Patrons • Circulation tab / Patron Status • Locate your own status? • What does the status tell you? • Locate the status of someone else at your school? • Locate the status of someone from another school? • Locate the status of someone with a name you can’t spell well?

  22. Searching for Patrons • Circulation tab / Patron Status

  23. Searching for Patrons • Locate the last name “Maria Reyes” across the district? • Common error below. Why?

  24. Checking Out Materials • Check Out in 2 modes – To Patron or Homeroom

  25. Checking Out Materials • Check Out in 2 modes – To Patron or Homeroom

  26. Checking Out Materials • Be aware of the “until logout” dropdown menu. If the special due date is only for a particular patron or item, be sure to select accordingly.

  27. Checking In Materials • Only use Record in-library use for books that weren’t checked-out.

  28. Checking In Materials • Use the Create Fine button when applicable: • damaged materials, missing barcodes, etc.

  29. Assessing Fines • The Other… button allows you to manage your Reasons

  30. Assessing Fines • Copy Specific fines are for items in the database • Patron Only fines are for items not in the database • Fines should be stated explicitly in your Library Policies

  31. Assessing Fines • Assessing Patron Only fines • Replacement ID badges • Printer fees

  32. Assessing Fines • Patron Only fines require that you manually add the amount every time.

  33. Overdue Print Notices

  34. Overdue Print Notices

  35. Overdue Print Notices

  36. Overdue Print Notices

  37. Managing the Homeroom Field • *For Primary Schools only • Secondary challenge: Setup a notice that is sent by email to let your faculty know what they currently have checked out

  38. Managing the Homeroom Field • Run the Patron Homeroom Field report • Only define Homeroom designations that are used currently in SMS • If you delete a Homeroom designation, default it to “undefined”

  39. Managing the Homeroom Field • Not all districts use the teacher’s name in the Homeroom Field – some use animals, planets, etc. • Destiny doesn’t make any assumptions

  40. Managing the Homeroom Field • Locate the teacher, and choose the Select button.

  41. Managing the Homeroom Field • Be sure to click Save, and the Homeroom designation will be defined with an associated email address.

  42. Student Checkouts Sent byEmail to Homeroom Teachers

  43. Student Checkouts Sent byEmail to Homeroom Teachers

  44. Student Checkouts Sent byEmail to Homeroom Teachers

  45. Student Checkouts Sent byEmail to Homeroom Teachers

  46. Faculty Checkouts Sent byEmail

  47. Faculty Checkouts Sent byEmail

  48. Faculty Checkouts Sent byEmail

  49. Faculty Checkouts Sent byEmail

  50. Placing Holds • Locate the patron requesting the hold, and choose the Add Hold button • If from another school, deselect Only my patrons

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