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高一英语网络面授 --- Lifestyles 北京四中 方芳 PowerPoint Presentation
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高一英语网络面授 --- Lifestyles 北京四中 方芳

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高一英语网络面授 --- Lifestyles 北京四中 方芳
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高一英语网络面授 --- Lifestyles 北京四中 方芳

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  1. 高一英语网络面授 --- Lifestyles 北京四中 方芳

  2. Teaching content I. Background introduction II. Vocabulary III. Supplemental reading VI. Testing

  3. Background introduction What is stress? Continuous feelings of worry about your work or personal life, that prevent you from relaxing be under stress stresses and strains紧张和压力 stressful: a job, experience, or situation stressed: worried and tired stressed out: extremely worried and tired

  4. Take this survey below, and choose the answer that best describes you. 1. Usually, I feel like I have _____ work to do. A. too much B. the right amount of C. very little 2. At night, I usually get into bed and ____. A. stay awake worrying B. relax then fell asleep C. go to sleep right away 3. New and unfamiliar situations make me feel ____. A. Very worried B. a little nervous C. kind of bored 4. When I miss the bus, I usually feel ____. A. Very angry B. a little angry C. unhappy but not angry 5. You have to write a paper for a class. It’s due in one month. When will you start? A. The day before it is due B. a week or two before it is due C. Immediately 6. When I feel worried or anxious, I usually _____. A. drink, eat, or smoke B. exercise or talk with others C. Try not to think about it; it’s not important

  5. Points: a=3, b=2,c=1 15-18 points: You probably have a lot of stress in your life. You need to find ways to relax and control the stress. 8-14 points: You have a healthy amount of stress in your life--- enough to keep you motivated, but not stressed out all the time. 7 or fewer points: You might have a tendency to be a little too relaxed. Remember, a little stress can be a good thing!

  6. Ways to reduce stress: 1. Get plenty of sleep. 2. Exercise 3.Eat healthful meals. 4. Drink water. 5. smell flowers 6. take a vacation 7. Cry/ yell/laugh 8. talk to other people 9.write a journal 10. Tai Chi/Yoga 11.Massage 12. walk with bare foot 13. stretch throughout the day 14. Breathe deeply 15. Hike or walk in the wood Say to yourself, “Relax.”

  7. Vocabulary 英译汉 • merchants _______ • routine _______ • TV series _______ • distance learning _______ • remote control ________

  8. 汉译英 紧急的 u_______ 便携的p _______ 公文 d ________ 压力 p_______ 挑战 c________

  9. 填空 1. _______ weight 减肥/增重 2. take ______ to do sth. 轮流做某事 in doing sth. 3. go ______ (铃声)想起,爆炸,离开 4. be ready ______ sth. 准备好做某事 5. do sth. for f______ 处于爱好做某事 6. complain ______ sb. ______ sth. 向某人抱怨某事 7. be ______ work 在工作 8. be ______ of 免于 9 come ______ with sth.宣布,发现,想起 10. play an important ______in… 在…扮演重要角色

  10. 填空 1. lose/gain/put on weight 减肥/增重 2. take turns to do sth. 轮流做某事 take turns in doing sth. 3. go off (铃声)想起,爆炸,离开 4. be ready for sth. 准备好做某事 5. do sth. for fun 处于爱好做某事 6. complain to sb. about sth. 向某人抱怨某事 7. be at work 在工作 8. be free of 免于 9 come up with sth.宣布,发现,想起 10. play an important role/part in… 在…扮演重要角色

  11. 词汇精讲: take up 1. Meeting and phone calls take up a large part of the day. 2. The new sofa has taken up much space of the sitting room. 3. Her time is taken up with housework. 4. He took up a job as a teacher thirty years ago. take down/ take off/ take on 1. Please take down the useful expressions while listening. 2. Take off your shoes before entering the room. 3. Many places in China have taken on a new look in recent years. 4. Her eyes took on a hurt expression.

  12. get changed 1. I get bored if there is nothing to do. 2. She can’t concentrate for long. She gets fed up quickly. 3. Hurry and get dressed or you’ll be late. 4. Don’t leave when it’s dark. You could easily get lost. 5. Our car got stuck in the wild after the heavy rain.

  13. drive 1. Can you drive? Don’t drive too fast. 2. Could you drive me home? 3. You are driving yourself too hard. 4. He drove me crazy. 5. Hunger drove her to steal. 6. The shepherd is driving sheep into a field.

  14. share 1.She shares a house with three other students. 2. We shared the pizza between the four of us. 3. John had no brothers or sisters and wasn’t used to sharing. 4. They shared a common interest in music. 5. Men often don’t like to share their problems. 6. Would you like to share your experience with the rest of the group? n. 1. How much was your share of the winnings? 2. I’m looking for a flat share.

  15. stand 1. Stand still while I take your photo. 2. We all stood around in the corridor waiting. 3. After the earthquake, only a few houses were left standing. 4. The house stood empty for a long time. 5. I can’t stand sitting and doing nothing. 6. She can’t stand that hot weather. 7. I can’t stand that woman. She always talk evils about others.

  16. serve 1. Breakfast is served between 7 and 10 a.m. 2. They served a wonderful meal to more than fifty guests. 3. How can we best serve the needs of future generations? 4. The sofa will serve as a bed for a night or two. 5. The judge said the punishment would serve as a warning to others. service n. public services 公共服务事业

  17. offer 1. He offered 4,000 dollars for the car. 2. They decided to offer the job to Kate. 3. Taylor offered him 500 dollars to do the work. n. 1. Thank you for your kind offer of help. 2. They’ve decided to accept our offer. 3. This special offer is valid until the end of the month.

  18. English Afternoon Tea scone:烤饼 specialty:特性  Smoked salmon烟熏鲑鱼 sliced bacon 烟熏腌制肋条肉片 mayonnaise:蛋黄酱 in advance 提前

  19. Supplemental reading British tea An English Afternoon Tea is a very special treat to prepare for your family and friends.  Tea is usually taken between 3 and  5 o’clock. This tradition is still kept up in all the fine Hotels in Britain and in little Tearooms all around the country, especially in Devon where the scones are a specialty.  In London, this is still a big event and one has to book well in advance(提前) for this. You start with a selection of very thin sandwiches, like thinly sliced cucumber, smoked salmon and egg mayonnaise and sandwiches. This is followed by scones with strawberry jam and cream and a selection of cakes. Tea with cold milk or slices of lemon is served with this.

  20. tea chest with tea bags Tea pots and cups tea strainer loose leaf tea electric kettle Tea sets and fine bone china

  21. Testing 1.Don’t put the piano in the bedroom. It will take ____ too much space. • up B. over C. back D. on 2. I love to watch soap opera, while my husband always switches ____sports. • on B. off C. over D. over to 3. The police were about to fall asleep when the alarm suddenly ____. • went off B. took off C. get off D. put off 4. We can easily get ____ if we do the same job all the time. • bored B. boring C. relaxed D. relaxing 5. Next year my little sister ___ ten years old. • is to be B. is going to be C. is about to D. will be

  22. Your homework:(网上答题) 6. E-mail, as well as telephone, ____ an important part in daily communication. A. is playing B. have played C. are playing D. play 7. There ____ an English evening next Saturday. A. is to be B. is going to be C. is about to D. will be 8. His father died and ____ him a lot of money. A. gave B. left C. sent D. offered

  23. That’s all for today, and see you next time!

  24. P21 ADAAD P22 ???