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Welcome to Skyline College

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Welcome to Skyline College. What College Can Give You. Advanced English Skills (academic and business language) Certificates and Degrees Education  better job A model for your kids. ESL at Skyline College. ESL at Skyline is called ESOL – E nglish for S peakers of O ther L anguages

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what college can give you
What College Can Give You
  • Advanced English Skills (academic and business language)
  • Certificates and Degrees
  • Education  better job
  • A model for your kids
esl at skyline college
ESL at Skyline College
  • ESL at Skyline is called ESOL – English for Speakers of Other Languages
    • 5 levels of classes
    • ESOL computer lab
    • Day & Evening classes
    • Academic (college) English
    • Workplace English
esl at skyline college1
ESL at Skyline College
  • More than 70% of Skyline College students speak more than one language
    • We like our diversity!
    • Second-language speakers are supported and treated well here.
about college
About College
  • College classes are measured in units.

Math 111 3.0 unitsPhys 210 4.0 unitsBiol 410 5.0 unitsEsol 840 6.0 units

  • Most 3-unit classes are 3 hours per week. Most 4-unit classes are 4 hours per week, etc.
  • A counselor helps you get the right classes for the right number of units.
about college certificate vs degree
About College – Certificate vs. Degree


Certificated programs are usually shorter in length and typically focus on preparing students for entry level positions in a specific occupation or area of employment.

A certificate can take 6 months to 2 years, depending on your schedule.

about college certificate vs degree1
About College – Certificate vs. Degree

Associates Degrees

Associate Degrees are awarded by Skyline College after the completion of 60 units.

Requirements include completion of general education requirements, major, and if applicable, additional elective courses.

An Associate Degree can take anywhere from 2 years to 4 years, depending on your schedule.

the pyramid of u s education
The Pyramid of U.S. Education
  • The system of education is different in the U.S. than it is in other countries
    • Handout: Levels of American education
  • Do you have a degree from your country?
    • Get your transcript from your university
    • Get it translated and evaluated
about college1
About College
  • College classes are different from adult school classes.
    • College classes are for credit. Adult school classes are not for credit.
      • Credit means
        • the class is a college-level class
        • the class can be part of a degree
        • you may receive a grade for the class: A, B, C, D, or F
    • You must attend 90% of college classes.
      • You cannot miss more than 2 weeks out of 18.
      • If you miss more than 2 weeks, you can be dropped from the class, or you won’t be allowed to get a grade.
    • You will get a lot of homework every day you have class, so you have to find time to study outside of class.
      • For every hour of class per week, expect 1 hour of homework.
      • We have a library and a learning center for you!
about college2
About College
  • College classes are different from adult school classes.
    • You have to pay for classes. You pay per unit.
      • Each class costs $36 per unit. 3.0 units = $108
      • There are also other college fees (health care center, etc.)
      • You can get Financial Aid (government $$) to pay for college.
  • You must buy your own books.
      • You can get help to pay for books!
      • Many teachers put books in the library for you to borrow if you cannot afford them.
      • Skyline also has a textbook rental program!
how do i pay for college
How do I pay for college?
  • In the U.S., education is expensive.
  • Most students ask for money for school. This is called financial aid.
    • Government grants (don’t pay back)
    • Scholarships and awards (don’t pay back)
    • Government loans (must pay back)
  • Money is available for college!
    • You must apply to get it
    • The English Language Institute (ELI) can help you apply…come in and ask!
who can go to college
Who can go to college?
  • AB540 (in California high school for 3 years)
  • Some visa-holders (F-1, H1B, etc.)
  • Permanent Residents (Green Card or Citizen)
    • In California 1 year + 1 day = regular fees
    • In California less than 1 year + 1 day = out-of-state fees (higher)
      • We can find ways to help you pay for college
      • We have services to help you with books, child care, etc.
  • Undocumented (no green card, no visa, etc.)
    • You will pay out-of-state resident fees
    • Non California Resident Fee: $199.00 per unit + $26 enrollment fee
the english language institute
The English Language Institute
  • Counseling for ESL students
    • explains the 5 levels of ESOL classes
    • helps you register for classes
    • answers your questions
    • helps you find money for college
the english language institute1
The English Language Institute
  • Workplace ESOL classes
    • ESL for the Workplace
    • ESL for Child Care Providers
    • (coming soon) ESL for Health Care
the english language institute2
The English Language Institute
  • Workshops
    • Careers at Skyline College
    • How to transfer to a university
    • How to apply for financial aid
    • How to write your resume
    • Conversation skills
    • Workplace skills
financial services coaching
Financial Services & Coaching
  • Lower your debt and increase your credit score
  • Improve your savings
  • Get help opening a bank account
  • Learn to budget your money
jobs and careers
Jobs and Careers
  • Get started on a path to a career
    • Apply to Career/Technical Education programs
    • Earn a certificate or a degree
    • Learn how to interview and write a resume
food pantry
Food Pantry
  • Families and individuals who need food can get it. You do not need to be a student.
  • Open 3 days a week by appointment
  • We can provide immediate food