welcome to blinn college n.
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Welcome to Blinn College! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Blinn College!

Welcome to Blinn College!

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Welcome to Blinn College!

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  1. Welcome to Blinn College! It is my pleasure to be a part of your journey to academic success. Please feel free to call or e-mail me if you have any questions about this course. Mrs. Childers

  2. Reading 0306Fall 2009 Mrs. Essie Childers Instructor

  3. Who Am I? • I beginning by third year at Blinn College • I have over 21 years of teaching experience. • I taught the last 4 years at Tyler Junior College. • I have taught at Austin Community and Oklahoma City Community College

  4. Who Am I, cont. • I am married, 3 children, 2 grandchildren • I love to travel, read, cook, and watch old movies on Turner Classic Network • I speak at Professional Conferences and ladies church groups. • I have done missionary work in Africa.

  5. Educational Background • Masters of Education in Reading-The University of Texas at Tyler-Certified Reading Specialist • Abilene Christian University, Bachelors of Science in Education • High School-Longview Texas-Lobos

  6. Who are you? • As I call your name, come forward to sign the attendance sheet. • Tell us your Major and hometown. • Read and answer the question on your card.

  7. What is this Course About? READ 0306 is designed to prepare students to read college texts. Emphasis is placed on learning and applying study-reading strategies essential to success in academic courses. The course offers a multimedia learning experience as well as whole group and small group interactive instruction.

  8. Course Objectives • Identifying the main ideas in a reading materials • Identify supporting ideas in reading material • Apply critical reading skills and strategies in a variety of reading materials • Apply study reading strategies to a variety of reading materials

  9. Required Textbook Maher, Peter and Rita McCarthy. The Artof Critical Reading, Boston: McGraw Hill, 2007.

  10. Tentative Test Schedule • Test 1 – September 18th • Test 2 – October 9th • Test 3 – October 30th • Test 4 – November 20th • Test 5 – December 11th (Final Exam)

  11. Do you drop any grades? • I do not drop any grades. • Your can receive bonus points to apply toward your test. See “Bonus Fifty” in your Syllabus.

  12. Regular Assignments • Readings (in class and online) • Entry Journals • Group Activities • Novel Project • Student Presentations

  13. How do you grade? • Major Tests-500 Points • Participation-200 Points • Entry Journals-100 Points • Novel Project-200 Points • Total Points 1,000

  14. Blinn College Policies • Disabilities Accommodations • Incomplete Grade • W/WF/WP Grade • Scholastic Dishonesty • Civility in the Classroom • Mandatory Attendance Policy • Electronic Devices

  15. Absences • Students are expected to attend all classes • Three tardies=1 absence • Students who acquire more than two weeks of absences will be dropped. • Absent from lab=½ absence • Please read your Syllabus. You will have a quiz soon.

  16. ~You Have Mail~ On the final exam last semester, my EDUC students were asked to write a letter to new students or to students transferring to the college. Here are some of their comments taken directly from their letters that can be helpful to students in any course.

  17. You Have Mail, cont’d. • I know that starting college can be scary, but just relax and everything will come into place. My first semester I had EDUC. I am glad I took EDUC 1300 because it showed me how to manage my time. I also learned how to really study for a test. ~Shelley~

  18. You Have Mail, cont’d. • I have learned that no matter how difficult a class is, you must always try your hardest. Also, it is very important to show up for class. I don’t mean just attend, you have to come prepared and ready to learn. Next semester I plan to be more involved in campus activities. It is a better way to meet people. ~Autumn~

  19. You Have Mail, cont’d. • I am writing this letter to you in order to tell you what I learned from this class. First, Mrs. Childers is a fabulous teacher. You will discover a lot of things in this class. I learned to go to class, be on time, and read your assignments before you come to class. Planning will change your habits. You also learn how to spend your money wisely when you are a student ~Priscilla~

  20. Success Secrets… • Daily Calendar (Syllabus) • Attendance/Participation • Class Contact List