Chapter 3
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Chapter 3. The Visual Basic Editor. Important Features of the VBE. Alt-F11 will open the Visual Basic Editor. The Code window is to the right, Project Explorer window and the Properties window.

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The Visual Basic Editor

Important features of the vbe
Important Features of the VBE

  • Alt-F11 will open the Visual Basic Editor.

  • The Code window is to the right, Project Explorer window and the Properties window.

  • Project Explorer displays a list of all open projects. Doubling-clicking on a particular sheet will open up the appropriate code window .

  • Below a given project, the Project Explorer window shows its “elements”.

    • These include an element called ThisWorkbook, and any modules (VBA code), user forms (for dialog boxes), or references associated with the project.

  • The Properties window lists a set of properties for the selected object.

    • For example, the Sheet object has twelve properties listed.

  • The VBE has three very useful toolbars: the Standard, Edit, and Debug toolbars.

  • Standard tool bar-run, pause, or stop a program you have written.

    • Also, allows you to display the Project or Properties windows if hidden. You can also display the Object Browser and the Control Toolbox.

  • Editing toolbar allows indenting or outdenting, comment or uncomment blocks of code in addition to the usual editing features of copy, paste, clear, cut, find, replace to mention a few.

  • Debug toolbar allows you to track down errors in you program code that are not apparent.

  • Other useful menu items include Insert/Module and Insert/UserForm.

The object browser
The Object Browser

  • Contains a list of object model libraries.

  • The Excel and VBA libraries will be of the most importance.

  • The Excel library provides help on all of the objects , their properties and methods in the Excel object model.

  • The VBA library provides help on the VBA elements that are common to all applications that can use VBA: Excel, Access, Word, Powerpoint to name a few.

  • A property is denoted by a hand icon and a method is denoted by a green rectangular icon.

  • You can receive help by clicking on the question mark icon.

Immediate and watch windows
Immediate and Watch Windows

  • Immediate window can enter one-line VBA commands.

    • Press Enter and the command takes effect immediately.

    • Precede the command by a question mark and you will get an immediate answer to a question.

    • Debug.Print followed by something to be printed to the Immediate window. You can use this to check the output at various points in the program.

  • Watch window is used for debugging. Programs have several variables that change values over time.

  • If the program is not running properly, you can put a watch on one or more key variables to see how they change as the program progresses

A first program
A First Program

  • Open the file

  • Get into the VBE (Alt+F11)

  • Add a module

  • Start a Sub

  • Type the code

  • Run the program from the VBE

  • Run the program with a button

  • Save the file