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Wild Stuff. Extended ACL. General ACL. Standard ACL. Got the Right Number?. 100. 100. 100. 100. 100. 200. 200. 200. 200. 200. 300. 300. 300. 300. 300. 400. 400. 400. 400. 400. 500. 500. 500. 500. 500. Semester 3. ACL. JEOPARDY. Access Control List REVIEW.

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Wild Stuff







Got the Right



























semester 3

Semester 3



Access Control List REVIEW

wild stuff 100
Wild Stuff100

What a binary 1 means in a wildcard

A: What is Ignore that bit?

wild stuff 300
Wild Stuff300

Decimal value used when you want to match the first four digits but ignore the last four in an octet

A: What is 15 (00001111)?

wild stuff 200
Wild Stuff200

The number used to permit an entire class C network

A: What is 255 or

wild stuff 400
Wild Stuff400

Another term used by Cisco for a Wildcard

A: What is an Inverse Mask?

wild stuff 500
Wild Stuff500

Wildcard mask required to block or permit an entire class B network

A: What is

extended acl 100
Extended ACL100

What gt means in an extended ACL

A: What is greater than?

extended acl 200
Extended ACL200

Extended ACL should always be placed here.

A: Where is closest to the Source?

extended acl 300
Extended ACL300

The command used to apply an IP extended ACL.

A: What is IP access-group 100 (thru199) in (or out)?

extended acl 400
Extended ACL400

Extended ACLs can filter traffic based on four things

A: What is the source IP, destination IP, protocol and port#?

extended acl 500
Extended ACL500

What the following ACL does:

access-list 125 permit TCP host eq 23

A: What is permits telnet traffic from host to any host on network and denies all other traffic (remember the implicit deny all at the end of all ACLs)?

general acl 100
General ACL100

What ACL do to packets.

A: What is Filter?

general acl 200
General ACL200

The flow of packets through an interface can be controlled in two directions.

A: What is In and Out?

general acl 300
General ACL300

The last statement of every ACL

A: What is a an implicit deny all?

general acl 400
General ACL400

New lines added to an ACL will be placed here.

A: What is at the end of the ACL?

general acl 500
General ACL500

An ACL that is not referred to by number.

A: What is a named ACL?

standard acl 100
Standard ACL100

Standard ACLs filter traffic based on this address.

A: What is the Source IP Address?

standard acl 200
Standard ACL200

Standard ACL should always be placed on this router.

A: What is the router closest to the destination?

standard acl 300
Standard ACL300

The word that can replace in an ACL

A: What is Any?

standard acl 400
Standard ACL400

What this ACL does

access-list 24 permit

A: What is permits host access and denies all other traffic (remember the implicit deny all is the last statement. How the ACL is applied determines whether the traffic is filtered coming in our out of the router)?

standard acl 500
Standard ACL500

What the following ACL does:

access-list 95 permit

A: What is permit the following range of IP addresses, through, to be forwarded and denies all other traffic.?

got the right number 100
Got the Right Number?100

An ACL that starts with:

Access-list 25...

A: What is a Standard Access List (1-99)?

got the right number 200
Got the Right Number?200

The range of numbers used in Extended ACL lists.

A: What is 100-199?

got the right number 300
Got the Right Number?300

Has an ACL with a number of 825.

A: What is a StandardIPX access-list?

got the right number 400
Got the Right Number?400

The range of values that can be assigned to an Extended IPX access list.

A: What is 900-999?

got the right number 500
Got the Right Number?500

The ACL number for an IPX SAP Filter

A: What is 1000-1099?