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  2. Pertinent Facts • Phase II Flight Safety Review will be held during the week of May 21-25, 2007 • Phase II will be held at a facility near Johnson Space Center • Facility will be offsite, but will still require a level of registration, not as difficult as NASA badging. • Letter will be sent with registration requirements in advance of meeting once building and current requirements understood. AMS-02 Phase II Safety Review

  3. Phase II Safety Review • Meeting is conducted by the Payload Safety Review Panel and chaired by their Chairman. • The purpose of the meeting is to audit our compliance with relevant requirements. • We will present design and operations to the PSRP. • We will present hazard reports and support technical information • PSRP will interrupt with questions frequently. AMS-02 Phase II Safety Review

  4. Phase II Safety Review • Focus will be on safety related systems and not the science of the mission. • PSRP will be interested in hearing about science, but that is not their focus. • We must be prepared to talk about the hazardous systems that we’ve identified in the Phase II safety data package. • Mission success is often discussed but in context of the maintenance that is required to attain it. • We are not using maintenance in their context with the AMS-02. AMS-02 Phase II Safety Review

  5. Participants • PSRP will have representation from many disciplines and organizations • Shuttle Program • ISS Program • Engineering • Operations • Astronaut Office • Life Sciences • Shuttle Integration • ISS Integration • Safety Mission Assurance Office • Others as they desire. AMS-02 Phase II Safety Review

  6. Participants • AMS-02 • Notations on primary focus are the best estimate that can be anticipated. We need to be prepared to discuss any aspect of the hardware • Subsystem Representation (with leading engineers) • TRD – S. Schael, K. Luebelsmeyer • Materials, Construction, High Voltages, Pressure System will be primary safety focus. • TRD Gas System – T. Siedenburg, U. Becker, (K. Luebelsmeyer) • Pressure systems, heaters and Radioactive Materials will be primary safety focus. • TOF – F. Palmonari, G. Laurenti, G. Castellini • PMTs, High Voltages and Construction will be primary focus. • ACC – T. Kirn • PMTs, High Voltage, and Construction will be primary focus. AMS-02 Phase II Safety Review

  7. Participants • AMS-02 • Tracker – R. Battiston, G. Ambrosi, E. Perrin • Construction, Venting will be primary focus. • Tracker Alignment System – W. Wallraff • Laser Energy Analysis and Laser Containment will be primary focus • Tracker Thermal Control System – J. Van Es, Z. He • Pressure Systems and Heaters will be primary safety focus • RICH – G. Laurenti, J. Berdugo, C. Diaz • Materials, Fragile Materials, PMTs, High Voltages will be primary safety focus. • ECAL – F. Cervelli, M. Incagli, F. Cadoux • Construction, PMTs, High Voltages will be primary focus. AMS-02 Phase II Safety Review

  8. Participants • AMS-02 • Electronics – M Capell, A. Lebedev, S. Alia • Primary safety focus will be on Power Distribution, Wire Sizing and Fusing and Control • CAB – G. Munoz, H. Cuesta • Magnet charge/Discharge/Quench control will be primary safety topics • UPS – T. Urban • Batteries and the safety use of them will be a significant topic at the safety review • Thermal – J. Burger, M. Molina • Construction, Pressure Systems and Heaters will be a primary safety focus • Passive Thermal Control (blankets, etc.) – J. Cornwell, C. Clark • Materials, Construction, Attachment will be primary safety focus AMS-02 Phase II Safety Review

  9. Participants • AMS-02 • Cryomagnet – S. Harrison, R. Stafford-Allen, M. Gallilee • Magnet/Magnetic Fields • Superfluid Helium Tank • Superfluid Helium Plumbing • Power Management of Magnet • Structure of Magnet • Warm Helium Gas Supply • Vacuum Case – P. Mott • Straps – C. Tutt AMS-02 Phase II Safety Review

  10. Participants • AMS-02 • Star Tracker – P. Trampus • Cryocooler – K. Banks • Integration – R. Becker, C. Gargiulo • USS-02 – K. Nguyen • PAS – J. Kastelic • DDRS-02 – P. Dennett • Materials – C. Chang • Operations – T. Urban, P. Nemeth • EVA Interfaces – T. Urban, D. Nguyen • SAFETY – L. Hill AMS-02 Phase II Safety Review

  11. Participants • And most assuredly we need: • Professor S. C. C. Ting • Steve Porter • Trent Martin AMS-02 Phase II Safety Review

  12. Agenda and Presentation • An Agenda will be prepared in advance to organize our presentations. • Will evolve as we move forward, draft agenda is in work. • Two days are anticipated for technical presentations, and three days for hazard reports and discussion. • Rehearsal at CERN TIM in April • Will send out presentation outline by end of January • Presentations will have to focus on design, construction and function to educate the PSRP on the hardware and operations. • Presentations will be coordinated for content for content and timing prior to meeting. AMS-02 Phase II Safety Review

  13. Presentations • Keep presentations direct and with graphics intended for discussing the topic and up to date • Assume PSRP knows nothing about the payload and system, as if they have not read the safety data package. • The PSRP Reviews well in excess of 200 payloads in a year, they will always try and draw corollaries between what we say and what they’ve heard before. • The questions you may hear may seem out of context and silly, but there is likely a lot of history as to why it was asked, it probably means we didn’t explain something as fully as we thought. We answer and move on. AMS-02 Phase II Safety Review

  14. Presentations and Backup • We need to balance the depth of data in the presentation with additional data that we can carry with us and have ready to display on need. • We will wait for the need and not volunteer extra data without call, that can become a trap too of going down the wrong road on topics. • Even with five days, we have a lot of information to get through AMS-02 Phase II Safety Review

  15. Success Notes • Presentations should be clear and easily read. • Cute backgrounds and animations make fine selling points, but we need to focus on getting the information clear and transferred easily. • Small type and colors with low visibility/contrast should be avoided. • Safety Panel has acronyms from two major program and dozens of smaller projects in their heads, we need to keep our acronyms and abbreviations well defined. • Mind your borders and keep relevant data back from them, projectors can’t always be trusted to be aligned. AMS-02 Phase II Safety Review

  16. Success Notes • Our Data needs to be up to date. • Late changes should be presented clearly, but should also be coordinated with Safety Engineer in advance. • Closed verifications are good things to bring to add to for this meeting. • Discussions should be in whispers before we take it before the PSRP • Better yet, take them outside of the meeting room, the microphone system picks up whispers some of the rooms. • There will likely be PSRP members that are participating by telecon, we need to have presentations ready in advance so that they have a copy. AMS-02 Phase II Safety Review

  17. Expectations of the Meeting • Expected to happen • Plenty of discussion • Misunderstanding • Revisions to our paper • Signed hazard reports • Action items. • Not expected or at least not hoped for • Design changes • Additional testing and Analysis • Don’t make the presenter look bad by contradicting them AMS-02 Phase II Safety Review