nazi consolidation of power n.
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Nazi Consolidation of Power? PowerPoint Presentation
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Nazi Consolidation of Power?

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Nazi Consolidation of Power? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nazi Consolidation of Power?. Creating an Iron Grip. Techniques Used. Propaganda and Indoctrination Nazification of Government Creating a Police State Terror. Propaganda and Indoctrination. Joseph Goebbels Ministry for People’s Enlightenment and Propaganda Set up in 1933

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Nazi Consolidation of Power?

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nazi consolidation of power

Nazi Consolidation of Power?

Creating an Iron Grip

techniques used
Techniques Used
  • Propaganda and Indoctrination
  • Nazification of Government
  • Creating a Police State
  • Terror
propaganda and indoctrination
Propaganda and Indoctrination
  • Joseph Goebbels
  • Ministry for People’s Enlightenment and Propaganda
    • Set up in 1933
      • List the chambers that it was responsible for (page 44)
      • Look at Source B page 44
        • Summarise what Goebbels thought his job was for
    • ‘Undesirable Ideas’
      • Page 45 refers to Ministry trying to stop the spread of undesirable ideas. Give examples of what these could have been.
    • Copy Source E on page 45
      • Why is it such an odd statement to make?
nazification of government
Nazification of Government
  • Nazi Party officials were put into key positions in government and the Civil Service.
    • Give examples of Ministries affected (page 46/7)
  • They usually promoted Nazi Party members before others
  • They set up groups that promoted Nazi ideas.
    • Give examples page 49
creating a police state
Creating a Police State
  • ‘Protective Custody’
    • This was set up after the Reichstag Fire. What was it? what power did it give the Nazis?
  • Nazification of the Legal System
    • Why did the Nazis create a ‘People’s Court’ in 1934 (page 47)
    • Copy Source I page 46. Why is it such a disturbing statement.
  • SS (Schutzstaffel) and the Gestapo
    • Originally Hitler’s bodyguard,
    • what 3 jobs did it take over in Germany from 1934 on. (page 46)
    • Source G page 46 tells us the job of the Gestapo. Summarise its function
  • The SS and Gestapo were not constrained by the law.
    • In the 1930s, what did they do with most opponents to their regime. Page 47
    • List some groups of opponents
    • Copy Source J page 47
    • In the 1930s they still kept most of their violence behind closed doors. Why?
      • List the one exception to this rule.
the master race
The Master Race?
  • What was meant by an Aryan Master Race? Page 52
  • Why did the Nazis talk of “Pure Blood”
    • Sources A and B page 52
  • What were the SS Race Farms designed to do?
  • What was eugenics and why was it taught in schools?
    • Page 53
  • What races did the Nazis consider as inferior and therefore likely to corrupt Aryan Blood?
  • Explain the main features of the three stages of Jewish Persecution pages 54/55
    • 1933 – 1938 The Denial of Civil Rights
    • 1938 – 1941 Acceleration of Persecution
    • 1941 – 1945 The Holocaust
acceleration of persecution1
Acceleration of Persecution
  • What were Ghettoes?
  • What were Einsatzgruppen?
  • What was the difference between a Concentration Camp and a Death Camp?
  • Other than Jews, which other groups were sent to Concentration and Death Camps?
    • Why were these groups victimised?
  • Who manned the Concentration and Death Camps?
  • What resources were diverted by the Nazis to exterminate Jews and the other groups?