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Helping pupils

Helping pupils. Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success (Henry Ford). Tom Robson TRedu. HOPE. elping. ther. ossibilities. merge. Forget Everything And Run. Watch your thoughts, They become words, Watch your words,

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Helping pupils

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  1. Helping pupils Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success (Henry Ford) TRedu (c) Tom Robson TRedu

  2. HOPE elping ther ossibilities merge Forget Everything And Run TRedu (c)

  3. Watch your thoughts, They become words, Watch your words, They become actions, Watch your actions, They become habits, Watch your habits, They become character, Watch your character, It becomes your destiny Making learningIrresistible Tom Robson TRedu (c)

  4. Something to keep in mind Training days often give us the solutions to problems already solved, collaboration between schools often solves problems that have never been solved before TRedu (c)

  5. Collaboration, it turns out, is not a gift from the gods but a skill that requires effort and practice.” Douglas B. Reeves, Transforming Professional Development Into Student Results TRedu (c)

  6. education What does it mean to you TRedu (c)

  7. Definitions • Derived from the Latin word educowhich translates to • I lead forth, • I take out, • I raise up TRedu (c)

  8. With this definition in mind…. Should our planning not cover the curriculum but uncover it? TRedu (c)

  9. TRedu (c)

  10. Who are you? What label do you display? What labels do you put on others? TRedu (c)

  11. What do we want? • If we want pupils to be successful, responsible and confident learners they need to come across inspirational teachers • Our expectations need to be high enough to allow the learners to take more responsibility for their own learning • We need to believe that deep learning is better than coverage TRedu (c)

  12. What about us? Our pupils need to • Be challenged and get it wrong…….and then get over it! • Work collaboratively so they can influence each other • Recognise when they have a problems and take responsibility for dealing with it TRedu (c)

  13. What do inspirational teachers do? TRedu (c)

  14. Breath life into our children • The teachers we remember are the ones that leaves some of their breath inside us TRedu (c)

  15. Talk about what you want Model what you want TRedu (c)

  16. When were you last motivated ? When did you last motivate someone ? TRedu (c)

  17. When were you last inspired? When did you last inspire someone? TRedu (c)

  18. Where do you get yours from? TRedu (c)

  19. What do the following words mean • Values • Attitudes • habits TRedu (c)

  20. The language of learning A game of words TRedu (c)

  21. Think of something that you have achieved..... Now consider how you achieved it..... TRedu (c)

  22. Effort; support from others; perseverance; determination; risk-taking; having a go; enjoying the process; patience; coping with obstacles; practice; planning; persistence; encouragement; self-belief; trying a different approach; positive self-talk; advice; interest in it; thinking about times I have achieved difficult things before; imagining myself doing it; proving others wrong; constructive feedback; breaking it down into small steps; having a vision Luck; chance; faith; realism Natural ability; intelligence; aptitude; gift; talent How do your responses compare with these? Taken from the work of Barry Hymer 2009 TRedu (c)

  23. …’overcoming difficulty’ TRedu (c)

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