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Solutions for Cell Phones PowerPoint Presentation
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Solutions for Cell Phones

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Solutions for Cell Phones
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Solutions for Cell Phones

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  1. Solutions for Cell Phones Distributor: 피앤에스반도체 02-2108-5131~9

  2. Signal Path Conditioning and Logic Solutions Analog Switches TinyLogicTM Products Logic-Level Translators Audio Amplifiers and Power Amp Controllers Translators and USB Solutions

  3. Base Flip Analog Sw Dual FSA4157 AMP Buffers 74LCX24* Spec. Function Ie. Docking Ring Camera uSerDes uSerDes Analog Switch for USB-FSUSB11 uProcessor Display GPU Hinge USB T/Rx USB Port Analog Sw FSA4157 TinyLogic NC7SV19 Translators FXLP Power Mgmt Memory Signal Path Conditioning and Logic SolutionsCell Phone Diagram Logic-Level Translators • FXL Series eliminates need for preferential power-up sequencing • Industry's lowest operating voltage translators (1.1V) • Industry's smallest packages DQFN / MLP and MicropakTM • 1-bit, 2-bit, 4-bit ,and 8-bit translators • Provides space-minimized flexibility to ultra-portable designers. DQFN Leadless Packaging for 4-6-8 Bit Logic • 75 % smaller than TSSOP packaging • Visible, coplanar terminals for high PC board insertion yield USB Transceivers • Removes ESD, translation, analog switch, and resistor devices • Industry’s smallest 1.1 and 2.0 transceivers • Reduced signal count interface (5 down to 3 pins to BB/ASIC) Analog Switches • Smallest package with low RON performance • Excellent ESD, THD, and bandwidth • Options to cover all cell phone switching functions TinyLogic • Industry’s lowest power (CPD = 6pF, 0.9uA), high performance (4 ns @2.5V) family ULP • Industry's highest performance TinyLogic, ULP-A (1.2ns @2.5V) • Industry's lowest guaranteed operating voltage families ULP, ULP-A: 0.9 V to 3.6 V • Industry's broadest portfolio, over 120 functions in 5 performance classes • Industry's smallest molded packages (MicroPak 6, 8, 10 lead)

  4. Signal Path Conditioning and Logic Solutions Small, Efficient Packaging Our packages are not just small, but manufacturable. MicroPakTM was developed after consulting with customer manufacturing engineers.

  5. Analog Switches Advantages • Low ON Resistance and Total Harmonic Distortion to maintain high fidelity • Available in some of the smallest packages possible (MicroPakTM and SC70)

  6. 1Ohm Analog SwitchesThe Industry’s Next Standard for Ultra-Portable Designs FSA4157 Single SPDT FSA1156 Single SPST (NO) FSA1157 Single SPST (NC) FSA1256 Dual SPST (NO) FSA1257 Dual SPST (NC) FSA1258 Dual SPST (NO/NC) FSA2257 Dual SPDT • Featuring … • 1.0 or lower Ohm ON resistance (RON) • Compared to 5.0 Ohms for current standards. • Lower RON reduces the power necessary to drive a speaker. • ON resistance flatness (RFLAT) of 0.2 Ohms • Compared to 6.0 Ohms for current standards. • Smaller RON flatness is needed to minimize THD especially for audio systems with very small impedance loads. • 0.002% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) performance • 5x improvement over the 0.011% for current standards. • Lower THD is needed to keep the fidelity or high quality of audio signals • ESD performance of 5500 to 8000V • Well above the 2000V industry standard, providessuperior protection against external transients. • The industry’s smallest standard packages • Pb-free6-lead SC70 and MicroPakTM

  7. Ultra Low Power Battery Life Voltage MicroPakTM 6-Lead SC70 6-Lead Dual Devices in a Single’s Space TinyLogicTM ProductsReducing Power, Size and Costs 23 Functions in the Industry's Smallest 8-Lead US8 Configurable Logic NC7SZ57 TinyLogic 3-Input Gates NC7SZ10

  8. TinyLogicTM ULP Pack more power into your cell phone designs without adding size or lowering battery life with Fairchild’s portfolio of TinyLogic ULP products. • TinyLogic ULP devices consume up to 50% less power than LVC or LCX Single Gates and are ideal for cell phones, where extended battery life is critical. • TinyLogic ULP devices can reduce standby power consumption to only 17% of the digital section’s power, reducing the overall standby power by 3%. • MicroPak shrinks current single gate solutions by over 65%.

  9. TinyLogicTM ULP Product Portfolio With the functions you want, in the package you need, with the voltage, power and speed you're looking for, TinyLogic ULP is the logical answer for your cell phone designs. Note: This is only a partial listing of our TinyLogic products, please visit for a complete listing.

  10. Logic-Level Translators 3 X FXL4245 ( 8 bits in DQFN 24) CPU 1.8V Vcc Panel 8 Bi-directional Channels 8 Bi-directional Channels RGB LCD Panel LCD Panel 3.3V Bus /Control FXLP34 (1-bit in MicroPak) Power Management Uni-directional Channels 1.8V 3.3V Alternative: FXL14245 for Bi-Directional single-bit translation Advantages • Eliminates need for power-up sequencing • Industry's lowest operating voltage translators (1.1V) • Industry’s only 1-Bit, 2-Bit, and 4-Bit translators • Patented Quiet SeriesTM noise/EMI reduction circuitry • Industry's smallest packages: DQFN/MLP and MicroPakTM • Ultra-low dynamic power

  11. DQFN and MLP Packaging DQFN 14 and TSSOP 14 Comparison 75 % Smaller than TSSOP14,16,20 lead 4-bit, 6-bit 8-bit Low Voltage Logic in Ultra Portables– LCX, VCX, and FXL Logic Level Translators

  12. DQFN Packaged Logic for Portables Introduction Plan Additional functions in DQFN will be introduced. Red indicates first introductions April 04 June 04 CY 04

  13. Audio Amplifiers • Fairchild offers a complete line-up of audio amplifiers specifically designed to save space while delivering superior sound quality for portable devices, such as cell phones.

  14. Audio Amplifiers Competitive Comparison

  15. High-Speed Amplifiers Fairchild’s low cost, low power voltage feedback amplifiers offer superior rail-to-rail performance and tiny package options—making the devices ideal for cell phone applications.

  16. High-Speed Amplifiers Product Portfolio *-40 to +125C

  17. USB Solutions • USB Transceivers • Fairchild’s full/low speed USB transceivers offer the cell phone industry the most common USB interfaces in ultra-small packages. • Removes ESD, translation, analog switch, and resistor devices • Industry’s smallest 1.1 and 2.0 transceivers • Reduced signal count interface (5 down to 3 pins to BB/ASIC)

  18. RF SolutionsPower Amplifiers • Fairchild’s family of power amplifier modules (PAMs) is designed to increase signal power, and meet the requirements of popular cellular bands such as CDMA, W-CDMA, US-PCS, and Korean CDMA and PCS. Advantages • Single positive-supply operation with low power and shutdown modes • Compact LCC packages • 38-40% CDMA efficiency at +28 dBm output power