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EarthLink TechCare July 2013 Enhancements Pricing Simplification & Flexible Plan Options PowerPoint Presentation
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EarthLink TechCare July 2013 Enhancements Pricing Simplification & Flexible Plan Options

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EarthLink TechCare July 2013 Enhancements Pricing Simplification & Flexible Plan Options - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EarthLink TechCare July 2013 Enhancements Pricing Simplification & Flexible Plan Options. Enhancements. Pricing Table Simplification One price point – remove headaches of choosing & changing tiers Per Incident Price Plans Flat rate pricing per incident – not per user

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Presentation Transcript

EarthLink TechCare

July 2013 Enhancements

Pricing Simplification &

Flexible Plan Options

  • Pricing Table Simplification
    • One price point – remove headaches of choosing & changing tiers
  • Per Incident Price Plans
    • Flat rate pricing per incident – not per user
  • Level 2 - Direct plans
    • For sophisticated user base – skip level 1
  • Dedicated Analyst Plans
    • Full Time Equivalents – dedicated to your business
current earthlink techcare nrc prices
Current EarthLink TechCare: NRC Prices

New EarthLink TechCare: NRC Prices*

*NRC same for all pricing plan options

per incident pricing plans
Per Incident: Pricing Plans
  • Ideal for customers that are unsure how many of their end users will call the Help Desk.
  • Pay for what you use at a predetermined flat rate pricing per incident – not per user
  • A less expensive option than standard pricing if less than 80% of end-users call once per month
direct to level 2 pricing plans
Direct to Level 2: Pricing Plans
  • Ideal for customers that have sophisticated end users that don’t need Level 1 support
  • All incoming calls go directly to a Level 2 Analyst

Level 2 Direct: EarthLink TechCare Price

dedicated analyst pricing plan
Dedicated Analyst Pricing Plan
  • Full Time Equivalents – dedicated to your business only.
  • Analysts become “true” experts you unique IT environment, can be quickly trained in new technology as implemented
  • Deeper understanding of your business and better equipped to serve your end users
  • End users able to establish relationships and higher comfort levels with Analysts
  • Supplement with Per Incident plan to handle overflow, and off-hours
dedicated analyst earthlink techcare price
Dedicated Analyst: EarthLink TechCare Price

*Analyst must be provisioned in whole numbers


EarthLink TechCare

Understanding the Target Customers

Pain Points

typical business challenges
Typical Business Challenges
  • How do I reduce IT operating expenses, without sacrificing services?
  • How do I affordably support all my end-users technology challenges on a 24/7 basis?
  • How do I support the technology challenges of my most demanding customers, our senior executives?
  • How do I keep my mobile workers better connected to our systems?
  • How do I get my limited IT staff refocused on strategic revenue generating initiatives?
  • How do I reduce turnover of my valued IT staff?
  • How do I keep IT costs at a consistent predictable rate?
business trends support virtualization
Business Trends Support Virtualization

Dedicating Resources to the Value-Add…

“IT can no longer ignore the increasing clamor of requests to provide access to corporate resources from smartphones, tablets and other consumer-owned devices.”

- Global Leader of Workplace Enablement Services, Accenture

“It’s generally accepted that ongoing IT operations consume 80% or more of IT staff time leaving, no more than 20% of time for value-add project work. This fact has always frustrated IT executives as well as their business peers who continue to have more and growing demands.”

- Five Top Issues facing CIOs in 2012

a solution to these challenges
A Solution to These Challenges:

Outsourcing solutions represent a very attractive solution for businesses of all sizes.

“With IT budgets relatively flat at most companies, and with competitors fighting for every scrap of business, CIOs can no longer afford to spend 70% to 80% of their precious funds supporting and maintaining existing systems. They must shift, permanently, a big chunk of their budgets into growth initiatives--IT projects and programs that open new markets and drive new business rather than just maintain the status quo.”

- Information Week

our managed help desk solution
Our Managed Help Desk Solution

EarthLink TechCare:

Delivers a customized world class IT care experience for your end-users that maximizes their productivity from the office, at home or on the road. This service is fully integrated into your unique IT environment and our North America-based certified professionals seamlessly resolve your end-users technology challenges, enabling you to refocus your internal IT resources to more strategic initiatives or add IT support without adding IT resources.


EarthLink TechCare

Targeting Prospects

Positioning the Service

& Key Selling Points

identify earthlink techcare opportunities
Identify EarthLink TechCare Opportunities

Complex technology systems & applications

Limited IT Staff & Operational Budget

assessing needs
Assessing Needs

Reducing IT Operating Expenses

How do you provide end-user help desk support for your employees today?

If you’re providing help desk services on an in-house basis today, you could experience savings of up to 70% with an outsourced solution. No need to dedicate resources or invest in technical training.

How much of your IT staff time is spent on strategic initiatives versus routine maintenance issues?

Most experts agree that nearly 80% of an IT staff time is spent on internal maintenance and support issues, and only 20% on strategic initiatives.

Let EarthLink TechCare help you refocus your IT Staff onto more business building and revenue generating projects.

Want your IT staff to add more value to your company?

assessing needs1
Assessing Needs

In-house Help Desk

How do you provide end-user help desk support 24/7 for your employees today?

Many companies have a high turnover rate in IT staff - attributed to the dissatisfaction less challenging assignments, such as providing routine support and working non-standard shifts

How would your end-users rate their satisfaction with your in-house help desk support?

EarthLink TechCare analysts are knowledgeable, courteous, and diligent customer advocates, empowered to solve issues and deliver a superior customer experience.

Want a more responsive help desk that resolves issues faster?

EarthLink TechCare performance metrics: 70% of calls reach a live person in less than 30 seconds, and 70% of issues resolved on the first call.

assessing needs2
Assessing Needs

VIP and High Demand End-Users

How do you provide VIP support for executives and other highly demanding end-users?

Many IT directors cite supporting key executives as the biggest help desk headache they face. These fast paced executives expect immediate attention and resolution.

What happens when these highly demanding end-users are underserviced?

When they are not satisfied with the support received, they usually hold their IT team accountable.

EarthLink TechCare offers customized VIP support for key executives ensuring they have priority, and special handling

Need a VIP help desk ?

assessing needs3
Assessing Needs

Complex Technology Systems and Applications

Does your help desk deal effectively with complex applications and technology challenges?

Many businesses have deployed complex CRM and other software applications that must integrate with other business applications and systems.

Do you invest training time and resources to keep their skill sets and certifications current?

Help desk personal should be proficient in all software and networking technologies to provide high levels of support.

EarthLink TechCare analysts are fully trained and certified in all areas of help desk support.

Need a more highly trained and certified help desk analyst?

assessing needs4
Assessing Needs

Supporting Mobile & Remote Employees, Telecommuters

How do you support remote & mobile employees, and telecommuters?

Resolving remote internet connectivity and VPN access on corporate and personal devices can be very challenging and time consuming for an internal help desk function

EarthLink TechCare is custom built and we document your IT environment including your networks, devices, printers, partners, applications and peripherals.

How do you support remote peripherals and devices?

EarthLink TechCare knows your unique IT environment which provides us with the intelligence to recognize and resolve your issues faster.

Want a help desk service that is customized?


EarthLink TechCare

Features & Benefits

earthlink techcare features
EarthLink TechCare - Features
  • Fully Outsourced & Managed Solution
    • 70+ Technical Experts Support full range of end-user issues
    • Customized VIP support for key executives
    • No investments in capital, staff or training
    • Best-in-class fully redundant telecommunications systems
    • ITIL best practices – consistent high quality experience
    • On-line reporting, statistics and client satisfaction reports
  • Flexible Service Plans
    • Level 1 service, optional Level 2 services, 24/7 or 9/5 coverage
    • Flat rate per month based on number of end-users supported
    • Flat rate per incident based on actual number of calls answered
    • Direct to Level 2 for sophisticated users that don’t need Level 1 support
    • Dedicated Analyst, full time equivalents dedicated to your business
earthlink techcare
EarthLink TechCare
  • Custom Build
    • You define end user requirements to be supported in your Level 1 and Level 2 service
    • You select from a menu of service components, and add any other unique support elements desired
    • We can support 3rd party and home grown applications
    • We document your IT environment of networks, devices, printers, partners, applications, peripherals, and VIPs
    • We help you define escalation thresholds and processes for third party vendors, and we ensure a seamless handoff for end-users
    • We help you create the process for ticketing standards and defining severity levels
earthlink techcare1
EarthLink TechCare
  • Experienced & Reliable
    • Supporting more than 1,000 businesses
    • Supporting more than 80,000 end users
    • Resolving more than 40,000 inbound incidents a month
    • Mature process – 17 years of experience
    • Supporting all types of businesses - from SMB to Fortune 500
  • Responsive
    • 70% calls reach a live person in less than 30 seconds
    • On average all calls reach a live person in less than 60 seconds
    • 70% issues resolved and closed on the first call
earthlink techcare2
EarthLink TechCare

Our Competitive Advantages:

  • A customized solution fully integrated into your unique IT environment
  • Customized VIP support for key executives ensuring they have priority and special handling
  • Proven and mature process, more than 17 years experience
  • North American based technical experts – an on-shore solution
  • Our technical experts are knowledgeable, courteous and diligent customer advocates empowered to solve issues and deliver a superior customer experience

EarthLink TechCare

Delivers value to your business:

  • Keeping your employees productive in the office, at home and on the road
  • Customized and scalable solution meets your current and future needs
  • Peace of mind from a reliable experienced provider
  • ~ 70% cost savings versus your in-house Help Desk expense
sales tools where to find them
Sales Tools & Where to Find Them
  • EarthLink TechCare Sales Toolkit
  • Quick Guide
  • Customer Facing Presentation
  • Product Collateral
  • Training Presentation
earthlink techcare resources
EarthLink TechCare Resources


  • SEs
  • Peter DiMarco – Sr. ITS Product Manager
  • Kevin Courteau – Sr. Product Marketing Manager, IT Services

EarthLink TechCare

Level 1 & Level 2 Support Items

earthlink techcare3
EarthLink TechCare

Level 1 support: sample list

earthlink techcare4
EarthLink TechCare

Level 2 support includes Level 1 plus issues that require remote

Connection to a server for resolution: sample list