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East Coast Park

East Coast Park

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East Coast Park

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  2. Inline Skating • For that extra dash of thrill, venture into the realm of nightskating! Come join fellow adrenaline junkies as they cruise along the Park Connector Network on their hardy skates in the night. With a terrain suitable for terrain and for skaters for all levels, this activity is a blessing to all who fancy a late-night thrill ride. Befriend like-minded skating enthusiasts amidst the sweat and chatter. Spend some intimate bonding time as you skate in tandem with your family members or loved one.

  3. Barbequing • Barbeque is no daunting task even if you are inept at whipping up a good dish at home. Simply purchase your favourite ingredients from nearby amenities in the park, or make an online order. Get some sauces, herbs, and dressings and experiment with the seasoning of your food. After all, barbequing is highly versatile. Enjoy the glorious sunshine and cool sea breeze as you busy yourselves with the preparation of all those ingredients.

  4. Cycling • Cycling has never been more fun now, with NParks offering alternative areas and more recreational cycling routes in parks and nature sites throughout Singapore. Whether you are in a group or going solo, the Park Connector Network (PCN) offers a variety of recreational or exploratory opportunities. Currently, over 200 km of park connectors have been developed all around Singapore.

  5. Photograph • Calling all photographers - budding, amateur or professional! Do you yearn to capture the glorious resplendence of nature and preserve its beauty? Do you enjoy taking snapshots of natural wildlife and vivid fauna displays? Then hesitate no more and let your cameras do the works in the welcoming embrace of nature. Our parks, gardens and nature reserves offer the most exquisite sights for nature and photography enthusiasts to snap away to their hearts' content.

  6. Xtreme Park • Streetcourse - The Streetcourse caters to all riders. It provides elements for both intermediate and advanced skaters and bikers. The Streetcourse consists of a mix of street obstacles, including stairs, handrails, ledges and gaps to enable progression from lower level ramps to more advanced areas. • Combo Bowl - The Combo Bowl section is an intermediate to advanced level bowl with different depths, hips, corners, a spine, sub box and bank wall. The layout enables riders to travel continuously around the sections of the bowl and transfer from one to the other area. • Vertical Bowl - The 3.6-metre Vertical Bowl area is for advanced skaters/bikers. It consists of a channel with different corners. This is a challenging bowl that will ensure progression for skate park users and enable them to enter competitions.

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