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Do now:. Which continent held the most power during exploration/colonization Name at least two colonizing powers What impact do you thing the colonizing powers had on the places they were conquering . European Trade relations.

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do now
Do now:
  • Which continent held the most power during exploration/colonization
  • Name at least two colonizing powers
  • What impact do you thing the colonizing powers had on the places they were conquering
european trade relations
European Trade relations
  • European countries flourished during the time of exploration/colonization.
  • This was primarily due to:

-Increases in economic trade

-Technological advances (Easier travel)

asia africa america
Asia, Africa, America
  • European influence expanded across the globe
  • This was driven mostly by trade but affected people culturally as well.
european influence asia
European Influence: Asia
  • The European traders journeyed to Asia for valuable Trade relations
european trade asia
European Trade: Asia
  • Different from trade with the New World (Americas) and Africa
  • Asian traders were treated as equals
  • This created a “mutually beneficial” trade relation
  • Europe was ALLOWED a “presence” in Asia.
european cultural impact asia
European cultural Impact: Asia
  • Europeans did not colonize Asia like the Americas and Africa but still had a cultural impact.
  • Trade in Asia led to a rise in a merchant class
  • Europeans attempted to bring their religion (Christianity) to Asia
  • In response many Asian governments limited or closed off their countries to European cultures
do now1
  • Yesterday we learned about Europe's impact on Asia, how do you think their impact on Africa and America will be the similar(compare)? How will they be different(contrast)?
european influence africa
European Influence: Africa
  • In Africa, economic and political influence was based on the clave trade which began as a result of the need for more labor on the plantations in the Americas.
european trade africa
European Trade: Africa
  • To acquire the slaves, the Europeans engaged in trade with African tribes.
  • The African tribal leaders wanted trade goods such as weapons, iron, cloth, and horses.
  • As the demand for slaves grew, tribes began attacking each other.
european cultural impact
European Cultural Impact:
  • The demand for slaves led some African Tribes to start wars
  • Some tribes be
  • came very powerful
  • Many African communities suffered from their people being taken into slavery
  • Some resisted
  • Like Asia there was no significant colonization or political take over like in the Americas.
european influence americas
European Influence Americas:

In the Americas, the motivation for expansion was again economically driven, yet political influences also occurred.

european trade americas
European Trade Americas:
  • European countries set up colonies in land they claimed in the Americas. These colonies were owned by the European countries of Spain, Portugal, England and France.
  • These European countries began plantations (large farming areas) for crops such as tobacco, rice, indigo and some sugar. These were called CASH CROPS
  • The need for labor on these plantations led to an increase in Native American, African and indentured slaves.
european cultural influence
European Cultural Influence:
  • Unlike Africa and Asia, European countries created COLONIES in the Americas. These colonies often had governmental systems.
  • Native American and African slaves were not allowed to participate in these governments.
  • English settlements, unlike the French and Spanish, created true colonial settlements. Large numbers of people began to move to the new English colonies in search of religious freedom.
quiz review
Quiz review
  • What drove European expansion?
  • European Expansion was primarily driven by an increase in the need for trade and advancements in sailing technology.
quiz review1
Quiz Review
  • European Trade Effects?
  • Although the primary motivation for European expansion was trade, they influenced Africa, Asia and the Americas culturally as well.
quiz review2
Quiz Review
  • Trade relations in Asia?

The Europeans treated Asian traders as equals. They were considered much more advanced than the peoples of Africa and the Americas.

quiz review3
Quiz review
  • Asian response to European influence?
  • Asian governments closed off their borders to European peoples. They wanted to limit or prevent cultural influences.
quiz review4
Quiz Review
  • What was the primary good traded in Africa?
  • Slaves were the primary good traded in Africa.
quiz review5
Quiz Review
  • How did the slave trade give some tribes more power?
  • African Tribes would attack others in search of slaves to trade. This led to some tribes becoming much more powerful after trading for European war technology
quiz review6
Quiz Review
  • Europeans and the Americas?
  • Unlike in Africa and Asia, Europeans set up colonies with governmental structures.
quiz review7
Quiz Review
  • What was the economic system in the Americas?
  • The American colonies thrived on the plantation system (large farms) to grow cash crops for trade.
quiz review8
Quiz Review
  • What kind of workers?
  • Native American, African and indentured slaves primarily worked on the plantations.
quiz review9
Quiz Review
  • Permanent colonies?
  • The English set up permanent colonies. Many people moved there.
primary sources
Primary Sources
  • Primary sources are the original sources of information recorded at the time an event occurred.
        • First-hand accounts

of events

        • Data collected for scientific


        • Historical documents

Image found at:

primary source examples
Primary Source Examples
  • Diaries
  • Poetry
  • Personal Interviews
  • Government Documents
  • Autobiographies
  • Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
  • Photographs
  • Artifacts/Ephemera

Image taken from:

secondary sources
Secondary Sources
  • Secondary sources of information are derived from primary sources
    • Summaries of primary sources
    • Analyses or interpretations of primary sources
secondary source examples
Secondary Source Examples
  • Dictionaries
  • Encyclopedias
  • Articles that review other sources
  • Textbooks
  • Biographies