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Where do we start? PowerPoint Presentation
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Where do we start?

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Where do we start? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BlueHatThe blue hat is the observer. This is a very important role. As an observer, your job is to think about the issue at hand, gather all the relevant facts and consider various points of view. Consider your goal. Based on this information, you must develop an action plan for the issue that is logical and well thought out and can be applied in real life.

Where do we start?

  • You will need to research on the web and in literature to find the information you need.
  • Find out what is happening to the koalas and who is responsible. Make dot points of the facts and develop your ideas from these.
  • Make sure you are collecting the correct information and that the sources you use are giving you the correct facts.
  • Think about what your hat embodies. You will need to consider both the positive and negative points of view of this issue and develop an action plan that incorporates these aspects and possible ways that might overcome these ideas. You will need to show that you have an understanding of these perspectives in your plan.
  • Discuss with your groups the approach and avenues you will explore. Make sure you all have a clear understanding of your aims. Perhaps begin with a mind-map of your ideas.

Who can help us?

  • There are many people who are experts in this area. Perhaps try to use their help in your research. There are many programs, campaigns and wildlife workers that could help you to understand how we can save the Koalas and give you some inspiration as to how you could protect them.
  • Remember that your hat is the observer: you need to consider the positive and negative points of view while you are developing ways to ensure the survival of koalas.
  • Below are some helpful suggestions, books and websites you may like to consider researching.

Questions you might ask yourselves:

  • Is there enough support for the protection of koalas? Is it possible to save them?
  • What are some positive and negative considerations for saving the koalas? How can we overcome these?
  • Do our ideas ensure a sustainable future for the survival of koalas?
  • Are our ideas sustainable in the long term? Can we attain our goal? Have we considered all possible avenues?

Useful Resources:

  • This site shows the great support by the Australian Koala Foundation through the campaign ‘No Tree, No Me!’:
  • This site shows the support from the Australian community in a campaign aimed at fostering a Koala:
  • This in the home site of the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Australia: