business and advertising in the 1920 s n.
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Business and Advertising in the 1920’s PowerPoint Presentation
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Business and Advertising in the 1920’s

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Business and Advertising in the 1920’s - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Business and Advertising in the 1920’s. Nick Jones. Before 1920’s Business. Spanish Flu causing 40 million deaths around the world WWI involving many European countries and United States. 1920’s . This time period was thought to be a post war economy

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before 1920 s business
Before 1920’s Business

Spanish Flu causing 40 million deaths around the world

WWI involving many European countries and United States

1920 s
  • This time period was thought to be a post war economy
  • Many men returned to fill positions that they once worked in
  • Yet, the unexpected increase in sales, jobs, etc. made the economy rise
booming business
Booming Business
  • Many large department stores
  • Chain grocery stores/Chain drug stores
  • Banks (for loans)
  • Movie theaters/Radio
  • Automobiles
  • New luxury hotels and offices being created
positive of booming times
Positive of Booming times
  • Land/House value increased
  • Jobs were plentiful
  • Many high paying jobs created millionaires
  • People begin to invest in the stock market
  • New inventions/Patents increased
negative of booming time
Negative of Booming Time
  • Not all industry's were flourishing

(Farming, Railroad)

  • Coal was the main energy (dangerous)
  • Trade Wars with other countries
  • Many people were “uneducated” with money
  • Corruption within business’s
  • The increase in technology helped the economy grow
  • Radio was the main one, as it delivered news and ideas to the people
  • Other inventions (frozen food, planes used for peoples needs, hair dryer, hearing aid, antibiotics, etc.)
  • Movies gain sound (entertainment)
credit in 1920 s
Credit in 1920’s
  • Allowed consumers to pay in separate payments
  • Helped people pay for houses (mortgages)
  • Was the idea of spending and borrowing
  • This also was the time when many used money towards recreation, appliances, etc.
ex ford
Ex. Ford
  • Ford was a big car manufacturing that began to come popular in the early 1900’s
  • Reasons for success were ability of mass production (assembly line)
  • Sold over 15 million Ford Model Ts by 1927
  • Reformed cities by providing jobs to population (Detroit)
baseball ties into economy
Baseball ties into economy
  • Baseball began to bring cities together and bring in revenue
  • Also provides tiny cities with minor league teams to develop players
  • Nationally recognized stars become popular and help advertise
advertising lures buyers
Advertising Lures Buyers
  • Ex. Coca-Cola ad’s begin to change idea from medicine to refreshing
  • Advertisers reach public by using athletes and actresses
  • Place ad’s in papers to reach millions who read the paper (NYTimes)
end of 1920 s
End of 1920’s
  • Business was flourishing and wealth was everywhere
  • A sudden change within the market in 1929 left the market in pieces
  • Stock values dropped, businesses failed, jobs were lost
  • Led into the Great Depression