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The Latest Take on Birth Control Methods PowerPoint Presentation
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The Latest Take on Birth Control Methods

The Latest Take on Birth Control Methods

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The Latest Take on Birth Control Methods

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  1. The Latest Take on Birth Control Methods

  2. • Women who are sexually active but do not want to get pregnant use contraceptives to ward off unintended pregnancies. The use of birth control can be traced back in ancient times, even the bible has its record of the first form of contraception which is the withdrawal method. Even back then, controversies arise concerning the use of birth control methods. Over time, new methods were developed. Women and couples are given the choice whether to conceive or not.

  3. • In our ever-changing and growing society, birth control patterns have changed thanks to new contraceptive technology. Traditional birth control methods like the pill and sterilization are still very much the most used and popular form of contraception. Condom usage, however, is declining. That decline is compensated by the use of other methods like the intrauterine device (IUD) and the patch or ring.

  4. • The latest technology in birth control provides long-term action and it is gaining ground. This shift in birth control methods aims for more effective contraception and less on user intervention – which means, the methods do not involve regular daily or weekly attention. The number of women – regardless of race, age, education and income – who use these long-acting methods have significantly increased.

  5. • Experts explain that this shift in the popularity in the use of these birth control methods is due to convenience and reliability. Unlike condoms that need to be replaced in every intercourse, IUDs can last within 5 to 10 years before they are replaced and implants can last about 3 years. Women have the tendency to forget taking their birth control pill regularly, hence, they have the choice to use the patch, ring or implants like IUDs.

  6. • Unlike contraceptive pills which can be bought over-the-counter, birth control methods like the patch or IUD require women to visit their doctors in order to be given a prescription or execute the method itself. IUDs should be placed correctly in order to be effective, thus a doctor should be the one to insert the device into the uterus. Therefore, the use of this kind of birth control depends on the individual’s insurance coverage and income.

  7. • Except for sterilization which is permanent, all these contraceptives are reversible, meaning, if a woman wants to conceive, she can do so. For instance, all she has to do is stop taking the pill or visit the doctor to remove the IUD.

  8. • Different women prefer different contraceptive methods which they deem are more effective on them. For example, one may find using the pill highly effective and less costly on the budget while another may opt for an IUD if she wants less hassle. In short, not all methods are created equal, efficiency varies from one woman to another.