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Bell activity. Check your understanding P.30 Will visit again at the end of the chapter. Marketing. Chapter 1 Marketing Today & Tomorrow. What is Marketing?.

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Bell activity

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  1. Bell activity • Check your understanding P.30 • Will visit again at the end of the chapter.

  2. Marketing Chapter 1 Marketing Today & Tomorrow

  3. What is Marketing? Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders. (AMA 2009) (FYI – Who are “stakeholders?”) Marketing is the creation and maintenance of satisfying exchange relationships. Marketing is the key tool in matching supply and demand. Frameworks 2.1

  4. Why study Marketing? • Marketing takes place all around you – advertising, transportation, research. • All businesses & organizations are involved in marketing. • When you make a purchase you are involved in marketing. • An understanding of marketing will make you a better consumer, a better employee, a better leader, and lead to better career opportunities. • How businesses use marketing to increase their effectiveness and profits. Frameworks 2.2

  5. How does Marketing benefit you? • Bridges the gap between you and the maker or seller of an item. (You don’t have to travel to factories or farms to buy products.) • Makes buying easy for customers. (Large selection of products under one roof, convenient locations, and hours of operation.) • Creates a variety of new and improved products. (Competition forces businesses to sell more and better products.) • Reduces prices. (Effective marketing sells more products which reduces the per unit cost of each item.) Frameworks 2.1

  6. Why is Marketing important? • To be successful in business requires being marketing oriented. • Every business/organization in the U.S. is involved in marketing. • Over 4 million businesses have marketing as their primary activity – auto dealers, real estate agents, insurance agents, travel agencies, banks, and all retailers. • Millions of other businesses use marketing in limited roles – attorneys, physicians, accounting firms, government agencies, colleges and universities, and construction companies. Frameworks 2.2.2

  7. What can be Marketed? • Products – goods or services. • Non-profit organizations – military branches, churches, charities, libraries, schools, or colleges. • Places or destinations – States, countries, or cities. • Events – launch of a new product, concert, festival, fair, grand opening, or special service. • Ideas – anti-smoking campaigns, recycling programs, safety awareness, anti-drug campaigns • Individuals – politicians, artists, sports stars, or other celebrities. Frameworks 2.2.1

  8. Non-Profit Organization Marketing Frameworks 2.2.1

  9. http://www.nationalguard.com/citizensoldier/index.php

  10. Non-Profit Organization Marketing Frameworks 2.2.1

  11. Place Marketing Frameworks 2.2.1

  12. Place Marketing http://www.nwacouncil.org/

  13. Event Marketing

  14. Marketing of Ideas (cause marketing) Frameworks 2.2.1

  15. Marketing of Ideas (cause marketing)

  16. Frameworks 2.2.1

  17. Marketing of People/Politicians Frameworks 2.2.1

  18. Marketing of Celebrities Celebrities are constantly engaged in marketing. They often market themselves and the movies they star in. Frameworks 2.2.1

  19. Marketing of Celebrities Lady Ga Ga. Her real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, she was born March 28, 1986.

  20. Marketing of Dead Celebrities Video Presentation: Can you really use marketing with dead celebrities? Frameworks 2.2.1

  21. Marketing of Sports Celebrities

  22. Video Presentation Is LeBron James a person or a brand? Steve Kroft profiles Cavalier's superstar, LeBron James, who at only 24, is already among an elite handful of athletes who command tens of millions a year in playing and marketing fees.

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