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The Rose Parade & The Rotary Rose Parade Float PowerPoint Presentation
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The Rose Parade & The Rotary Rose Parade Float

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The Rose Parade & The Rotary Rose Parade Float - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Rose Parade & The Rotary Rose Parade Float. On January 1, 2011 nearly a million spectators in Pasadena, California and millions more around the world will be watching the 122nd Rose Parade .

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The Rose Parade & The Rotary Rose Parade Float

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The Rose Parade & The Rotary Rose Parade Float

On January 1, 2011 nearly a million spectators in Pasadena, California and millions more around the world will be watching the 122nd Rose Parade.

The famed Rose Parade features the grand pageantry of spirited marching bands, high-stepping equestrians, and magnificent floral floats, including The 2011 Rotary Rose Parade Float.


The Rose Parade Is One of the Most Widely Viewed

Annual Events in the USA and the World

The 2011 Rose Parade will be broadcast on ABC, NBC, Univision, HGTV, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, and Southern California’s KTLA.

KTLA’s commercial-free coverage – always very enthusiastic about the Rotary Float -- is fed to many other stations across the USA.

Internationally, via Sky TV and Telemundo, the Rose Parade is seen in 200 countries by some 300 million viewers.

Stephanie Edwards KTLA


Why Build a Float? To Build Rotary Awareness!

“In the promotion of Rotary, it is important to reach large numbers of people, and you cannot do that privately.”

-- Paul Harris

Memorable Message: Our award-winning 2010 Float made a statement about Rotary’s steadfast commitment to the children of the world…to eradicate polio.

the rotary float carries multiple messages about the projects and the people of rotary
The Rotary Float Carries Multiple Messages About the Projects and the People of Rotary
  • One million spectators from across the country and around the world come to experience the Rose Parade in person.
  • Representative Float Riders connect with people on the parade route as well as the vast TV audience…and send an additional message about the people of Rotary:
  • 2011 Rotary Members from All Continents
  • 2010 Future of Rotary, New Generations
  • 2009 Women in Rotary Leadership
  • 2008, 2007 Youth Exchange Students
  • Prior Years: Interact and RYLA Students,
  • Ambassadorial Scholars

Four of the eight 2010 Float Riders who represented the Future of Rotary -- younger members of Rotary clubs, Rotaract clubs and New Generation clubs.

who builds the rotary float how is it funded how is it constructed how can i help
Who Builds the Rotary Float? How is it Funded? How is it Constructed? How Can I Help?

The float project is managed by the not-for-profit Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee, Inc.

Rotary does not pay for the float. It is not an official program of Rotary International.

Club Members in the seven Rotary Districts of Southern California and Nevada provide “seed money” to start construction.

Club members across the USA, their Clubs and Districts -- plus some from other countries – contribute annually.

The Cost? Comparable to an RV.

concept to reality the float building process
Concept to Reality: The Float Building Process

In January, the Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee makes the decision to participate in the parade or not. The prior year’s fundraising success is crucial to that decision.

In February—keeping in mind the RI President’s theme and the Tournament of Roses theme—the Committee looks at float designs.

In March, the design is selected and a professional float-building company is contracted.

The first few months of the project are technical and “industrial” so the pros are essential before volunteers can get involved.


Seven Lovable Bears and One Koala Wearing Traditional Costumes Represent the Continents on Our 2011 Rotary Rose Parade Float

what s under the flowers from the ground up
What’s Under the Flowers? From the Ground Up

Float driver’s compartment

Professional float-builders do the engine, chassis, and the “pencil-steel” structure that gives the float its shape and strength for the 5+ mile trip down Pasadena’s Colorado Boulevard.

2011 Float under construction during summer 2010

cocooned 2011 float takes a test drive
“Cocooned” 2011 Float Takes a Test Drive

The pencil steel metal sculpture is covered with more wire, fabric and foam.

Then it takes a test drive with committee volunteers sitting in for the Float Riders.

safety first
Safety First

The test drive includes a safety drill to be sure the driver (center door), spotter (small screen in front), and float riders can exit quickly in case of an emergency.

2010 float painted to guide decorators
2010 Float Painted to Guide Decorators

Paint color-coded the 2010 float so it would be clear to volunteers where to apply their seeds, leaves, bark, dried flower petals, and – last of all -- live flowers and roses.

2011 float painted to guide decorators
2011 Float Painted to Guide Decorators

D5300Float Rider Tatiana Shabelnik represents Belarus.

2011 Float Riders Chair Jack McClenahan D5240, Committee Chair PDG Charlie Barr D5300, Former Committee Chair PDG John Alexander, D5260.

volunteers make it happen
Volunteers Make It Happen

Up to 40 volunteers per shift work eight-hour days or nights preparing material for application.

They are members of Rotary clubs, Rotaract and Interact clubs, families and friends.

The 2010 Rotary Rose Parade Float was awarded the Volunteer Float Trophyfor “Best floral arrangements on a float 35 feet or less.”

decorators at work
Decorators at Work

As we approach New Year’s Day 2011, some 800 volunteers donate over 6000 hours of their time,

Practical work clothes are a must when preparing and gluing all sorts of natural materials for the float, such as flowers, seeds, rice, husks, bark, leaves …even freeze-dried and ground carrots

pride of ownership
Pride of Ownership

Volunteers building the float on site--and those making contributions to fund the float--both represent coming together in Rotary Fellowship to build Rotary Awareness.

The quality of our float year after year demonstrates our shared pride of ownership.

ri presidents enjoy participating too
RI Presidents Enjoy Participating Too

Traditionally, the Rotary International President and first lady have attended the festivities, thanking volunteers and even working on the float!

2010-11 RI President Ray Klinginsmith and Judie plan to join us in celebrating the 2011 New Year in Pasadena.

2009-10 President John Kenny with volunteer float decorators. The RI President does interviews during the course of heavy media coverage of the Rose Parade.

it is an exciting example of the spirit of rotary
“It is an exciting example of the Spirit of Rotary!”

The theme for the next Rose Parade dovetails nicely with my Rotary theme of “Building Communities, Bridging Continents.”

I plan to send a personal contribution to the Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee. I have asked my Rotary Club in Kirksville to send a contribution from our club as well, and I hope you will follow my example.

When you watch the magnificent Rose Parade on New Year’s Day, you will be glad you did because the float reflects our pride in Rotary.

It is an exciting example of the Spirit of Rotary! Join me in what Rotary does better than anyone else in the world.... “Building Communities, Bridging Continents.”

Ray Klinginsmith 2010-2011 President of Rotary International

www rotaryfloat org

The members of the Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee thank you for your supportand help in creating this year’s float.

We feel that there is no better way to promote Rotary than with another beautiful float in the 122nd Tournament of Roses Parade on January 1, 2011.

The Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee meeting at the Rosemont Pavilion float-building site.