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2006 TAKS Release PowerPoint Presentation
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2006 TAKS Release

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2006 TAKS Release - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2006 TAKS Release
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  1. 2006 TAKS Release Science Review Heraclio Luckie Flores Gifted Education Specialist Tabasco Elementary

  2. Life Science Earth Science Nature of Science Bonus Questions Physical Science 300 300 300 300 300 400 200 100 400 500 200 100 400 200 100 200 500 200 100 100 400 500 400 500 500

  3. Which part of this life cycle shows the adultorganism? A) QB) R C) SD) T

  4. CORRECT!!!Insects undergo Metamorphosis. Letter R in the life cycle represents the Adult Stage.

  5. Which of the following characteristics of afield mouse is most likely inherited from itsparents? A) Brown furB) Torn ear C) Scar on its legD) Chipped tooth

  6. CORRECT!!!Brown Fur is the only characteristic of the field mouse that could have been inherited from its parents.The other characteristics simply happened by chance.

  7. Which diagram shows an example of metamorphosis? A) B) D) C)

  8. CORRECT!!!A Butterfly undergoes Metamorphosis. During its lifetime it starts off as an egg, hatches into a caterpillar, becomes a pupa, and finally an adult.

  9. Which organism in this food chain is a producer? A) FishB) Grass C) GrasshopperD) Hawk

  10. CORRECT!!!Grass is the Producer in this Food Chain. It produces its own energy through the process of photosynthesis using sunlight, carbon dioxide and water.

  11. All of the characteristics listed above are useful for gathering food EXCEPT — A) 1B) 2 C) 3D) 4

  12. CORRECT!!!All characteristics EXCEPT colorful feathers are useful for gathering food.

  13. Which of these is a renewable resource? F) TreeG) Coal H) OilJ) Wind

  14. CORRECT!!!Trees are considered a renewable resource because new trees can be grown to replace trees that have been cut down.

  15. In which of these ways can volcanoes helpbuild up new land? A) By adding heat to Earth’s surface B) By adding gases to the atmosphere C) By adding lava to Earth’s surface D) By adding water vapor to the atmosphere

  16. CORRECT!!!Lava seeping from Active Volcanoes cools and hardens to form new land. The islands of Hawaii are a result of Lava from Volcanoes building new land.

  17. Fossil fuels formed over a long period of timebecause heat and pressure were applied to — A) bacteria on top of the mud B) nitrogen mixed in the water C) carbon filtered through limestone D) organisms buried in the ground

  18. CORRECT!!!Over time Heat and Pressure applied to organisms buried in the ground have been converted into fossil fuels that we now use as a source of energy =

  19. Which of these causes day and night on Earth? A) Earth orbiting the sun B) The moon orbiting Earth C) Earth rotating on its axis D) The moon blocking sunlight

  20. CORRECT!!!The Earth rotating on its axis causes different parts of the earth to face the sun at different times. This change between light and darkness causes night and day

  21. Which of these can cause sharp, rough mountains to become rounded and smoothover time? A) Wind and rain B) The sun’s rays C) Light and darkness D) Earth’s magnetic field

  22. CORRECT!!!Wind and Rain can erode the surface of sharp, rough mountains and cause them to become smooth over time.

  23. What two forms of energy does a flame from burning candle release? A) Electrical and mechanical B) Chemical and electrical C) Light and heat D) Heat and nuclear

  24. CORRECT!!!The Flame from a burning candle releases energy as Light and as Heat.

  25. A student plans to make this lightbulb glow. All of the following objects can be used to complete the circuit EXCEPT — A) a copper penny B) a plastic comb C) a metal clip D) an iron nail

  26. CORRECT!!!One of the properties of Metals is that they can conduct electricity. The plastic comb is the only item in the list that does not contain a metal.

  27. An insect that produces waves in the water also produces waves in the air. What can these air vibrations produce? A) Sound B) Light C) Oxygen D) Carbon

  28. CORRECT!!!Vibrations in the Air produce Sound.

  29. A teaspoon of clean, dry sand is added to a cup of warm saltwater. What is most likely tohappen after the mixture is stirred and then placed on a table for five minutes? A) The amount of water will increase. B) The salt will float to the top. C) The sand will settle to the bottom. D) The cup will heat up.

  30. CORRECT!!!Sand does not dissolve in water, and is more dense than water. Therefore, given time, the sand will settle to the bottom of the container.

  31. A company collects cans for recycling. Some cans are made of aluminum, and some aremade of iron. Which of the following is the best way to separate the two types of cans? A) Heat the iron cans until they melt B) Use scissors to cut the cans C) Use a magnet to pick up the iron cans D) Float the cans in water

  32. CORRECT!!!Because Iron is attracted to a magnet and Aluminum is not, a magnet could be used to efficiently separate the cans at the recycling center.

  33. Students placed some frogs in a tank to study their behavior. What should the students do for safety reasons after feeding the frogs? A) Wash the floor with soap and water B) Wash their hands with soap and water C) Rinse the frog tank with cool water D) Rinse the frogs with cool water

  34. CORRECT!!!We should always wash our hands after handling live animals in the lab.

  35. This diagram shows some stages in the termite life cycle. Which of these is supported by the information in the diagram? A) Some nymphs have wings. B) Some larvae lay eggs. C) Eggs develop into three kinds of larvae. D) The queen produces the eggs.

  36. CORRECT!!!“The Queen produces eggs” is the only statement supported by the diagram.

  37. This model can be used to show how the moon moves around Earth. This model also showsall of the following EXCEPT — A) the amount of light Earth reflects B) the land areas of Earth and the moon C) how the moon makes a revolution D) how Earth and the moon compare in size

  38. CORRECT!!!The model of the Earth and Moon does not show how much light is reflected by the Earth.

  39. This laboratory symbol shows that when performing an experiment, students need to — A) avoid electricity B) protect clothing C) keep away from food D) protect equipment

  40. CORRECT!!!The symbol indicates that a lab apron or coat should be worn to protect your clothing during an experiment.

  41. A balance would be the best tool for measuringwhich of the following? F The texture of soil G The length of a stick H The mass of a rock J The color of a leaf

  42. CORRECT!!!A Balance is used to measure the mass of an object.

  43. In the diagram above, which of the following is represented? A) Water evaporating B) Energy being transferred C) The moon changing phase D) Light being reflected

  44. CORRECT!!!The diagram shows how Energy is transferred through a Food Chain.

  45. Which of these supplies the energy that drivesthe water cycle? A) The sunB) The planets C) The oceansD) The moon

  46. CORRECT!!!The Sun is the source of energy that powers the entire Water Cycle.

  47. A student holds a note card behind a jar of water. Which of the following best explains why the part of the note card seen through the jar looks different from the rest of the note card? A) The jar reflects light hitting its surface. B) The water absorbs light hitting its surface. C) The jar scatters light passing through it. D) The water bends light passing through it.

  48. CORRECT!!!Water refracts light traveling through air. The water in the jar bends the rays of the light reflecting off the card, causing the letters to appear bigger.

  49. Some students were studying properties of water. One student placed a cup containing 80 mL of water in a freezer. Another student placed an identical cup containing 40 mL of water in a different freezer. Which of the following will be the same for both cups of water? A) The temperature at which the water freezes B) The mass of the frozen water C) The time it takes the water to freeze D) The volume of the frozen water

  50. CORRECT!!!In this experiment, the temperature at which water freezes, is the only constant shared by both cups of water.