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促销员培训 promoter training PowerPoint Presentation
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促销员培训 promoter training

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促销员培训 promoter training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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促销员培训 promoter training. NT Store. 促销员培训 promoter training. 促销员培训 promoter training. 培训目的 Objective of The Training. 参加这个培训课程后,你可以学到 You can learn the following things through attending the training class :. 更多的了解家乐福的使命和促销员的职责。

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促销员培训 promoter training

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    1. 促销员培训promoter training NT Store

    2. 促销员培训promoter training

    3. 促销员培训promoter training 培训目的 Objective of The Training 参加这个培训课程后,你可以学到 You can learn the following things through attending the training class: 更多的了解家乐福的使命和促销员的职责。 To lean more about carrefour’s mission and promoter responsibilities. 如何更好了解顾客的需求和期待 How to understand customers’ needs and expectations 以恰当的仪容,用语和态度来对待顾客 Welcome the customers with proper appearance, wording and manner. 把以上所学用在日常工作上,使自己有成功的促销经验 Apply what is learned in daily work to get successful promotion experience.

    4. Welcome to Carrefour and doing promotion And become our Carrefour’s member. 欢迎各位来到家乐福开展各项促销活动; 成为家乐福的成员。 Afterward, we hope you will make your contribution 之后,希望各位充分发挥您的才能, 贡献自己的力量来。

    5. 家乐福的使命 Mission of carrefour All our efforts are directed towards customer satisfaction. Our retailing activities seek to meet changing customer demands, in terms of product selection and quality, at the most competitive prices. 我们尽一切努力最大程度地满足顾客的要求。我们的零售行业通过选择商品,提供最佳品质及最低价格,以满足客户多变的要求。 Our Mission 我们的使命 Highly-motivated associates are our main asset. Individual initiative and delegation of responsibilities are carried out in a spirit of solidarity and common interest. 我们最主要的财产是士气高昂的员工。每一个员工应在团结奋斗及目标一致的基础上,充分发挥主动及责任。 Our People 我们的员工

    6. Customer Satisfaction 顾客满意 All Our Efforts Must Be Directed Towards Customer Satisfaction. 我们的一切工作的核心 是为了让顾客满意。 Make customers more willing to come to Carrefour because of your good service 使顾客因为你而更愿意到家乐福来购物

    7. Carrefour Concepts 家乐福的理念 Customer Satisfaction First! 顾客的满意为优先 • One stop shopping 一次购足 • Low price 超低售价 • Free Parking 免费停车 • Self Service 自助式服务 • Freshness and Quality • 新鲜和品质

    8. Main Responsibilities of a Promoter . 促销员的主要职责 1. Respect management rules and work time schedule of Carrefour. 遵守家乐福的各项规章制度, 按时上下班。 A. Obeying PPC unify management. 服从促销部的统一管理; B. Obeying sales dept. manager to arrange works. 服从各营业部门的具体工作安排; C. Obeying security dept. to check and management in goods security, fight and turn out for work. 服从防损部门在商品安全、消防和出勤等方面的监督、管理。 2. Smile, welcome, inform, give customer good service and promote Carrfour’s image 对顾客微笑,为顾客提供满意的服务,提高家乐福的形象。  3. Good knowledge on products is necessary, familiarize sale areas and guide customer for buying. 必须了解所售的商品, 熟悉卖场,准确为顾客提供导向。 4. Always Carrfour’s uniform + name tag + good appearance. Set up good image. 着家乐福促销员制服+工卡,树立良好形象。 5. Doing implementation working hardly--full, tidy and clean, Immediate reaction in keeping store clean. 努力做好排面工作--补货、理货和清洁、整理, 积极维持商场的整洁。 6. Set up good working morality. Do it legally, honestly and ethically 建立良好的职业道德行为, 合法、诚实,有道德的对待所做的工作。 7. Respect security rules and doing “stop the loss” works. 遵守安全操作规程, 作好各项防损工作。

    9. 热忱待客 How to welcome customers 顾客的满意是因为 Factors causing satisfaction: 商品Merchandise 价格Price 促销 Promotion 新鲜Freshness 停车位 Parking Place 我们的店 仪容 Appearance 用语 Wording 态度Manner 顾客的满意Customer’s Satisfaction First 我们的人

    10. 顾客是否满意的影响Impact of Customers’Opinion 竞争对手 Competitors

    11. 一个顾客的价值A Customer’s Value 你常在店内购物吗?每次大概多少钱 ? Do you often shop in our store?How much do you approximately spend every time? 你认为一个固定到我们购物的顾客,一年会在我们店花多少钱? How much do you think a regular customer of our store could spend in a year? 一个顾客 =多出_________个顾客. A satisfied customer _________ Yuan More 一个顾客 =少掉_________个顾客 A dissatisfied customer_________Yuan Less

    12. 顾客的价值和期望What is Customers value and expect? 个人化的服务 Personalized service 预见性的服务 Anticipation service 有责任心的服务 A responsible service 友好的服务 A friendly service 职业化的服务 Professional service

    13. 接待顾客的三要素3 Focal points to welcome customers 态度Manner 用语Wording 成功的顾客接待 Successful Welcoming 仪容Appearance

    14. 4X20 • 您最先的20 • The first 20 steps • 外表 appearance • 衣着 clothes • 精神 spirit • 年纪 age • 您脸部的20公分 • 20 centimeters of your face • 表情 expression • 微笑 smile • 眼神 eye contact • 发型 hair style • 您最先说的20个字 • The first 20 words you speak • 用字 wording • 语气 tone • 意思 meaning • 清楚 clearness • 这些都发生在接触时最早的20秒 • All these happen at the initial 20 seconds of contact • 倾听 listen attentively • 专注 attention • 亲切 interest • 兴趣 amiable

    15. 接待顾客三步曲3 Steps to Welcome Customers 3. 让顾客满意的离开 Make customers leave satisfied 1. 欢迎顾客 Welcome customers 2. 回答顾客的需要 Answer customers’ needs 看着顾客并微笑 Smile at the customer 看着顾客并微笑 Smile at the customer 看着顾客并微笑 Smile at the customer 为顾客服务 Serve the customer 谢谢顾客 Thank the customers 倾听顾客 Listen to the customers attentively 主动向顾客问好 Take the initiative to say “Hello” to customers 问顾客问题以了解需求 Inquire customers to know their needs 向顾客说再见 Say “Good bye” to the customers 正确回答顾客问题 Answer customers’ questions correctly 希望顾客再度光临 Welcome again 声音热忱 Be warm in voice 帮助顾客或寻找协助 Offer help or seek help for the customers 给顾客建议 Offer suggestions 适度地点头 Nod properly 记下顾客的意见 Record customers’ complaints

    16. 树立良好的形象Set up good image • 着颜色统一、干净、整齐的服装(白色忖衣+黑色西裤+黑色皮鞋+黄色马夹), 工卡配戴在工衣左上方。 Unify dresses and keep them clean (white shirt+black trousers + black shoes + yellow vest). with name badge on the left of uniform. • 保持良好的精神状态,要求女士化淡妆,家电男促销带领带。 Make sure that all promoters keep good spirit. Ladies light make-up, men-promoter of Appliance wear Carrefour tie. • 在卖场站姿端正,不得靠货架、闲聊、串岗。 Rectify stand posture, never stand by shelf , chat and hang about. • 实行规范用语,三米微笑服务. Use polite words, Welcome customer in three meter(attached file). • 做好各项促销活动 To cooperate,help all sales dept. doing promotion actions.

    17. 接待顾客用语Receiving customer wording • 招呼用语 call wording • 1. 通常称为”先生“ ,”小姐“,”小朋友“,“ 阿姨”等 • 2. 早上好! 您好! 欢迎光临! 我能帮您什么? 您需要什么? • 请稍等,我马上就来! • 解释用语 Explain wording • 15. 很抱歉,这种商品是不能拆开包装的。 • 16. 先生(小姐),这种商品应该这样使 • 用… … • 17. 这件没条形码, 我马上给您换一件。 • 介绍用语 introduce wording 3. 这种商品现在很流行(或是新产品), 您不妨试一试。 4. 这种商品正在促销,价搁很实惠。 5. 这种商品削价是因为… …质量没问题。 6. 这种商品的特点是… … 7. 您使用前,请先看一下说明书,按照说明书上要求操作. 8. 使用这种商品时,请注意… … 9. 您要的商品暂时缺货, 但这种商品款式、价格和功能 与您要的商品差不多, 要不要试一试。 10. 购买大件商品或数量比较多, 市内我们可以负责免费 送货。 • 顾客挑选商品时不能说: Never say • 18. 不要摸商品,以免弄脏了。 • 19. 人比较多,请快点挑。 • 20. 不用试,您肯定合适,不合适回来换。 • 道歉用语 Apologize wording • 21. 对不起,让您久等。 • 22. 对不起, 是我的疏忽,请您谅解! • 答询用语 Reply and ask wording • 11. 您需要的商品在×楼×柜台. • 12. 这是您要的× ×商品, 您看合适吗? • 13. 相比之下,这种(件) 更适合您。 • 14. 这种商品暂时缺货, 请您留下姓名和联系电话, • 一到货马上通知您,好吗? • 道别用语 Farewell wording • 23. 谢谢! 请慢走,欢迎下次光临。 • 24. 再Z见!

    18. 良好的职业道德行为 Good working morality A. 不得私下交易, 引导顾客到供应商处购买商品。 Purchasing privately and guiding ask customers to supplier for big purchase are banned. B. 不得销售非本商场陈列的商品及散发其宣传资料。 Can’t sales goods that is not the store and distributing that literatures in the store. C. 必须按照顾客的需要开展促销活动,严禁向顾客硬性推销。 we should conduct promotions according to customers need. Compulsory peddles are fiercely banned. D. 不得随意滥发赠品、礼劵。 It is forbidden to Send gift/free goods without any allowed. E 不得以任何理由与顾客发生争吵. Never quarrel with customers with any reason. F. 要以事实和数据为依据,不得以不正当的销售方式欺诈顾客. Promote goods according to facts and data, cheating the customer with illegal sales method is forbidden.

    19. Meilin store 良好的职业道德行为 Good professional morality G.不得以任何理由进行恶性竟争。 Never bad competition with any reason. H.两个促销员不能同时向一个顾客介绍商品。 Two promoters can not introduce goods to one customer at the same time. I.不得随意评判,诋毁其他厂家产品。 Never spread rumors or slander on other supplier’s goods. J.不得敷衍顾客或随意承诺顾客 Treat customer seriously. Never promise customer without permission. K. 热情、主动为顾客提供购物导向及其售后服务咨询,不得以 任何理由拒绝为顾客提供正常工作范围内的服务。 Guide shopping and after-sales service explanation

    20. 排面工作 Implementation working 1. 整理排面 Tidy Implementation a. 保持货架上商品和价格标签整齐排列、美观; Keep the merchandise and price tag clean, tidy and beautiful. b. 及时把顾客挑乱的商品整理归位; Tidy up the merchandise disordered by customers. c. 及时将货架上散货整理归位; Tidy up the disorderly goods on shelves. d. 货架上商品不多时及时补货,保持货架上商品充足。 Full shelves timely, guarantee sufficient goods on shelves. e. 补货时将空纸箱折好放在叉车上,保持顾客通道畅通。 Do not block the alley when full the shelves.

    21. 排面工作 Implementation working 2. 积极维持卖场的整洁 Keep point of sales clean and tidy a. 确保货架和商品的整洁; Guarantee clean of goods and shelves. b. 及时清理或请清洁工协助清理地面上的垃圾; Cleaning off fallen goods and paper timely.

    22. 排面工作 Implementation working 3. 整理商品时应遵守的原则 Principle on tidying goods. a. 按照商品先进先出的原则,保持商品的新鲜度和保质期; Principle of the goods FIFO(first in first out) keep goods freshness. b. 应轻拿轻放,防止商品破碎而造成损失; Principle of taking and putting down gently when tidy-up goods. Avoid goods damage and loss. c. 不得随意更改货架排面。 Principle of moving or changing the implementation in Carrefour with permission

    23. 周期盘点/盘点 Cycle count/inventory • 严格按盘点程序进行盘点。 • Strictly cycle count on standard procedure • 整理:将相同条码的单品归类,并检查无误。 • Tidy: Sort out on bar- card and check them. • 准确清点单品数量,并如实做好记录。 • Check products quantity and record. • 签字 • Sign name.

    24. 安全操作与防损 Security and stop the loss 安全操作 Security operate rules a. 树立“安全第一”的思想,积极维持消防通道的畅通、整洁; Set up the method of “security the first” and keep the emergency exits ok. b. 按要求使用叉车,规范操作,避免对顾客造成伤害; Use fork lift on demand. Avoid customer injury. c. 所有安装电源的促销台应按要求摆放,促销员离台时应收捡好所 有物品,避免顾客触电或烫伤; Arrange electrical equipments on principle. Settle and pack them when leave. Avoid any injury. d. 在高处整理商品时注意避免摔伤; Avoid falling when tidying goods at high place. e. 如发现各类设备等出现异常现象,应立刻向部门或防损部报告。 Inform your chief or security Dept. immediately if any not normal situation

    25. 安全操作与防损 Security and stop the loss 防损 Stop the loss a. 遵守商场防损制度,商场内所有商品、赠品、试吃品不得随 意带出卖场或赠送他人; Respect stop the loss rules, Never take any goods, free goods and tasting foods out of store without authorization. b. 上班时间内不得在卖场吃任何东西; Never eat in the store during the work time. c. 不得为自己购买而遮掩促销条款或私自改动价格; Never hide promotional items or decorate price items for personal purchase. d. 如发现任何偷盗行为,应当立即向防损部汇报。 If finding any steal action , must report to the security Dept. e. 不得将非家乐福工作人员私自带入仓库,促销人员无家乐福员 工陪同不得进入仓库。 It is fobidden to guide the people who are not the staff of Carrefour to the storage without any allowed.

    26. 违纪处理程序 Offence action & punishment rules Meilin store

    27. Meilin store

    28. Meilin store

    29. 培训反馈表 Questionnaire Meilin store 培训课程 training class 日期date: 1. 请选择您所认为合适的答案。 Please tick the appropriate answer to each question. A. 这次培训对您的帮助怎样?请说明如此评价的理由。 How helpful was the training to you? Please explain your reasons for this rating. Very helpful helpful fairly helpful somewhat 很大 大 尚可 有些 2. 请回答下列问题Please answer the following questions a. 你认为促销员有哪些职责?Which responsibilities of promoter do you think? b. 你认为什麽样的服务才是优质服务? What‘s the meaning of high quality service? C. 下次培训你希望增加些什麽内容? What additional topics would you like to have in a future training?