the hardships and requirements of shooting a film n.
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Making a movie By: philip novgorodsky

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The hardships and requirements of shooting a film. Making a movie By: philip novgorodsky. SHOOTING A MOVIE 101.

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shooting a movie 101

Filming a movie is a long and difficult process. It’s not as easy as just pulling out a camera and shooting. You need a hardworking cast, costumes and makeup as well as sets and props. These are the steps of making your own movie.


You obviously can’t shoot a movie without a camera. Really

All you need is any video camera that can record and your ready to start.

Tripods are used to steady and focus your camera. they are mostly commonly used.

But sometimes directors will will hold the camera and shake it it on purpose to add the shaky camera effect. This is used to add a first person effect. Cloverfield is a famous movie that used this style.

sets backrounds

if you want a good movie you need a good set. Aset can tell an entire story by itself.

They are very important and must be used correctly or your movie won't make sense.

The outdoors is a perfect vast space for a set. It can be anywhere from the woods to the city streets.

The indoors are great if you want confined

spaces, less distractions and less background noises.

a good cast

a hard working and diligent cast is very important in making a movie. you can't do everything your self and that’s where your cast comes in.

As you can see from this cast, one person can’t do everything themselves. One person has to control sounds, one has to control lights and somebody does the camerawork

costumes and makeup

You need costumes and makeup to build your characters. Whether they're adventurers or ghostly ghoul, they need to be dressed.

You can see that this protagonist has been injured.

A ghostly ghoul getting dressed.


Now you understand the many hardships and requirements of shooting a movie. Itcan be challenging and frustrating at times but it can be fun. Many directors like Steven Spielberg and J.J AbramsStarted out with a group of friends and a camera. you don't need a permit or huge giant cameras you just need to follow through with your ideas and you'll be able to film anything.