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Making a Movie Using iSight PowerPoint Presentation
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Making a Movie Using iSight

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Making a Movie Using iSight - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Making a Movie Using iSight
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  1. Making a Movie Using iSight By Linda Yollis ~ Chaparral Elementary

  2. Classroom iSight Movies • Fun • Educational • Open the classroom up to parents and the community

  3. Three examples of movies I made with my class: • September Movie • Place Value Movie • The Polygon Movie

  4. Students share one thing they learned in September in third grade. I gave the introduction to the class film.

  5. Students present a four digit number in standard form, expanded form, word form, and block form.

  6. The next iSight movie is much more advanced! • Microphone • Title slide • Credit slides • Music • Inserted jpg files • Sound effects • Video effects

  7. The Polygon Movie!

  8. Items needed: • MacBook • Microphone (optional) • A YouTube account (optional) • Be sure to set up sound in system preferences!

  9. Repeat: Be sure to set up sound in System Preferences!

  10. Select Input and Internal microphone

  11. Step 1: Open up iMovie

  12. Step 2: Create a New Project

  13. iMovie always creates the default name “My Great Movie” when you create a new project.

  14. Step 3: Name your project

  15. Step 4: Create

  16. The iMovie screen will open up. It will be black.

  17. I’m going to zoom in to this area in order to help you switch from edit mode to camera mode.

  18. Step 5: Switch from “Edit” to “Camera”

  19. Step 5: Switch from “Edit” to “Camera”

  20. Step 6: Record your clip.

  21. Press “Record With iSight” to start recording. Press “Record With iSight” to stop recording.

  22. Hint: If you are recording, time will be passing!

  23. Step 7: Save your clip. (Apple + S) If you don’t like it, delete it.

  24. Step 8: Crop your clip, if necessary. (Leave some time at both ends.)

  25. The triangular cropping markers are the tools for cropping. Move the triangular cropping markers along the scrubber bar to mark the beginning and ending points of the clip. The golden portion of the scrubber bar is what will be saved.

  26. When you are ready, go to Edit>Crop.

  27. Step 9: Drag the clip to the clipviewer tray.

  28. To play your movie, press the large triangle. (Click in the gray area if you have one clip highlighted.) .

  29. All clips can be moved by clicking and dragging. All clips can be deleted.

  30. When all your clips are edited and dragged together, you’re ready to share your movie!

  31. In order to post your movie on your LVUSD website, you will need to save it in a special way.

  32. Step 1: File>Export

  33. Step 2: Choose Web Streaming

  34. Step 3: Name this new WebStreaming file. (Using the word “web” in the name is helpful.)

  35. Step 4: Wait for the movie to compress.

  36. Step 5: Upload your web streaming movie file to your YouTube account.

  37. Step 6: Copy the LAST PART of your url address from your uploaded video.

  38. Copy the LAST PART of the url address after the = sign.

  39. Paste this “code” in your LVUSD website. Include the brackets: {youtube}uBrhEJc8Ff0{/youtube}

  40. {youtube}uBrhEJc8Ff0{/youtube} Warning: The movie won’t appear until you log out of your teacher page.

  41. When you log out, you can watch the movie!

  42. Things to consider: • External hard drive • Use the “Help” menu • Keep it simple! • Email me with any projects you post! •