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Best Practice Strategies in the WPFL

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Best Practice Strategies in the WPFL - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Best Practice Strategies in the WPFL. Donate Life America Spring Meeting Donor Designation Collaborative Learning Session 2 June 12, 2007 Dallas, Texas. Workplace Partnership for Life. Create a Donation Friendly America Identify Opportunity Build Success Leverage Resources

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best practice strategies in the wpfl

Best Practice Strategies in the WPFL

Donate Life America

Spring Meeting

Donor Designation Collaborative Learning Session 2

June 12, 2007

Dallas, Texas

workplace partnership for life
Workplace Partnership for Life
  • Create a Donation Friendly America
  • Identify Opportunity
  • Build Success
  • Leverage Resources
  • Recognize Action


Joy Demas

Education Branch

HRSA, Division of Transplantation

  • Launched in 2001 by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Workplace Partnership for Life:
    • Links the nation’s OPOs and DLAs with employers, associations and universities
    • Leverages the workplace for education and donor designation by using leadership and visibility
  • By becoming a “Workplace Partner” an employer or group agrees to:
    • Educate employees or members about organ donation
    • Encourage them to register as designated donors
  • In six years 11,100 Workplace Partners who enrolled have:
    • Reached more than 12,300,000 potential donors
    • Increased organ donor designations by more than 404,000
  • How did we do that? Let our presenters tell the story!
our presenters
Our Presenters
  • Shelly Morningstar, Akoya
  • Jennifer Tislerics, Gift of Life Michigan
  • Bettinna Signori, Ford Motor Company
  • Todd Franzen, Gift of Life Donor Program
the wpfl concept
The WPFL Concept
  • Engage and support OPOs/DLA affiliates to maximize Workplace Partnerships, increase awareness and promote donation
  • Facilitate collaboration and sharing of best practices and spread successful strategies
  • Increase donation promotion and actionable donor designation through the WPFL

11,100 Workplace Partners enrolled

Potential to reach

16.5+ million employees

the wpfl strategy
The WPFL Strategy
  • Host 10 monthly WPFL Learning Opportunities
  • Highlight OPOs/DLA affiliatesand Workplace Partnerswith successfulworkplace strategies
  • Foster an “all-teach-all learn” environment; leverage new workplace opportunities and resources
  • Enlist the contributions and commitments of a national WPFL Leadership Team
  • Issue Challenges to increase OPO/DLA affiliate and Workplace Partner level of effort and participation
  • Record“real” timecommitments toaction and “new” donor designation
  • Measure and evaluate outcome and results
  • 404,926
  • Actual “NEW”DonorsRegistered
  • through the
  • WPFL Challenges!!!
Learn Best Practices strategies, tactics and ideas
  • Enhance your organization’s WPFL efforts
  • Build successful strategic Workplace Partnerships
  • Implement actions that produce measurable results
  • Increase ADD – Actionable Donor Designations!
  • Enroll Now!
working with a national partner on a local level

Working with a National Partner on a Local Level

Gift of Life Michigan

Jennifer Tislerics

Special Events & Partnerships Coordinator

Ford Motor Company

Bettinna Signori

Communications Senior

Employee Benefit Communications

uaw ford s history of support
UAW-Ford’s History of Support
  • UAW-Ford employees and retirees
    • Long history of supporting many causes
    • Benefits not only workforce but the community where we live and work
  • 100,000+ employees in U.S.
  • Nearly 100 plants and offices in U.S.
  • Involved with Organ/Tissue Donation Education Campaigns since 2000
    • Agreed-to item in Collective Bargaining Agreement
opo support of uaw ford
OPO Support of UAW & Ford
  • Collaborated with blood/marrow drives
    • Regular notifications of upcoming drives
    • Attended ARC/UAW-Ford celebration luncheon
      • On agenda for local site coordinator meeting
  • Gift of Life Michigan brought into existing partnership, to facilitate logistics
gaining corporate support
Gaining Corporate Support
  • Find an internal champion
  • Emotional engagement
  • Identify and involve a recipient
  • Capitalize on existing relationships

Robin Kwasneski

Ford employee

Heart recipient

gaining corporate support1
Gaining Corporate Support
  • Utilize connections
    • OPO/Coalition Board
    • Transplant Docs or Hospitals
    • DDC/Local Coalition team contacts
  • Engage upper management first
    • Results in corporate-wide support on a national level – opens the door locally
  • Involve Akoya early in the process
    • National connections and resources
keys to success
Keys to Success
  • Involved OPO!
  • Educate Partner about donation
  • Continuous follow-up & regular communication with the corporate contacts
  • Coordinated effort with local blood banks, National Marrow Donor Program
  • Action plan
    • Tailored messaging
    • Timing
    • Quantitative Metrics
how to be an involved opo
How to be an “Involved OPO”
  • Dedicated staff to cultivate relationships
  • Localize national ideas – fresh twists, materials specific to Partner/state
  • Upper Management support, good internal communication
    • Management networks in circles w/ Partner execs
  • Serve as resource for all plants/offices
  • Localize materials to each location
  • Regular emails, invitations to events & WPFL campaign updates
uaw ford and give 5
UAW-Ford and “Give 5”
  • Train the Trainer
  • Worker to Worker
  • Flyers as they leave for home
  • Updated internal & external website
  • Letter to reps across country re: “Give 5” campaign
  • Continue to partner with other auto companies, expanding existing donation programs
gift of life and give 5
Gift of Life and “Give 5”
  • Provide internal training for main contacts at UAW-Ford locations
  • Specific drop-down on sign-up page indicating UAW & Ford
  • Ongoing feedback on results
  • Localized posters, flyers, articles, emails
    • (hyperlinks to facilitate)
  • OPO website highlighting success of UAW-Ford partnership
utilizing strategic partnerships to maximize effectiveness

Utilizing Strategic Partnerships to Maximize Effectiveness

Todd Franzen

Community Education Coordinator

Gift of Life Donor Program

wpfl lessons learned
WPFL - Lessons Learned
  • WPFL outreach doesn’t have to be separate
  • Quality over Quantity
  • Capitalize on relationships
  • Make it Actionable
strategic partnership goals
Strategic Partnership Goals
  • Utilize internal champions
  • Engage natural partners
  • Make it easy but effective
integration into other outreach
Integration into other outreach
  • DMV Partnerships
    • NJ: 101,738 new ADD from 1/07 – 4/07
    • PA: 13,620 new ADD from 12/06 – 3/07
    • DE: 1,065 new ADD from 12/06 – 5/07
  • Hospital Partners
  • Statewide P.R. Campaigns
  • Youth Education

Albert Einstein Hospital Campaign

  • Education campaign launched April 2007
  • Web page dedicated to organ and tissue donation
  • Web game “Save Simon” to educate on donation

looking ahead next steps
Looking ahead – next steps
  • Replicate Einstein hospital campaign
  • Leverage DMV relationships
  • Integrate with launch of statewide educational campaigns
interactive questions
Interactive Questions
  • What one insight or idea resonates most
  • with you?  
  • What actions might you consider taking with
  • Workplace Partners in your region, based
  • on the best practice strategies or other tactics?
best practice strategies report
Best Practice Strategies Report
  • Data Collection
  • HRSA selected seven OPOs and DLAs that had:
  • Actively participated in at least three of four recent Challenges
  • Worked with many successful Workplace Partners
  • The focus was on their approaches for:
  • Securing dynamic Workplace Partners
  • Encouraging these Partners to promote donor designations through active workplace outreach
three best practices
Three Best Practices
  • 1. Establish a strong organizational foundation for a successful Partnership program.
  • 2. Recruit and cultivate Workplace Partners strategically, with a focus on maximizing results in donor recruitment.
  • 3. Take advantage of HRSA’s WPFL opportunities and programs for continuous learning and improvement and to leverage resources.
best practice action items
Best Practice Action Items
  • Establish a sound organizational foundation for a successful Partnership program.
    • Secure strong OPO/DLA CEO and Board buy-in, with personal commitments to being champions in the community and working to recruit and “activate” Workplace Partners
    • Establish clear, measurable goals for the program
    • Allocate adequate resources, with clear accountability
    • Train staff and volunteers and cultivate and reward their dedication and commitment to action
    • Measure results and adjust
best practice action items1
Best Practice Action Items
  • Strategically recruit and cultivate Workplace Partners
    • Focus on Partners with strong internal champions and encourage them to secure the commitment of other CEOs or community leaders
    • Develop specific contracts and work plans with BOLD offers and requests for each Workplace Partner
    • Target specific populations identified in individual strategies
    • Use state registry links or provide donor designation stations to allow immediate sign-up of designated donors
    • Set goals, follow through, provide regular feedback, and reward success with positive media and public relations exposure
best practice action items2
Best Practice Action Items
  • Take advantage of the WPFL OPO/DLA network for continuous learning and improvement and to leverage resources.
    • Use HRSA’s WPFL challenges, campaign resources, and “all teach all learn” opportunities to frame, implement, and measure WPFL outreach initiatives.
    • Follow through, follow up, follow through, and follow up
interactive questions1
Interactive Questions
  • Using the best practices, tool kit, and ideas for action that you've learned about today:
  • What one idea or strategy will you implement with your WPFL program to enhance, develop or improve efforts to increase donor registrations through the workplace?
  • What will you commit to do with your workplace program in your region or nationally by next Tuesday?