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  1. Resume The Making the Most Out of Your Years in Pony Club Presented by the National Youth Board

  2. What do all these people have in common?

  3. They are all Graduates!

  4. Rally • Rally is an opportunity to gain confidence while competing as well as learn independence in horse management • Even if you don’t have a horse, you can participate in Quiz Rally or as a Stable Manager

  5. Championships • Championships are a great way to experience a big atmosphere, meet people from other regions, and challenge yourself and your skills

  6. Festival • Turns a visit into championships, an educational extravaganza with clinics and activities

  7. International Exchanges • The experience affords older members a new cultural, educational, and competitive team endeavor • Opportunities in Games, Tetrathlon, Quiz, Foxhunting, Inter-Pacific, and Polocrosse

  8. Junior Board • Give members an opportunity to develop leadershipand team skills. • Boards are associated with a club or a region and can help shape a club or region's programming, help fundraise, organize rallies for younger Pony Club members, etc.

  9. National Youth Congress • Members participate in the National Youth Congress along with outstanding Alumni, • Two days are devoted to meetings, workshops, lectures and networking • The NYC provides members opportunities to develop leadership skills through their participation in a national forum.

  10. National Youth Board •  A small group of twenty dedicated older members that function to increase communication between the organization's government and its members. • The Board provides USPC Committees with a member's insight into aspects of the organization, as well as bringing forth ideas and proposals regarding issues that they feel need further attention.

  11. Visiting Instructor • A unique opportunity for A, H-A, H or B Pony Club members 16 years old or older to travel around the country teaching at other Pony Clubs. A great opportunity for members share their knowledge, gain more experience, meet new people, and get paid to have fun!

  12. Scholarships • There are a variety of college scholarships available for pony clubbers based on Pony Club experience, GPA, and recommendations

  13. Grants • There are grants that are available for Pony Club members to pursue instructor certification in USDF and USEA