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Saving The Snow Leopard PowerPoint Presentation
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Saving The Snow Leopard

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Saving The Snow Leopard - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Saving The Snow Leopard

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  1. Saving The Snow Leopard By: Michael

  2. Snow Leopards Need to be Saved! • Snow Leopards need our help to be saved. Everyone can try their best to help prevent Snow Leopard hunts or try to conserve their environments!

  3. The Common Name • My animal’s common name is the Snow Leopard.

  4. What Class Does it Fall into? • The Snow Leopard’s family falls into the mammal class. It’s genus falls under the Panthera genus.

  5. What’s It’s Habitat? • The Snow Leopard’s habitat ranges all the way through Asia. From the Himalayas, North Pakistan, Lake Baikal, and East Tibet is where the Snow Leopard species lives. So in general the Snow Leopard lives from mountains to lakes.

  6. How Long will it Live? • The Snow Leopard’s life range is fifteen to twenty years in the wild. In captivity it can live up to twenty years also.

  7. What Threatens the Snow Leopard? The major thing endangering the Snow Leopard is hunting. And humans are destroying their habitats by polluting lakes and adding more buildings to mountains and all the places they inhabit.

  8. How can we help? We could help by trying to stop construction plans near Snow Leopards’ habitats or try to stop the pollution near the lakes they drink water from.

  9. How is it born? • The Snow Leopard is born alive.

  10. What is the Snow Leopard’s Diet? • The Snow Leopard’s diet consists of Bharal (Himalayan Blue Sheep) The Markhor (Goat-Sheep) Urial (Wild-Sheep) Deer and Boar.

  11. The Snow Leopard’s Description • Whitish-Tan coat with ringed spots of dark ashy brown fur and rosettes of black.

  12. Please protect me and my habitat by not hunting us and holding construction projects near my home.

  13. Source of Information • gave me all my information on this PowerPoint presentation.