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Snow leopard

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Snow leopard. Scientific Name : Panthera uncia Jessica Landgraf. Description.

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snow leopard
Snow leopard

Scientific Name : Pantherauncia

Jessica Landgraf

  • Grey, white with black spots, insulated with thick fur, wide fur covered paws, powerful legs used to jump distances 20 - 50 feet away, and a long tail used for balance. About the size of full grown Pit bull. Weighs about 60 – 120 lbs.
  • Preys on wild blue sheep and goats. Wolves are the main threat to the Snow Leopard, besides man.

Where in the world are Snow Leopards found?

They are usually found in Asia, China, Bhutan, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, and Mongolia.


Why is the Snow Leopard endangered?

  • The bones, skin, and organs are valuable in traditional Asian medicine.
  • Humans have pushed the boundaries of their livestock further up into the leopard’s territory. Overgrazing has damaged the mountain’s grasslands causing the goats and the sheep to migrate elsewhere where there’s more food leaving the leopard barely anything to eat.

How many species remain?

About 4,500-7,500. About 60% of the population is in China.


Why should humans work to save this species?

The Snow Leopard is a very majestic and beautiful creature that is not a species you see everyday.


What is being done to save the species?

Conservation agencies, treaties, and laws are being created to prevent poaching and illegal trafficking.


What can be done to further help this species?

The Snow Leopard Trust.

A large non-profit organization that is constantly working to ensure the survival of the Leopard.


Are the current efforts successful?

Most efforts are successful, but the long term outlook of the species is uncertain.


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