snow leopard
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Snow Leopard

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Snow Leopard. By Lucy Ms. W einberg. Snow Leopard. Why I Chose My Animal?. I chose the snow leopard because my dad and I both love the snow leopard’s coat. I also chose the snow leopard because I wanted to chose a new animal. Appearance.

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snow leopard

Snow Leopard

By Lucy

Ms. Weinberg

why i chose my animal
Why I Chose My Animal?

I chose the snow leopard because my dad and I both love the snow leopard’s coat. I also chose the snow leopard because I wanted to chose a new animal.


The snow leopard has characteristics that make it special. A snow leopard has a beautiful, thick, pale, yellowish - grey coat. Snow leopards also have small black dots with a black broken stripe along its spine. A snow leopard's under parts are whitish. These looks can help a snow leopard blend in with the environment.


Have you ever wondered where a snow leopard lives? A snow leopard lives in alpine and sub-alpine areas. In summer they range in high alpine meadows and rocky areas at the height of 8,900 ft. to 19,700 ft. In winter they follow there prey to lower heights. They usually sleep in rocky caves or crevasses. Places like caves help it hide from humans.


The snow leopard eats many things. In the wild a snow leopard eats bharal sheep, musk deer, marmounts, pikas and domestic live stock. In the zoo they eat mutton, beef knuckle bone, chicken, rabbits, beef heart, beef kidney, ground turkey and chicks. A snow leopard eats 14 things! With all of these things to eat, a snow leopard can survive in the environment.


The snow leopard has a big family. It's family is called Felidae. It includes 36 species of cats! Females have babies at the age of two or three. Males father babies by age four. In the zoo and in the wild birth season is April and June. Snow leopards have babies in spring. A snow Leopards family has white fur, so it can have great camouflage in the snow.

predator prey adapt

The snow leopard is a predator to some and are pray to others. The snow leopards enemies are humans. Humans are enemies because there organs, skin, and bones are valuable in Asian medicine. Farmers are enemies too, they take a snow leopards grasslands for there animals to graze. Humans and farmers are snow leopards dangers. So hopefully they stay away!

interesting facts
Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts about the snow leopard. Females can give birth to five cubs at a time but usually have two or three. Snow leopards spray urine to mark there territory. To keep warm, snow leopards curl under there tails. Did you know snow leopards are sometimes called the ghost cat? These are some interesting facts about a snow leopard especially that it's called a ghost cat.

about the researcher
About the Researcher
  • My name is Lucy Jones. I am a student at Moorlands Elementary. I am in second grade. I like P.E. and art. I also like gymnastics. I ride horses one week in the summer. I look forward to our class field trip to the zoo this spring. I hope to see the snow leopard.