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Chris Scoble

Chris Scoble. Nashua Investor Presentation 31 July 2008. NASHUA WORLD. Input. Scanner, Fax, E-mail. Image/Data. Software, Monitoring, Storage System. Voice. Fax, E-mail, Cellular, PABX. Communications. Storage/Retrieval. Business Processes. Documents. Printer, Copy, Duplicator,

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Chris Scoble

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  1. Chris Scoble Nashua Investor Presentation 31 July 2008

  2. NASHUA WORLD Input Scanner, Fax, E-mail Image/Data Software, Monitoring, Storage System. Voice Fax, E-mail, Cellular, PABX Communications Storage/Retrieval Business Processes Documents Printer, Copy, Duplicator, Colour Output

  3. NASHUA WORLD • Supplier of Products/Services/Finance to Businesses and Business People. • Focus on value sales and after market service where there is value. • Key Success Factors: • Seen as Market Leaders. • High profile value brand. • Best products/service. • Customer satisfaction. • Long term business relationships. • Financially strong.

  4. International Suppliers Copiers - Ricoh Printers - Ricoh - Panasonic - Texas Investments - Mita - Goldstar - Sharp - Fargo - Samsung - Samsung - Kodak - QMS Fax - Ricoh Scanners- Ricoh - Guis (OEM) - Kodak - Goldstar - SAGEM Paper - Mondi/Sappi/OEM - Right Fax PC/ Notebook - Delta (OEM) Consumables - Ricoh, Katun, Raven - Goldstar - Texas Instruments Diskettes/ - NEC tapes etc. - Nashua Corp.

  5. Nashua Ricoh Relationship • Nashua has been distributing Ricoh products for the last • 30 years in the SA Market. • Nashua is currently Ricoh Europe’s largest distributor. • Ricoh currently holds the number 1 position in the US, European and Japanese markets in MFP’s. • Ricoh employs ± 300,000 workers worldwide. • Consolidated net sales in 2004 were 1,814 billion Yen. • 8% of non-consolidated net sales is spent on R&D.

  6. Ricoh Market Share Placement & Share of B&W Office copier excluding PC Europe and Africa Asia and Oceania Americas 16.9% 26.7% 28.1% 1,306 1,218 1,704 (Including Canada, Central & South America) (Including Near East & Africa) (Including Japan) World Share 23.2% Total placement (000 units)


  8. Strategy: Building on the successful Franchising Strategy of Nashua Ltd. To obtain controlling shareholding in large and medium Franchises. 75% for Large and 51% for Medium. Increasing contribution and getting closer to the end-user. Finance required from Ltd would justify shareholding. Hybrid ownership option should incentivise growth. Franchise Ownership

  9. Franchise Ownership FranchiseOwnership% of Total Pretoria 51% 6% West Rand 51% 5% Port Elizabeth 51% 4% Kopano 74% 28% • 43% of unit sales. • PTA/West Rand below budget on profit. • Unit sales in PTA up 30%. • Cape Town/Durban contracts expire in 2011.

  10. Nashua North Nashua Durban

  11. Nashua North East Nashua Port Elizabeth

  12. Nashua Western Cape Nashua Cape Town

  13. Nashua AS400 • Links Franchise holders to Nashua Ltd. • Real time business application. • Intranet facilities. • 52 connected Franchises at all times. • Provide internet access and email connectivity. • Training from Ricoh Europe via internet (Linc). • Direct link to suppliers (Ricoh One). • Full spectrum of business applications. • 1400 users connected on the system. • Ability to monitor and evaluate contracts all over SA. • Has enabled Nashua to service the major Corporates in SA.

  14. Nashua Marketing • High Profile brand. • Aggressive Marketing Philosophy. • Household name. • Saving you time, saving you money, putting you first. • Customer focus. • Consistent corporate ID.

  15. Sponsorships past and present

  16. Multifunctional Copiers/Printers B&W. Printers. Facsimile Devices. Colour Multifunction Copier/printers. Wide Format Printers. Duplicators. Storage & Retrieval Software. Tracking Software. Consumables (toner/ink). PABX. ProductOffering

  17. Boston Consultancy Matrix Stars Question marks Gel Technology Cat 3 Ricoh and Samsung Software Solutions Wideformat printing Colour laser printers PABX Colour Hybrids High Market Growth Cash Cows Dogs High Volume Cat 2 black and white Duplicators Cat 4 black and white Cat 1 Fax Products Low Low Market Share High

  18. Total printer MIF contract m/c only

  19. Colour Prints per month

  20. Colour Printer Consumable T/O

  21. Market Share

  22. Key Market Drivers • Colour growth in the SA Market expected to grow at over 30 % per annum. • Market convergence. • MFP + P. • High speed colour printing. • Wide format printing. • Increased Document Management Software. • Domination of the TDV within SA Market. • Ricoh will launch printer based MFP in 2008.

  23. Print volume PV from MFP Copy volume Document Volumes Source: Cap Ventures

  24. Consultative Advantages Product Features Solution Benefits Partnership Value release function system workflow business process Value Release Model Value Chain = The way to differentiate Hardware Software Services Useware

  25. Technology Solutions

  26. Nashua’s Document Highway • An open platform for the creation of solutions. • Connecting devices and software seamlessly. • Linking with customer’s infrastructure and applications. PPC / MFP Printers Scanners Business Applications Business Personal Devices Document Highway Platform

  27. Software Solutions Colour Pabx Samsung MFP Channel expansion Printer co’s margin strategy Retail sales seg 1 Ricoh’s product strategy Currency depreciation GrowthOpportunitiesvs.RiskFactors

  28. Discussion

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