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Candidate Response Management

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Candidate Response Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Candidate Response Management. M-Power HR. TARGET Right Resources - Every time !!. Candidate Data Pool. Educational Institutions – Source of fresh and young talent pool, which needs to be trained. Job Portals – Most widely used candidate pool for all types of requirements.

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Candidate Response Management

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    1. Candidate Response Management M-Power HR TARGET Right Resources - Every time !!

    2. Candidate Data Pool Educational Institutions – Source of fresh and young talent pool, which needs to be trained. Job Portals – Most widely used candidate pool for all types of requirements Press or Print Media Advertisements – Vacancies posted in newspapers / journals etc. Placement Agencies – Consultancy and RPO firms supporting hiring functions. Employment Exchanges – Another good source of candidate pool, mostly blue collared jobs. Referral Database – Candidate Pool build on referrals of internal employees and their relatives Targeted Candidate Pool for Open Requirements Unsolicited Applicants– Candidate Pool applying jobs to Company from their Corporate Website.

    3. Resource Pool Recruiter D Recruiter C Recruiter B Recruiter A Resume Collection All the resumes received from potential candidate pool are collected at Individual or Separate Recruiters Email accounts.

    4. General Comparison Current System Proposed – Candidate Response Management Centralization of Data, Leading to Common Resource pool, with non duplication of efforts Creation of INTERESTED POOL of job-seekers Huge Passive Database Creation Lesser Dependency on Vendors Standardization of Process Automated Validation of Resumes Better Screening and Selection of Resumes Better Resume Quality Greatly Reduced Hiring Costs Automated Checking on Resume Duplications Lesser Dependency on Job Portals Better Management Reporting • Decentralized Data • Internal Redundancy leading to • Increased effort on Targeting Same • Candidates and Multiple Interviews • And Increased Cost • Passive Data Wastage • Minimal usage of Data Created per requirement, causing more recruitment cost. • Too Much Dependency on Vendors and External Support viz. More Logins of Job Portals, etc.

    5. What is the Proposed Service ?? M-Power HR Propose for First Time ever : Candidate Response Management The Service broadly includes : - Job Campaign Management - Email Response Management - Job Email Validation - Resume Validation & Screening - Invalid Response Follow-up - Vendor Response Management

    6. Snapshot at Candidate response management

    7. M-Power Team Recruitment Vendors Resource Pool Resource Pool Recruiter D Recruiter C Recruiter B Recruiter A M-POWER HR Mail Server Invalid Applications Follow-up Resume Duplication Check & Update Resume Folders • Application Checking • Data Validation • Resume Screening • Data Mapping • Data Intelligence Database Server Application Server

    8. Let us understand in detail the process and level of service involved for Candidate Response Management - Job Campaign Management - Email Response Management - Job Email Validation - Resume Validation & Screening - Invalid Response Follow-up - Vendor Response Management

    9. Service Snapshot • Campaigns are executed across various online media like SMS Broadcast, Emails, Social Networking Sites, Search Engines, Job Portals, Technical Forums, Online Advertisements, Corporate Career Sites, etc also provide calling and mail support to all queries recivedwrt to open position. • All Collected Data has to be standardized using job-codes for purpose of aggregation and mapping. This requires campaign designing to receive as standardized responses, as possible. This also results in creation of passive Job-seeker Database. • Checking every email received wrt to job openings on hand and validating for all important data receipt. • Collected Data is then read and mapped to Client Database, to accordingly update the right search fields in the Client Database System. This is where we identify partial list of searchable parameters from Candidates Email like CTC and joining time.

    10. Service Snapshot (Contd.) • Resume needs to be screened on following: • Skills and Recurrence • Qualification & Academic Institutes [Fake Univs.] • Companies Worked [Fake Companies] • Comm Skill Screen-ing can be done at this level at additional cost. • Most job portal response misses attachments or data requested which further leads to rejection of resume. • Hence We continuously follow-up on incomplete data from the candidate and even try to collect as much as possible from the Job-sites for interested candidates. • Along with Candidates, Vendors also contribute to the pool of interested candidates. Hence, here we check data received from vendors against internal database created for the Client and give necessary credit to the Vendor.

    11. Data Types Response Management Service uses data from following two sources : Data Collected from E-Mail Following list of data can be collected and mapped from Candidate Emails : - Canidate Email ID - Date of Resume Receipt / Interest - All Parameters based on Campaign Design Mobile Number Candidate Name Applied for JOB-CODE Current CTC Expected CTC Notice Period Company Employed At Current Location Preferred Location Job Type – Permanent / Contract Gender Any relevant experience or skills Data Collection from Resume Data collected from Resume includes : - Candidate Name - Email ID - Mobile Number - Skills Worked - Companies Worked - Fake Company Check - Universities Studied From - Fake Universities Check - Domains worked on - Projects Worked on

    12. Why Only M-Power HR ?? Following Chart list why M-Power is most trusted vendor for this uniquely pioneered and conceived service :

    13. Recruitment Cost Saving Indicative Representation of Savings in Hiring Cost using your Response Management Services

    14. Hiring Triangle : Lesser Time / Lesser Costt Recruitment Flow/ Time / Cost This is where your Recruiters will now start working on as this forms the Screened Interested Candidate Pool Generally Where Recruiters Start Working From

    15. M-Power will invest into setting up Dedicated Server and 2 Dedicated Professionals for the Service : 1 Professional - Technical Recruiter will handle screening of all incoming emails and resumes 1 Professional - Server Manager cum Support Coordinator handling all mail queries by the support team

    16. CONCLUSION : • Hence with ARMS, You can now do following : • Data Collection • Data Aggregation • Data Validation • Data Mapping • Data Optimal Usage • Most Importantly you create and work on a Pool of • INTERSTED AND SCREENED CANDIDATES. • On Average only 20 to 25% of Candidates are interested for a requirement, from the Targeted Candidate Pool, which saves more than 75% of Recruiter's Time by investing in ARMS to create Interested andScreen Resource Pool.

    17. Thank You!! We Really Appreciate your time. Kindly call us on following numbers for more details : +91-9867580706 +91-7738144441 +91-2226744222 Or E-mail on