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Candidate Screening

Candidate Screening

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Candidate Screening

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  1. Candidate Screening Putting the best people in the right place at the right time!

  2. When you’re faced with many applicants (with many not qualified for the position) your inbox is flooded. You want to get the right people on the job as soon a possible.

  3. The Service By applying state of the art assessments to the selection process you can employ an objective way to sort through multiple applicants. As you better understand the people you have to choose from, you can narrow the field in a manner that is fair and effective for you, and your applicants! Over time, utilizing these assessments will improve your work force because your employees will understand and appreciate the personality styles of the people that they work with. Ultimately this understanding leads to more productive working relationships.

  4. Assessments Available Myers-Briggs Type Indicator 16PF DISC The Personality Style Inventory (PSI)

  5. The PSI Edge Normed on people who are already successful in their field Adapted to a variety of occupations such as Manufacturing Management Health Care Sales and Marketing, etc.

  6. You can select the services that will be the most cost effective for you. Assess your current staff and develop a corporate profile Assess candidates and compare their scores to the national database of the scores of workers who are already successful in their fields We can interview your candidates – this is especially helpful if you are promoting from within the company Develop coaching suggestions for your new hires so that they are ready to perform on day one

  7. We want you to help you get the best people on the job as soon as possible!