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The Internet

The Internet. In 2010 the Internet celebrates its 20 year anniversary . Today almost 2 billion people worldwide use the Internet, with Asia, Europe and North America leading the pack.

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The Internet

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  1. The Internet • In 2010 the Internet celebrates its 20 year anniversary. • Today almost 2 billion people worldwide use the Internet, with Asia, Europe and North America leading the pack. • It took 38 years for radio to reach 50 million users, 13 years for TV, and only 5 years for the Internet. • 15 States have authorized phone companies to stop printing phone books due to the power and consumer use of the internet. • The Internets largest business is advertising with a record breaking $12 Billion in first half of 2010.

  2. Introduction • LV Hotline (LVH) is a local search engine and directory for Las Vegas. Local search engines are the fastest growing demand from internet users. • LVH has developed a specialized advertising platform which uses digital media to bring Las Vegas business and tourism to life for the world. • LVH has is a localized business to consumer search engine directory with a FREE local classified section. • LVH features co-op advertising. This gives advertisers more exposure for their advertising dollars.

  3. Advertising Format and Revenue • LVH has 39 directories and 517 sub-categories. Each sub-category has a minimum of 11 ad positions. • The Premier ad position in each sub category will automatically play the advertisers video when entering into the subcategory. • The secondary ad position are the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th position. These positions have video on demand technology and are stationary on the first sub category page at all times. • The third ad position is 5th position and up. This position has video on demand technology but the ads are constantly rotating every 60 seconds. This will place advertisers on first page visibility increasing the ad value. This is a revolutionary system.

  4. Continued Advertising Format and Revenue • LVH will have the ability to charge for pay per click for top search results in a key word search in our search engine. • LVH provides a local business to consumer directory. Revenue will be generated from listings, sponsor positions, and search optimization. • LVH will provide text links as well as banner ads. A text link is simply a link from our site to the advertisers site. • LVH will include free classifieds, providing for additional advertising spaceand will generate a base of daily users increasing value with additional traffic.

  5. Subcategory Ad Layout Translation To Over 50 Languages Top Banner Spot Text Link Ad Spots Click to Call Feature 1 Premium Sponsor Listing Per Subcategory Subcategory Navigation 5 Banner Spots Per Subcategory 3 Secondary Sponsor Listings Additional Rotating Listings

  6. Internet Advertising Search Engine Advertising Leads The Way. Source: Internet Advertising Bureau

  7. Internet Advertising Internet Advertising is at Record Levels $7,134 $6,010 $7,267 $9,626 $12,542 $16,879 $21,206 $23,448 $22,661 Source: Internet Advertising Bureau

  8. LV Hotline’s Special Features • Technology: LVH has incorporated a call on demand feature that allows the consumer to call directly to the advertisers from anywhere in the world for FREE. • Visuals: LVH premier format allows consumers to view advertisers rich media and video content that conveys the ultimate sales and interactive marketing tool in the advertising industry. • Languages: LVH has incorporated a powerful language conversion plugin that allows our platform to maximize our target market, the world. This technology provides conversion into 50 languages. Our featured technology has the ability to take a visitor which clicked into an advertisers site and have all other sites the consumer portals thru translated.

  9. Consumer Benefits • Lowest prices on the internet guaranteed by buying direct from the advertisers. • One Stop shop to find everything and anything about Las Vegas • Ability to see videos that directly interest them. • Ability for consumer anywhere in the world to connect free of charge to anyone of our premium advertisers for FREE. • Built in Language translator for foreign consumers. • Free classifieds

  10. Advertiser Benefits • LVH alleviates travel website referral fees, thus increasing there bottom line. • LVH offers a co-operative advertising platform, which allows for a larger consumer audience at a greatly discounted price. • LVH is designed with continuous Ad rotation technology. This maximizes their exposure. • LVH click to call feature allows for consumers to have an immediate response to the ad..

  11. LVH Benefits • LVH has strategically positioned itself in an industry that has an all time record demand for premium Internet advertising platforms, as well as a demand for local business search engines. The terms of being in the “right place at the right time” and having “the supply for the demand” will monetize into an immediate positive cash flow and become an extremely profitable company.

  12. 90 Day Marketing and Branding Blast • Distribute press releases through multiple distribution outlets. • Advertise on traveling billboards which go up and down the strip • Advertise on digital billboard space around Las Vegas high traffic zones • Advertise in popular local entertainment magazines that are distributed to both locals and tourists. • Advertise on local radio stations and TV and cable outlets • The placement of banner ads and text links on other websites.

  13. Goals • LVH will strive to become the best local directory for everything that Las Vegas has to showcase to the world • LVH will strive to achieve the recognition as a revolutionary platform for localized search engine directories and a cost effective approach for advertisers to display their online marketing. • LVH will strive to achieve 50M gross receipts per year. • LVH will position itself for an IPO or an eventual buy out.

  14. LVHotline.com Sales team • LVH has two options for conducting sales: • Option 1 is to outsource with an existing advertising agency that has years of networking and contacts thereby minimizing time to begin sales and reducing initial costs. • Option 2 is to create our own in-house sales team. This would be more profitable and strengthen the company value. This also allows LVH to form strong long lasting bonds on a face-to-face basis with advertisers. • Both options have a 30% cost of sale allocated in the financials.

  15. Summary • LVH has developed an exceptional advertising platform (website) that includes a local directory, search engine, and free classifieds. • Our website is designed to showcase video presentations about local businesses and tourism and broadcast it to consumers world wide. • Our expertise and affiliations in creating, controlling, and driving traffic is a key element to our success and value in the advertising market. • LVH is setting the trend in the web based advertising industry with its innovative format, state of the art technology, and its visual ease. • LVH is positioned to become a leader and dominating force in the local search engine directory market • LVH has various revenue streams and will show an immediate profit and exceptional value to its investors.

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