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Computers and Fine Arts PowerPoint Presentation
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Computers and Fine Arts

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Computers and Fine Arts
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Computers and Fine Arts

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  1. Computers and Fine Arts • Art Museums and Computers • The Artist and Computers • Computers and You

  2. Art Museums and Computers • Computer Maintained Archives • Online Advertisement and Self-Endorsement • Art Restoration • Digital Art and Museums

  3. Computer Maintained Archives • Private Archives Most art museums have enormous inventories, most of which are not displayed to the public, but are constantly rotating through storage. It is quite a task to keep these collections organized. Before, archives were maintained only through log books and paper files. Today museums use databases to keep track of their inventory, a faster and more accurate method.

  4. Computer Maintained Archives • Online collaboration between museums now makes it possible for the public to view their inventories. “The Art Museum Image Consortium (AMICO) is a not-for-profit association of art collecting institutions, including the Whitney Museum of American Art, SFMOMA, the Getty Museum, and the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Through AMICO, these and other institutions provide access to digital documentation of their collections for educational use. Their digital library is available to universities and colleges, public libraries, and elementary, middle, and high schools, and the 2001 edition includes more than 65,000 different works of art, from prehistoric goddess figures to contemporary sculpture. These works are fully documented, and all entries include basic cataloging information and may also include curatorial texts, detailed provenance information, multiple views of the work itself and other related multimedia.”

  5. Online Advertisement and Self-Endorsement • Websites provide a inexpensive and convenient way for museums to promote themselves. Not only can they announce coming attractions, but museums can give sample virtual tours of their new exhibits. • Museum of Bad Art (MOBA) receives far more hits to their website than visitors to their actual location in Boston.

  6. Art Restoration • Nanotechnology is now used to salvage aging artwork. “Nanoparticles of calcium and magnesium hydroxide and carbonate have been used to restore and protect wall paints, such as Maya paintings in Mexico or 15th century Italian masterpieces. Nanoparticle applications were also used to restore old paper documents, where acidic inks have caused the cellulose fibers to break up, and to treat acidic wood from a 400-year-old shipwreck.”

  7. Art Restoration • Examples:

  8. Digital Art and Museums • MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) recently featured an exhibit called “All Digital”. Index – a large scale installation of projected data. Life-writer - interactive installation of a type-writer that prints on a light sensitive screen. John Simons’s Code Art – kinetic compositions that move in patterns on laptop screens, or wall-projections

  9. Digital Art and Museums • MOCA (Museum of Computer Art) exclusively features digital art.

  10. The Artist and Computers • Computer Aided Design • Creating Digital Art • Finding Career Opportunities • Visual Communication Design

  11. Computer Aided Design • Computer-based tools that assist in creating models of three-dimensional objects. Not only does CAD enable users to create better structured results, but allows them to better predict cost and time consumption of actual construction before manufacturing the project. -Architecture -Water and Sewer Systems -Roads and Highways -Automotive Vehicles -Aerospace -Software Applications -Digital Circuit Design -Fashion Design

  12. Finding Career Opportunities • Web Forums Web forums allow art students to communicate with each other and employers by posting threads requesting job information. Many employers looking to hire artists will post job openings on the forums. In some ways, these forums are more beneficial to the companies that hire the artists than the artists themselves. Forums provide limitless information of work opportunities, but also provide limitless competition.

  13. Finding Career Opportunities • Online Portfolios -Online portfolios provide new artists with a means to expose their work to the world without paying astronomical gallery fees. They have the option of adding their portfolio to their myspace or facebook accounts, creating a personal web page, or for a small fee, posting their portfolios on a professional portfolio website where it will be viewed by more employers. Downfall-larger risk of having work plagiarized.

  14. Creating Digital Art • Fine Artists have lately incorporated traditional mediums such as painting, sculpture, printmaking and drawing, with digital or graphic art. • Thomas Vilot • Oliver Gili

  15. Visual Communication Design • Visual Communications Designers or Graphic Designers are artists that actually find employment. Careers include: • Video Game Design • Card Companies • Magazines • Illustration • Novel covers • Children’s Books • Advertisment • Commercials • Logos • Brochures • Billboards • Websites • Hollywood • CG Special Effects • CG Films (Pixar)

  16. Visual Communication Design • Software Used By Graphic Designers • 3D Creator • Amorphium • Mystica • Xpressionist • Internet Space Builder • Pandemonium • Deep Exploration • Easy Model 4.0 • Genesis II Professional • Alambik ProExporter • Face Ace • Partica • Rhino • 3D Field

  17. Computers and You • Adobe Photo-shop • Adobe Page-maker • Online Profiles

  18. Adobe Photoshop • A graphics editor popular with professionals in the visual communications field. Adobe produces basic programs that even amateurs can use to touch up, edit, or just play around with their own images.

  19. Adobe Photoshop • What You Can Do with Adobe

  20. Adobe Page-maker • A desktop publishing program suitable for beginners. Page-maker is primarily designed for publications such as corporate newsletters and the straight-news sections of newspapers, and brochures. It provides a very basic format for novices to create web pages with.

  21. Online Profiles • Personal profiles are a new way for people to express themselves. Using MySpace or Facebook, people around the world can personalize their profiles by choosing different layouts, backgrounds, graphics, and photographs to decorate it. They can also post video and music clips if they so choose. These social networking website enable users to view and comment on each other’s work.

  22. Summary • Art Museums -Computer-maintained Archives -Online Advertisement and Self-Endorsement -Art Restoration -Digital Art Exhibits • Artists -Computer Aided Design -Combining Digital Art with Traditional Art -Finding Career Opportunities -Visual Communications Design • Computers and You -Adobe Photoshop -Adobe Page-maker -Online Profiles