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fine arts. Neill Vanhinsberg LIBR530. fine art: defined.

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fine arts

fine arts

Neill Vanhinsberg


fine art defined
fine art: defined
  • Fine art refers to arts that are "concerned with beauty or which appealed to taste“. The term was first attested in 1767, as a translation from the French term beaux arts and designates a limited number of visual art forms, including painting, sculpture, architecture and printmaking. Schools, institutes, and other organizations still use the term to indicate a traditional perspective on the visual arts, often implying an association with classic or academic art.
  • That fine art is seen as being distinct from applied arts is largely the result of an issue raised in Britain by the conflict between the followers of the Arts and Crafts Movement, including William Morris, and the early modernists, including Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury Group. The former sought to bring socialist principles to bear on the arts by including the more commonplace crafts of the masses within the realm of the arts, while the modernists sought to keep artistic endeavour exclusive, esoteric, and elitist.

(SOED, 1991/ Wikipedia).

  • Art produced or intended primarily for beauty rather than utility.
  • Any of the art forms, such as sculpture, painting, or music, used to create such art. Often used in the plural.

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thanks to Vanessa Kam, Fine Arts librarian at the I.K. Barber Centre.

images from wikipedia commons, webmuseum