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ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!  Hepworth 2005 Is death the end? 'Man is mortal and death is the end'. All people die – this is the law of nature. Known as 'The King', Elvis Presley was a singer who had millions of fans across the world during his career which spanned the 1950s

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is death the end
Is death the end?

'Man is mortal and death is the end'.

All people die – this is the law of

nature. Known as 'The King', Elvis

Presley was a singer who had millions

of fans across the world during his

career which spanned the 1950s

to 1970s. So why should there be

questions about the death of Elvis?

He was after all - despite his

enormous talent - just a man.

What makes people react so much about Elvis's death and why has his

death created so much intrigue? The answer is that people all over the

world have claimed to see him after his death and many believe that

the King is still alive.

the king is dead
At 3-30 P.M. on August

16, 1977, Elvis Aaron

Presley was pronounced

dead by Dr. George

Nichopoulos. It was

disclosed at a press

conference later that the

cause of death was

"severe cardiovascular


Elvis had been taking drugs

for years to balance his

moods and to maintain the

energy he needed to perform,

eventually his heart gave out.

He was found lying

unconscious on his bathroom

floor of Grace Land, his

Memphis mansion by his

girlfriend. He was rushed

into hospital but all attempts

to revive him were futile.

The King is dead!
shock disbelief
The pronouncement was final

Elvis was dead. Yet, for the

thousands of souls thronged

outside the hospital it

brought shock and disbelief.

They could not accept that he

had died - refused to believe

what the doctors were

saying. They claimed it was

a cover-up by the

Government and that he was

still alive.

Shock / Disbelief
In 1956, when Presley came crackling out of every radio and speaker in the land, young Americans notions about independence -- from parents, from religion, from the values of the time -- were forming. Elvis became "The King" of rock 'n‘ roll, but also of the emerging youth culture. He was a young, hip-thrusting, white singing music that was essentially black. Part of his attraction was that the '50s teenagers viewed him as epitomizing everything they thought their parents feared they would become -- cocky, slick, brash, tough, black-leatherclad, motorcycle straddling, stiletto-shoed.
This disbelief is still

being nurtured by many

across the world today.

Fans cannot believe that

death brought such an

abrupt end to their so

beloved idol - a man of

remarkable talent who

gave so much to so


a sad day indeed
A sad day indeed

Death is so cruel. It parted the King from the hearts of the millions and deprived them of the sight and sound of their 'heart-throb’ and hero! It was, to them, a loss that could never be repaired. Tens of thousands of people gathered outside his Memphis mansion to bid farewell to the King of Rock 'n' Roll. There were thousands of flowers and bouquets from the fans - after the initial shock of the news came denial and disbelief. Surely this couldn’t be the end…

elvis sightings
Elvis sightings

This mass-denial that

Elvis had actually died

and the yearning to see

him again meant that

he became one of the

most frequently sighted

men - even years after

the official


of his death.

Reports of Elvis sightings started to pour in from various

parts of America soon after his ‘death’. People were

convinced that they had seen him and sometimes even

spoken to him. Elvis sightings are still reported today.

Maybe many of these are for sheer fun and most of them

lack rationality, but they are enough to gauge the depth of

love for Elvis from his admirers even so many years after


Elvis look-alike contests still attracts people of all ages and

many people still make a living from impersonating him.

All this points to one single thing – Elvis’ death, though

sad, couldn't part him from the hearts of millions.

Elvis is (in one sense)

alive today through

all these bids to

Recreate and

reincarnate him.

Impersonators in Kuala Lumpur enter a contest

some genuine sighting stories found on the net
Some genuine sighting stories found on the net…

“I swear that I saw Elvis Presley while I was fishing

on the Salmon River in Idaho. The King looked older,

obviously, but I could tell it was him. He was walking away

from the river and disappeared into the bushes.

I swear that at that moment ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ started

playing on my radio. The experience was scary, almost like

the feeling one gets from surviving a car accident. It was

scary but exhilarating.”

A military pilot from Italy, 1987


Two spotters were browsing the Elvis Spotter's Page on the internet when a power surge shut down the building for a few moments. Looking up, they both saw the hallway emergency lights illuminating a man with side burns wearing a janitor's jump suit with the name Elvis on the lapel. He was seen only briefly and then when power was restored there was no sign of him. The regular janitor was sought out and was found to have the day off. Oct. 18, 1995, Rider University

HMV in Oxford Street is displaying rare Elvis photos

“I saw Elvis at his house in Graceland. We all know

that the curators of the house keep the upstairs

closed off. Well I really believe that he is still living

upstairs of Graceland and wanted to disappear

from public life so he faked his death and paid

doctors to lie. I was looking closely up the stairs

when I saw a movement in the curtains. I saw a

man with dark hair and sideburns. We even made

eye contact! He is still alive!”

Jan. 30 2002, At Graceland, Kristy


Visitors have been arriving at Graceland all week

At the queue for the check-in-desk, it was obvious that the King's home was not far off. Six Japanese teenagers, all with huge quiffs and long thick sideburns, were standing in line behind a man with a white suit, complete with flares and silver sunglasses. When we touched down the captain, in a well practised Elvis voice, said, "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Memphis, I'd like to thank you for your custom."

so what s elvis got to do with jesus
People loved Elvis so much that they couldn't believe this great man's career had ended with his sudden death.

Stories sprang up - and continued for many years - about people who saw Elvis alive - after others said that he was dead.

People today still believe that Elvis is alive.

Jesus’ disciples and followers couldn’t quite believe his career had ended with his sudden death.

Stories sprang up about people who said that they saw Jesus alive after his ‘death’.

CHRISTIANS today still believe that Jesus rose from the dead and is ‘alive’ in their hearts.

So what’s Elvis got to do with Jesus?
  • 3 days after Jesus’ death the women came to put oils on his body as is the Jewish custom.
  • When they arrived at the

tomb the stone in front of

it had been rolled away.

  • Inside the tomb lay the

bloodstained cloths wrapped around Jesus’ body when he was crucified – but his body had gone!

why do you seek the living among the dead
“Why do you seek the living among the dead?”
  • The women saw a gardener who asked why they were crying and looked panicked.
  • Mary replied, “They have taken away my Lord’s body.”

The man replied, “Why do you look for the living

among the dead?”

The man then said gently, “Mary …” in a familiar voice and at that moment she recognised that the man in front of her was Jesus but his appearance was slightly altered. “Rabbi”, she gasped.

He said to Mary, “You cannot touch me yet because I haven’t yet ascended… but tell the others what you have seen.”
  • Meanwhile the disciples were walking along the road to Emmaus when a stranger joined them on the road. He could see that they were sad and asked what they were speaking of.
  • They were amazed that this

man hadn’t heard about the

crucifixion of Jesus. They

invited him back for a meal

so that they could tell him

all about it.

jesus appears to the disciples
Jesus appears to the disciples

Later that evening as they were eating, the

stranger gave thanks for the

meal and broke the bread.

At the very moment they

realised this man was Jesus

he seemed to vanish before

them. “It is true,” the

disciples said with joy,

“our Lord is not dead –

he is still alive.”