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Practice Code Look Up

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Practice Code Look Up. Smitty’s Speed Drills 2008 NEC. Directions. Left click on the presentation ICON located at the bottom of the slide directory to the left of the this slide.

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Practice Code Look Up

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  1. Practice Code Look Up Smitty’s Speed Drills 2008 NEC Copyright 208 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  2. Directions • Left click on the presentation ICON located at the bottom of the slide directory to the left of the this slide. • Each slide will transition to the correct answer automatically in 2:00 minutes. The correct answer will transition in 5 seconds. • Do not worry about writing down the correct answer for now. You will have the opportunity to do that at the end of the two minute drill • Good luck • Some of the the slides will transistion faster than others as some timers are intentionally set to less than 2 minutes. Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  3. Equipment Use • A luminaire is installed in a clothes closet and the nearest point of storage space is located 8 inches from the luminaire. The luminaire is a recessed incandescent type. Is this a legal application? Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  4. Equipment Use • Yes 6 Inches required         410.36(C)(3) Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  5. Grounding • The earth shall not be considered as an effective ground fault current path. True or False Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  6. Grounding • True                               250.4(A)(5) Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  7. Grounding • An equipment grounding conductor is connected to a disconnect enclosure by means of a mechanical lug. The lug is connected to the enclose by means of a thread forming machine screw. Is this an acceptable installation? Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  8. Grounding • Yes     250.8(A)(6) Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  9. Raceways • A 10 foot, unbroken piece of electrical nonmetallic tubing is fished into an existing wall to feed a new junction box. No supports are placed on the electrical nonmetallic tubing inside the wall or within three feet of the junction box. Is this an acceptable installaion? Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  10. Raceways • Yes  362.30(A) Exception 3 Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  11. Equipment Use • All convenience receptacles in a home including the kitchen counter top receptacles shall be tamper resistant type. True or False Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  12. Equipment Use • True    406.11 Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  13. Equipment Use • Wiring installed in aircraft hangars in unclassified locations that are adjacent to areas in which flammable liquids or vapors are not likely to be released, such as stock rooms or electrical control rooms, which are adequately ventilated and are effectively cut off from the hangar itself by walls or partitions, shall be permitted to be of any suitable type wiring method recognized by chapter 3 of the NEC.   True or False Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  14. Equipment Use • True   Exception to   513.7 Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  15. Special Occupancies • A cow milking station building has a 2” concrete floor with metal rails separating each milking station. Each milking station has an electric milking unit including disconnect mounted to the separating rail. Is an equipotential plane required in the floor of this building? Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  16. Special Occupancies • Yes   547.10(A)(1) Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  17. Special Occupancies • Several receptacles are installed in a health care facility. The receptacles are fed from the emergency system. Each receptacle is hospital grade with the correct ratings required. The receptacles are placed on the same wall as receptacles fed from the normal system. All receptacles are tamper resistant, ivory in color with ivory nameplates. Is this installation acceptable? Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  18. Special Occupancies • No    517.30 (E) • The emergency system receptacles must be identified with a distinctive color or marking. Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  19. Services • Type SE cable when used as service cables shall be permitted to be formed in a gooseneck patern and used without a service head if it is taped with a _______________ weather resistant thermoplastic. • A. black or red • B. self sealing • C. listed • D. approved Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  20. Services • Self sealing 230.54(B) Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  21. Services • Raceways that carry service-conductors that are embedded in masonry shall be __________. Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  22. Services • Arranged to drain     230.53 Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  23. Services • The disconnecting means for power monitoring equipment, surge protective devices, control circuit of the ground fault protection system, and ___________ service disconnecting means shall not be considered as a switch for the purpose of determining the maximum number of switches for the service disconnecting means. • A. secondary • B. power operable • C. manually operated • D. None of the above Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  24. Services • Power operable 230.71(A) Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  25. Special Occupancies • A site isolating device shall be installed at the distribution point where __________ or more agricultural buildings or structures are supplied from the distribution point. • A. 1 • B. 3 • C. 5 • D. None of the above Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  26. Special Occupancies • None of the above 547.9(A)(1) • Two or more is the correct answer Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  27. Special Occupancies • A switch that is located outside of the patient care vicinity in a patient care area of a healt care facility shall be permitted to be installed without an insulated equipment grounding conductor. • True • False Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  28. Special Occupancies • True 517.13(B) Exception 2 Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  29. Special Occupancies • A site isolating device used in an agricultural facility shall be permanently marked to identify it as a site isolating device. This marking shall be located _______________ or immediately adjacent thereto. • A. at the main service entrance • B. inside the disconnecting cover • C. on the operating handle • D. on the face of the disconnecting means Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  30. Special Occupancies • On the operating handle 547.9(A)(10) Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  31. Calculations • A conductor passing through a junction box with a loop length of ______________ shall be counted twice for box fill calculations.  Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  32. Calculations • Twice the minimum length required by Article 300.14 • 314.16(B)(1) Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  33. Equipment Use • A 1/2" knockout will be made in a fluorescent light fixture that will be mounted over a junction box. The light fixture will be mounted with toggle bolts. A 1/2" chase nipple will be installed so that the conductors from the box can be brought into the fixture for make up. Is this is legal installation according to the NEC? Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  34. Equipment Use • No    410.14(A) Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  35. Equipment Use • Is thermal protection required for the ballast of a fluorescent exit light? Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  36. Equipment Use • No    410.73(E)(3) Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  37. Feeders and Branch Circuits • The size of a feeder, grounded conductor shall not be smaller than required by_________, except that _________ shall not apply where grounded conductors are run in parallel. Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  38. Feeders and Branch Circuits • 250.122, 250.122(F)        215.2(A) Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  39. Feeders and Branch Circuits • Where the premises wiring system has branch circuits supplied from more than one nominal voltage system, each ungrounded conductor of a branch circuit, where accessible, shall be identified by __________. Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  40. Feeders and Branch Circuits • System                          210.5(C) Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  41. Equipment Use • The size of the industrial control panel supply conductor shall have an ampacity not less than ________ percent of the full load current of all resistance heating loads plus 125% of the full load current rating of the highest rated motor plus the sum of the full load current ratings of all connected motors and apparatus based on their duty cycle that may be in operation at the same time. Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  42. Equipment Use • 125%                             409.20 Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  43. Equipment Use • A ballast in a fluorescent luminaire that is used for egress lighting and energized only during a failure of the normal supply shall not have ________________. Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  44. Equipment Use • Thermal Protection          410.73(E)(4) Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  45. Feeders and Branch Circuits • A load not less than ___________ volt amperes shall be included for each 2-wire laundry branch circuit installed as required by 210.11(C)(2). Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  46. Feeders and Branch Circuits • 1500     220.52(B) Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  47. Feeders and Branch Circuits • An alternate load calculation for determine if the existing service or feeder is of sufficient capacity to serve additional loads in an existing dwelling unit is found in __________________. Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  48. Feeders and Branch Circuits • 220.83  220.83 Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  49. Grounding • The earth shall not be considered as an effective ground fault current path. True or False Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith

  50. Grounding • True                               250.4(A)(5) Copyright 2005 Ted "Smitty" Smith